Comments - Aventador Moonlights as School Bus

Published: Mar 28, 2013
Description: It’s not easy being a teenager, and when home life is less than ideal on top of that, things are that much tougher. But someone came to brighten up the day for one 17-year-old high school student in ...
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porschyis.junk Aug 02, 2013
the aventador is amazing
Chris Gaines Mar 30, 2013
maybe that ride will inspire her to do something worthwhile in the world? too many people are negative when someone gets a dream and want to pursue it... if your not goofing somewhere, are you really living life? just my spiel lol
Lucas Raggio Mar 28, 2013
I would just ask for the amount he would have spent in fuel driving me there in cash
Oscar Galvan Mar 28, 2013
Quit over thinking it its a great gesture
Michael Lopez Mar 28, 2013
It's a nice gesture but the poor girl that can't afford it gets put in a car she's going to forever wish she could own now lol
Description: To make the event that much more special, he threw in an extra dose of spotlight to turn this into one day she won't soon be forgetting. Class act all the way, good sir.
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Kevin Yao Aug 23, 2013
He created an app and was paid millions
Taylor Rosello May 01, 2013
Wow that was so nice of him to do that! I would've shit myself for someone to pick me up in a lambo. Beautiful color on a beautiful car
Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
Medal of Honor goes to this guy!
Nathan Lo Mar 30, 2013
Awwww :)
Rob Ben Mar 30, 2013
Dang that's a nice guy he has my respect for it
Alex Medvedev Mar 30, 2013
That's great lots respect for that
Aaron Crisp Mar 30, 2013
What kind of car do you have?
Aaron Crisp Mar 30, 2013
Oh Allen Wong commented to defend himself. I believe this is his Aventador, he's the one who took the picture in front of that Burger King that was featured.
Aaron Crisp Mar 30, 2013
Does anyone else get thoughts of suicide after reading nXs's comments? Bragging about a likely non existent $55,000 car. Okay.
Zaz Zizolonely Mar 30, 2013
usa ppl fucking poor , i live in saudi arabic and i see like this car a all days in town
Brandon Troka Mar 30, 2013
This man deserves an award
Chris Gaines Mar 30, 2013
nxs is a douche, plain and simple. I assume he's even more unbearable in person (IMO)
Monoman Xenon Mar 29, 2013
Sabrina Wolf Mar 29, 2013
:) that was really awesome
James Travis Ray Mar 29, 2013
Dude that was nice in a good way and an amazing car way
Bobaloo Anderson Mar 29, 2013
Nxs you must be 10 and play call of duty because you're disrespectful and you can't spell.
Tommy Ory Mar 29, 2013
I ❤💚💜💙💛 aventador. #2 Car ever in my opinion
Zaire Wilkins Mar 29, 2013
Lmao nxs. I can tell you have no life cause you respond way to quick.
Tim Collgate Mar 29, 2013
Carbuzz for the love of holy Buddha please ban nxs again
Brett Vincent Mar 29, 2013
Liar without any knowledge that you are. I would recommend seeing a professional psychiatrist and having them evaluate you. I wish you the best of luck on your most interesting case. Do tell us how the results come out.
Brett Vincent Mar 29, 2013
I wonder, is it merely that you create so many meaningless assumptions about others during every single conversation that you truly begin to believe your own false truths about others? If so, it's an interesting case. You might be a pathological
Brett Vincent Mar 29, 2013
Congratulations on how fast you're getting at creating new accounts by the way.
Brett Vincent Mar 29, 2013
I already told you once before that your homophobic comments don't incite any type of emotional response from me. I know you cycle through so many petty insults that it must be hard to remember, so I thought I would remind you.
Brett Vincent Mar 29, 2013
R.I.P. nXs #4 Coming soon to a theater near you, nXs #5!
Brett Vincent Mar 29, 2013
4 Accounts 100+ Comments Over 9000: Level of vanity Not one person agreeing with his shallow opinions despite his constant stating of them being "right"? Priceless.
William Tilden Mar 29, 2013
Is this a true story?
Zeus Mocha Mar 29, 2013
Oh did I make you cry nxs? You have to resort to childish name calling? It was just my "opinion" as you say.
