Comments - Ram Considering its own Raptor?

Published: Mar 26, 2013
Description: Ford’s F-150 SVT Raptor has been a phenomenal success for the automaker and competitors have taken notice, one of whom is Chrysler's Ram division. Chrysler already offers the Ram Runner, which is a s...
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Jacob Viiper McCord Mar 28, 2013
A lightning would be great, use the Raptor body and frame and make it RWD and give it a Supercharged 5.4 and it's good to go.
Tyler Tarbox Mar 27, 2013
Don't care about these trucks so much. I mean they are nice and all but I want to see a revived Lightning vs SRT-10 rivalry!
Darian Vorlick Mar 26, 2013
I'm not a truck guy and even I give props to the Raptor where it's due. It's one badass truck.
Matty Michaels Mar 26, 2013
CarBuzz, you need to start a radio show where you talk about cars all of the time. You could call it CB-RADIO!
Ben Bright Mar 26, 2013
Nope, they're the same price.
Brad Henson Mar 26, 2013
The ram runner cost 20k than the raptor too
John M Weishahn Mar 26, 2013
Way behind the curve.
Jason Bartlett Mar 28, 2013
A cummins! Lol sure would give the ole coil overs a work out!
Shawn Godshall Mar 27, 2013
I thought there was already a raptor competitor the "ram runner"?
Kaigan Viner Mar 27, 2013
A Raptor competitor will only cause Ford to make the Raptor even better. Bring it on Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, Fiat or whatever they go by this week
Jack Howard Mar 26, 2013
I'm sure they would both be equally capable.
Zach Gathercole Mar 26, 2013
A cummins would be badass with this package
Facundo Planas Martinelli Mar 26, 2013
@Brandon. Agree, the whole Chrysler group is comming back (thanks to Fiat of course) and that is good. But destroying the Raptor??? LMAO!!! 😂😂 You should be on drugs kid.
Jack Howard Mar 26, 2013
If you put a bumper like this on the raptor then you'd be able to do all the jumps that the runner could
Lou Guerrero Mar 26, 2013
Jason, telling me I could smash jumps all day long is a sure fire way to sell me a truck.
Doug Deeks Mar 26, 2013
With Ford you know what you're getting......they already have circled the problem and stick it on their vehicles!!
Jason Bartlett Mar 26, 2013
Raptor can out handle the ram runner off road and defenatly on road . They have been tested side by side . Complaints of ram being to soft unable to be pushed through corners . If you want a truck to smash through jumps all day choose the ram . If you want a comfortable and just as capable truck as the dodge with a lower price tag . Still take it down the highway without a second thought .... Rapt...
Brandon Gerald Mar 26, 2013
I dont care what anybody is making a comeback and when this successor destroys the raptor, it will only be another reason to believe
Andrew Semak Mar 26, 2013
I want to see a new ram srt-10
Lucas Raggio Mar 26, 2013
@ Jacob. I think your right
Amer Tawil Mar 26, 2013
They already make a ram runner kit but are they considering making a raptor competitor from the assembly line?
Christian Mallatere Mar 26, 2013
@David, My dad just got a new F-150 and he optioned for the Raptor engine. You can get the engine in a standard F-150.
Patrick Schalk Mar 26, 2013
These are sweet but I'd get more use out of a Power Wagon
Jack Howard Mar 26, 2013
And the Ram Runner package voids the warranty.
David Parenti Mar 26, 2013
If you want a ram runner, you have to order it, you won't be driving it off the lot the same day. So YES ram needs a raptor like truck that can be bought already done up.
David Parenti Mar 26, 2013
The raptor also comes with a beast of a motor, not offered in the base.
Jacob Viiper McCord Mar 26, 2013
This will be a good offroad truck but the raptor is both a good on and off road truck. Plus the raptor costs a hell lot less
David Parenti Mar 26, 2013
Anyone can build their own ram runner with off the shelf parts. If someone's going to buy the base truck and pay for the ram runner kit, they could have a local shop do the same mods for less. Plus, everyone has different tastes and preferences
Danny Rodriguez Mar 26, 2013
Sand for lunch!
Jacob Murray Mar 26, 2013
Zach I think you meant worse
Dillon Dixon Mar 26, 2013
Completely different trucks. I would prefer the Raptor since it would be a better daily truck. And if I'm buying a $60K truck, I would want to enjoy it everyday.
Zach Gathercole Mar 26, 2013
So much better than a raptor
Facundo Planas Martinelli Mar 26, 2013
Way behind the Raptor!!!!!
Description: Pat Dougherty, Mopar’s vice-president for parts, sales and field operations, told the publication that his boss "would really like us to try to do a little more research on the Raptor and how it does....
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Jared Michael Scalla Mar 28, 2013
The company SDHQ build the Eco boost raptor. Better gas, same hp, and more torque sounds good. If you're capable/not completely incompetent do the work yourself and save big with the outcome a better all around truck.
Jared Michael Scalla Mar 28, 2013
The have the ecoboost raptor already through an aftermarket company, which no you don't have the roar of the 6.2L but it's been said to preform better!
Jason Bartlett Mar 26, 2013
Two words ecoboost raptor
David Parenti Mar 26, 2013
Once upon a time ford created the EV Ranger. All electric ranger. Hybrids are in the future...
