Comments - Watch this Aventador Spit Flames

Published: Mar 26, 2013
Description: What’s better than seeing or hearing a Lamborghini Aventador roar down the road? Seeing one that shoots out flames, obviously. This new video is an apt demonstration of awesome as someone sits in the...
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Evan Cook Mar 26, 2013
At first I thought the title said shit flames. Lol
Description: In this case, the Aventador is owned by HDS Rent A Car, a Dubai-based company that rents out, you guessed it, supercars. So the next you’re in Dubai and want everyone to think you own an Aventador tha...
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Jake Gower Mar 27, 2013
A shame really, hurting that engine.
Boris Doe Mar 27, 2013
My type of party
Jordan Koukides Mar 27, 2013
0:08 car wasn't even warm!! Rental cars are tortured! I feel so sorry for it!
David Berman Mar 26, 2013
The other day I saw an aventador
Dave Sasser Mar 26, 2013
Stand back for y'all turn in to barbique round here (fast&furious)
Jay Lange Mar 26, 2013
So wild!
David Guerrero Mar 26, 2013
There are plenty of big turbo supra, evo, and STi that can do that. Anti lag system, mods the ECU to have a valve delay, causing extra combustion and fire spitting from the exhaust manifold through the exhaust system.
Jose Rodriguez Mar 26, 2013
That's naughty (;
Ethan Amo Mar 26, 2013
A car that shoots flames from the factory....what could be better?
Andy Clouthier Mar 26, 2013
My friends boosted S has shot flames. Cold start + lots of revs. Mine doesn't though :(
Eric Michalak Mar 26, 2013
I wish my car did that. Unfortunately an S2000 that shoots flames is not so much cool as tacky.
Daniel Anglevik Mar 26, 2013
Even J Clarkson likes the the Aventador because it shoot flames. Its stock.
Javier Fuentes Mar 26, 2013
Smores anyone
Fez Draygon Mar 26, 2013
Holy flames! It's a freaking dragon!
Lucas Raggio Mar 26, 2013
Ya there is no upgrade the stock car does that
Amer Tawil Mar 26, 2013
Its stock lol, hes just over revving it creatin more heat and exhaust gases
Carlos Dorantes Mar 26, 2013
That's why you should never buy a car that was rented before!!!
Colby Church Mar 26, 2013
Ehh, it's okay.
Lou Guerrero Mar 26, 2013
Stock Aventadors will shoot flames. So will an MP12-4C.
Demid Petrov Mar 26, 2013
It seems that there was ignitor somewhere inside the exhaust
Jason Heckman Mar 26, 2013
Idiots go and rent a rare super car and tear the motor up by over revving it! This is why you never purchase a car that was EVER a rental!
Chris Bernard Mar 26, 2013
I doubt it's a modification, I think it's just a badass V12 burning excess fuel out of the exhaust.
Tyler Wallace Mar 26, 2013
I like it
Greg Lewis Mar 26, 2013
Been around for ever. Spark plug and some wires. Illegal though
John Car Mar 26, 2013
Wonder why someone would want that mod..
Aj White Mar 27, 2013
@Rishi DoctaM3, and its sick!
Rishi Sawla Mar 27, 2013
Who the hell gets an aventador in yellow ????!!!
Jacob Burford Mar 27, 2013
Another reason to love this car! Fire!
Errick Kitchin Mar 26, 2013
Nice one Brittany. I'd say the same for a Porche
Eric Michalak Mar 26, 2013
Not much of a reader or we, Ben?
Ben Mossing Mar 26, 2013
Crud they are in Dubai
Ben Mossing Mar 26, 2013
Looking up that car rental company
Brittany Sawyer Mar 26, 2013
There's a ferrari next to it. If it did the same thing the entire car would blow up. Lol
Justin Routh Mar 27, 2013
Yeah well i do
Aj White Mar 27, 2013
Bullshit asshole no one likes the tuna here!
Jacob Burford Mar 27, 2013
That is worth 400k alone!
Kimee Rahim Mar 27, 2013
Like a dragon shooting flame
Brett Vincent Mar 26, 2013
I like the tuna here.
Paul Trahan Mar 26, 2013
I've seen the way you drive. You have a heavy foot.
Lou Guerrero Mar 26, 2013
Amateurs don't use NOS.
Dylan Bruder Mar 26, 2013
I would hate to be in a Prius period lol
David Lee Mar 26, 2013
I would hate to be in a Prius behind that XD
Lesly St Louis Mar 26, 2013
Never nothing like ot
Chris Huff Mar 26, 2013