Comments - Defunct US Carmakers: Nash

Published: Mar 28, 2013
Description: Nash was one of the automotive companies which would join up to form AMC in 1954. This post-1954 period is one we’ve already covered, so here we’ll focus of the rich history the company enjoyed for d...
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Tim Collgate Mar 28, 2013
Every not very
Tim Collgate Mar 28, 2013
Ahh man so far very manufacturer they have mentioned I've seen tons of where I live Nash is pretty interesting. though most people have never heard of 'em there's a large fan base round indiana
Wayne Joseph Borean Mar 28, 2013
From The Playmates - The Nash Rambler Song aka Beep Beep
Tristan Vieira Mar 28, 2013
Wasn't Nash Canadian?
Description: The story of Nash begins with the Thomas B. Jeffery Company, a former manufacturer of bicycles which had been producing cars under the Jeffery and Rambler brands since 1902. Its lineup included the Je...
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Description: By the end of the war, Nash was the world’s biggest manufacturer of 4WD vehicles. This gave the company the money to develop better passenger cars, helped by the technology being developed under Wahlb...
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Emil Klossie Kleijsen Apr 14, 2013
@ Jason shit
Jason Ware Mar 31, 2013
What color is that?
Jason Ware Mar 31, 2013
Description: These were also a good value, and about as successful as a car competing with the Ford Model T could have possibly been. Nash would later introduce the LaFayette brand of even lower-cost cars in 1934,...
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Description: Introduced in 1938, it has become the basis for all automotive climate control systems since. In 1936, Nash introduced the Bed-In-A-Car feature, a short-lived option which converted the interior of th...
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Anton Zhukov Mar 29, 2013
Isn't that supposed to be 1939?
Peter Skorokhodov Mar 29, 2013
shit I would love to have a bed in my car
Chris Woller Mar 28, 2013
I thought Tucker was first with seat belts
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Mar 28, 2013
My grandad used to have one of these. Not many of them here in Norway actually.
Robert A Morgan Mar 28, 2013
Learned to drive and took my first driver's test in a 1955 Nash Rambler similar to this little red one pictured here - only Dad & Mom's was a white Cross Country wagon.
Adam Thomson Mar 28, 2013
Looks wonderful, very funky.
Jason Ware Mar 31, 2013
What's the contraption attached to the trunk?
Description: But it was the 1941 Nash invention of unitary (or monocoque) construction which gave the Airflyte the advantage over the older design. The most significant model, from an enthusiast’s perspective, cam...
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Description: Nash would eventually merge with Hudson to make AMC in 1954, and so it could be said to have survived until 1987. But with the death of longtime company president George Mason just after the merger, M...
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Rob Art Morgan Mar 29, 2013
Too bad you didnt show an example of the 1949 Nash Ambassador with the Airflyte body style.
Darren Nardo Mar 28, 2013
Never seen this before . Pretty cool! Must be a prototype ?
Dylan Bruder Mar 28, 2013
Unique I like it
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Mar 28, 2013
I think this is pretty cool.
Josef Tingbratt Mar 28, 2013
And who says that modern cars has ugly and huge gaping holes in the front?
Jason Ware Mar 31, 2013
Looks damn good from the side
Luis Daniel Angilello Mar 28, 2013
Very skinny tires....