Ben August Mar 26, 2013
Could be possible, but trucks arent really efficient (no 60mpg trucks). Given their concerns regarding market/segment research, it means they are concerned that this is too small of a market, meaning size compromises entrance to market (inefficient).
Lou Guerrero Mar 26, 2013
I think what it means is that if the Ram doesn't do as well as the Raptor then they'll just focus on making efficient trucks instead of recreational off-roaders.
Ben August Mar 26, 2013
Ummm, if they are talking about efficiency in this article, with regard to 600 HP sport trucks, it doesn't have anything to do with fuel consumption. They want to make sure their investment is efficient, not the
Josh Stephens Apr 20, 2013
I own a ram 1500 but no matter what you do to it I'd go raptor atw
Jared Michael Scalla Mar 28, 2013
Only rwd?! Stupid. And you don't have to dump a ton of money into a fully capable off road beast. If a well equipped raptor cost $50,000, give me the same amount ill build my own truck that's better.
Rob Ben Mar 27, 2013
I'd rather wait for the GMC HD Concept that's coming our soon
Patrick Schalk Mar 26, 2013
Off the showroom floor. If you're gonna build one, chances are its gonna be used and sometime beat to hell. These guys are gettin brand new trucks.
Patrick Schalk Mar 26, 2013
Taylor, cause not everyone wants to put the time and money into building one. That's why. Why do you think the Raptor is so popular? Of course you can build your own and end up dumping even more money into one but some peeps wanna go buy one right
Taylor Garry Mar 26, 2013
We did. We are talking about the truck pictured here, which is a ram runner. Moron
Duncan Cameron Mar 26, 2013
Why don't you read the article. Your morons.
Taylor Garry Mar 26, 2013
The mistake with this is that anyone who wants a true prerunner is going to build it themselves with parts that are the real deal. No one wants to by an overpriced kit that still wont have you racing
Jacob Viiper McCord Mar 26, 2013
I agree with you Danny. You could buy a Raptor for $45k or more with diff. features and still cost less than this. This will prolly be $60k or more.
Danny Rodriguez Mar 26, 2013
Is a kit if I'm not mistaken. I would buy the Raptor because it comes with the equipment straight from the factory.
Aaron Crisp Mar 26, 2013
Well you choose your Ram 1500 so either one I would suppose.
Nodnarb Ydil Mar 26, 2013
I believe so. It's not really meant for crawling anything
Dillon Dixon Mar 26, 2013
Aren't these only in RWD? Or am I mistaken.
Jared Michael Scalla Mar 28, 2013
Love the spare tire Baja look!
Josh Stephens Apr 20, 2013
Go with a huge lift and monster tires and go toe to toe with a raptor bottoms up lol
Jared Michael Scalla Mar 28, 2013
So now people want to look like a raptor with having to buy one? Why is this pre runner a fad? These things are amazing but not factory from these major company's. garage built are sick! What happened to the day where a huge lift and monster tires
Brett Kevin Kiser Mar 27, 2013
Shelby, I cant speak for them Yankees, but.I'm from the country, we have no problems with over sized trucks
Jacob Burford Mar 27, 2013
Not a truck fan, but these are pretty cool!
Jack Howard Mar 26, 2013
How could you hate the Raptor?
Anthony Yantha Mar 26, 2013
Each cent in the 50k is worth it
Nick Benz Mar 26, 2013
The reason its wide is because they put marker lights on it? Lol
Dylan Bruder Mar 26, 2013
Yup that's one reason why it's so wide those marker lights are mandatory
Eric Michalak Mar 26, 2013
Passed one of these on the highway a few days ago. They are enormous.
Shelby Cassandra Mar 26, 2013
@Brett. If you ever go to cancun, these are all over the place parked just fine. Can't say for like NYC, but Cancun is a terrible city to drive in also.
Brett Kevin Kiser Mar 26, 2013
just imagine trying to park that wide of a truck in a local city
Wyatt Gordon Mar 26, 2013
Thats an awesome idea, they should offer standard with the hood and the bumpers and stuff
Jacob Viiper McCord Mar 26, 2013
Yeah totally.
Dillon Dixon Mar 26, 2013
Well yes, but I just wish this design was the base F150. I just think its a better looking truck. If a regular F150 did look like this, then I would own one in a heartbeat. But that's just me.
Jacob Viiper McCord Mar 26, 2013
@Dillon some people don't want the raptor look but I see where you're going. Would be awesome to have a raptor appearance package for a Standard F150
Dillon Dixon Mar 26, 2013
I really love seeing these. Why can't the regular F150 look like this minus all the Raptor stuff. This is a damn good looking truck!
Josh Stephens Apr 20, 2013
6.2 not 5.4
Jared Michael Scalla Mar 28, 2013
If you can buy a exterior package on the regular pickup then why buy a raptor other than to say " I drove a RAPTOR!" Just a regular 5.4L lifted on tires, maybe a bumper or add on and a whipple supercharger for cheaper.
Cory Cuellar Mar 26, 2013
It is fun!!!! That one looks like mine but, mine is the Supercrew and has the hood decal.
David Gomez Mar 26, 2013
Those are some big ass teeth, but he/she is having more fun than I have in my current vehicle
Tara Fitria Mar 26, 2013
Look at the smile on his face. Looks like fun.