Comments - Ferrari F12 Spia by DMC Germany

Published: Mar 26, 2013
Description: Dusseldorf-based aftermarket tuning firm DMC Germany is usually more acquainted with Lamborghinis. This time, however, it has turned its attention to that "other" Italian supercar brand, Ferrari, and...
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Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Mar 27, 2013
They definitely did an article on this months ago...
Alanna Galligan Mar 27, 2013
No roof scoop=better
Jacob Burford Mar 27, 2013
Looks very good, just take that stupid scoop on the roof off!
Gray Conron Mar 26, 2013
Compare this to the Mansory F12...... Oh wait........
Daniel Anglevik Mar 26, 2013
Nice wheels
Lucas Raggio Mar 26, 2013
I love it. All of it
Wyatt Gordon Mar 26, 2013
Sorry roof scoop not hood
Wyatt Gordon Mar 26, 2013
Everything except the stupid hood scoop thanks
Zeus Mocha Mar 26, 2013
F*** you carbuzz for putting this up today. I have a damn orgo test and now I'm going to be day dreaming about this instead of studying.... I shouldn't be on here >.>
Greg Kenerly Mar 26, 2013
Yeah the F12 isn't my favorite by any means but this is so awesome. The color combo and body kit make it absolutely stunning.
Douglas Goncalves Mar 26, 2013
Me too minus the non functional roof scoop.
Anthony Petrarca Mar 26, 2013
I actually really dig this
Description: DMC also added a new set of forged alloy wheels with Pirelli Sport Tires, measuring 21 inches up front and 22 inches at the rear. Although no specifics were given, customers can also supposedly upgrad...
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Jose Miguel Fernandez Mar 26, 2013
A properly tuned car
Lou Guerrero Mar 26, 2013
Wyatt, I noticed that too. 100x better.
Corey Alan Kelley Mar 26, 2013
You think so Peyman? I always think that of Bentleys Bugattis and. Lamborghinis I'm sure someone could put the last part of that sentence as is into a rap song
Wyatt Gordon Mar 26, 2013
Looks so much better without that pointless, idiotic roof scoop
Peyman Najafi Mar 26, 2013
The thing is more suited to a rapper rather than a hardcore driver.
Zeus Mocha Mar 26, 2013
I was thinking the same thing. This thing looks magnificent. The 599 GTO was absolutely stunning and this is just as great if not better. Ferrari better make a GTO or equivalent and I'd be seriously disappointed if I doesn't look better than this.
Philip G. Calangi Mar 26, 2013
it can be the F12 GTO of the future
Darren Nardo Mar 26, 2013
Looks great plus more power!! Awesome!!
Ryan Faber Mar 26, 2013
where the diffuser meets the painted bumper. not the curve by the license plate holder.
Jackson Michael Mar 26, 2013
I think it's great. It just fits the car design perfectly.
Wyatt Gordon Mar 26, 2013
Ryan, Im not completely sure what your on about, but if the idea I have in my head of what you're saying is correct, that would look terrible.
Blake Antil Mar 26, 2013
I never did care for this rear end but I never knew why. Now I have a way to describe it. A thong haha.
Tevaun Morgan Mar 26, 2013
Tevaun Morgan Mar 26, 2013
I think the thing suppose to act like a diffuser I may be wrong dont take my word for it
Facundo Planas Martinelli Mar 26, 2013
"The thong" lmfo 👍👍
Facundo Planas Martinelli Mar 26, 2013
Damn!!! Thats a sexy ass!
Amer Tawil Mar 26, 2013
I like the thong its different and it probably helps aerodynamicly
Demid Petrov Mar 26, 2013
Good luck...😂
Ryan Faber Mar 26, 2013
im going to design an after market body kit that just comes with a rear bumper for this car. just to replace that thong looking rear bumper. it will be so simple, all I have to do is take the original design and where it starts to dip down ill just make it go straight across. parallel with the ground. ill charge $7999 for it too and it will sell and ill be rich!
Alanna Galligan Mar 27, 2013
Aaron Contic Mar 26, 2013
Corey Alan Kelley Mar 26, 2013
Oh man that's a sexy mirror