Collin Anderson Mar 29, 2013
Very nice act of kindness. I applaud that man
Caleb Starovasnik Mar 29, 2013
Well done sir. I applaud you. When you look at the sincerity of this act, there is nothing of egotism. Just because someone films reactions does not mean he's trying to be self promoting. All in all, a very classy act in an amazing car!!
Zaire Wilkins Mar 29, 2013
NXS why dont you got soak your self in some acid??
Jacob Burford Mar 29, 2013
@nsx So ugly people driving the cars that they bought with there own money doesn't make sense! Who cares what they look like! They can drive what ever they want as long as they can afford it!
Austin Harris Mar 28, 2013
"It's not an actual lamborghini" WTF, who is this idiot
Matt Reeves Mar 28, 2013
And all the pics.... F OFF
Matt Reeves Mar 28, 2013
If i had that car I would not like people touching it. Stupid idiots
James Buster Mar 28, 2013
That's awesome
Zeus Mocha Mar 28, 2013
Anyways I agree with Felix, "better to have made it a production then nothing at all." The girl had to be okay with it. Also Lou's comment makes sense as well. Overall it was a nice thing he did.
Zeus Mocha Mar 28, 2013
his ass.
Zeus Mocha Mar 28, 2013
Tim we've decided that we won't mess with nxs anymore because he has his head shoved up his ass. So that's why for the most part nobody has said anything in reply to his unnecessary "opinion." Mod's can only do so much to help a kid with his head in
Drew Humphrey Mar 28, 2013
I also liked the "It's not an actual Lamborghini" comment from one of the bystanders lol.
Drew Humphrey Mar 28, 2013
...gesture and I do think that he had good intentions.
Drew Humphrey Mar 28, 2013
I have mixed feelings like a few of you too. I think he's making the girl feel like nice things and attention makes her a well-rounded person. It's what's driving contemporary society, which really is not a good thing IMO. However it's a nice...
Tim Belton Mar 28, 2013
Gotta love the ghetto kids
Tim Collgate Mar 28, 2013
Oh god there nxs goes again getting pissed about someone he thinks is ugly and how that means he shouldn't drive a car he worked hard for. SHUT THE FUCK UP NXS NOONE CARES!
Ellis Yi Mar 28, 2013
Yeah agreed. If I ever own one ill make sure to pass down that good deed
Eli Bonner Mar 28, 2013
That's really cool of him to do! Respect.
Enrique Montalvo Mar 28, 2013
Major Respect !
Chris Mallinson Mar 28, 2013
I still think he's a pedo
Jeff Link Mar 28, 2013
Something feels off about this. Not sure it's a good gesture when you advertise it. Good gestures often go unnoticed and that's ok because they are suppose to be about the result and not how they are done.
Aj White Mar 28, 2013
If its that bad for her at home he should just adopt her/take her in.
Jeff Swartwood Mar 28, 2013
That's really cool that he would do that. Need more people like him.
Roberto Quijandria Mar 28, 2013
Much respect to this guy for doing a good deed.
Patryk Szpejewski Mar 28, 2013
Wow...He's a really nice neighbor.
Chris Mallinson Mar 28, 2013
*filming young children outside schools and picking up girls.. If you see it please call 911..!!
Chris Mallinson Mar 28, 2013
POLICE WARNING..!! Have you seen this car, it has been spotted film
Callum Taylor Mar 28, 2013
That's a nice thing to do #respect
Chris Mallinson Mar 28, 2013
I thought jimmy saville was dead
Tyler Tarbox Mar 28, 2013
The publicity this thing gets is unbelievable. It would get so annoying after awhile
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Mar 28, 2013
LMAO "niggas got those go cameras too!" Hahah, but honestly good on him for doing that
Audrey Pascual Mar 28, 2013
Directed by Allen Wong V V V
Brandon Davidson Mar 28, 2013
Kleymenov Pavel Mar 28, 2013
God bless his soul for doing a good deed. It may not be much but it sure does make difference.
Lou Guerrero Mar 28, 2013
Btw, I've never been a bully and I sincerely hope you never get that impression from me again.
Lou Guerrero Mar 28, 2013
Sorry Allen, I blame it on my ethics and morals class in college. Everyone has an ego. It drives everything we do. We do things to make ourselves feel better even when it involves the welfare of others. That said, I'd love a ride in an Aventador!
Curtis Clayton Mar 28, 2013
He definitely deserves his Lamborghini
Hao Chen Mar 28, 2013
Allen, i will do the same thing if i was you, ignore those negative comments and you got my respect. Regards from China!
Allen Wong Mar 28, 2013
Lou, how is the guy egotistical if you never see his face or know who he is? This guy raises a lot of money for this girl's college fund and what did you do? You put him down like a bully. Who's the egotistical one now?
darrellbell24 Mar 28, 2013
everyone please like the page on facebook "that good life" the profile pic is a bugatti. thanks
Mark Donnelly Mar 28, 2013
I wish i was this guys neighbor
Jordan Smith Mar 28, 2013
Mixed feelings about this. It's a really good thing, but if I were this girl, I wouldn't want my story being put out there for everyone to see.
Felix Rhett Mar 28, 2013
Agree with you here Lou, but better to make a production out of it than not do it at all.👍
Lou Guerrero Mar 28, 2013
Man, oh man, this guys altruism really is egotistical. Lovely gesture indeed but putting her story out and documenting with a team of cams screams "I'm a good person and everyone will know because I'm putting it on the internet!"
Ben Winn Mar 28, 2013
This guy deserves the "Faith in Humanity Restored" Award.
Oscar Galvan Mar 28, 2013
Good of him
Kurt Smith Mar 28, 2013
There's still a tiny hope for humanity lol
Zaire Wilkins Mar 28, 2013
Got my eyes all leaky
Phil Freund Mar 28, 2013
Carlton Salmon Mar 28, 2013
That's a truly wonderful thing the guy did for her. She'll be very popular with her classmates overnight!
Tanton Stoneman Mar 28, 2013
What a nice guy...
Freddie Ibarra Mar 28, 2013
Pictures, pictures, and more pictures... Dang yo!!! Lol
Gary Howard Mar 28, 2013
That's awesome!
Rod Meadows Jul 29, 2014
Its such a beautiful car! Especially in that Azure Blue!! My god!
Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
Take me for a ride!
Eric Henderson Apr 02, 2013
Ah Lamborghini you look good in every color
Kobus Botha Mar 30, 2013
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Jacob Burford Mar 29, 2013
Love this car in basically any color!
Troy Kessler Mar 28, 2013
That blue is sweet..
Patryk Szpejewski Mar 28, 2013
Dang good
Mohammed Shamma Mar 28, 2013
Its like this color was made for this car
Taylor Rosello Mar 28, 2013
That blue *.*
Alex Rothers Apr 05, 2013
Pindy,Hendon The guy did not need to give her a ride but he did from the kindness of his heart and that ride probably help the girls self esteem and make her feel important and that is something money cannot do.
Noah Roberts Apr 03, 2013
Craig Lafey Mar 31, 2013
Love it in blue.
Brett Vincent Mar 30, 2013
@Pindy 4:40 An annotation comes up stating exactly what I said. If you're not on a device that supports annotations, you can access the statement regarding college funding through an even easier means, clicking the information button.
Chris Gaines Mar 30, 2013
she can get a scholarship, I'd keep the car lol. no offense
HendonH Mar 29, 2013
sell the car and give the money to the girl for college funding.
Pindy Johal Mar 29, 2013
Because I watched the end again 3 times and there is no mention of donations and the doubling of said donations from the public
Pindy Johal Mar 29, 2013
Brett, do u represent Allen Wong?
Brett Vincent Mar 29, 2013
About donating at the end of the video, because people have short-attention spans and fast fingers.
Brett Vincent Mar 29, 2013
Audiences so that they could ultimately make the donations toward her college fund. It was a smart play on his part. People tend to rather watch videos that are exciting than those that are depressing. The only mistake he made was putting the message
Brett Vincent Mar 29, 2013
@Pindy At the end of the video that was the sole purpose of this article is a mention of any money donated will be provided will be doubled by the driver and provided for her college tuition. The drive and video were merely tools to attract
Jacob Burford Mar 29, 2013
Rear is epic!
Pindy Johal Mar 28, 2013
Seriously dude, a ride. How is that helping her out long term, This is just shameless self promotion.
Eric Michalak Mar 28, 2013
My gosh that is beautiful.
Brandon Davidson Mar 28, 2013
Sickest color combo ever!
Freddie Ibarra Mar 28, 2013