Comments - Bentley Continental GT by SR Auto

Published: Mar 26, 2013
Description: Once again, the classic combination of an aggressive body kit with oversized alloys has been applied by Vancouver-based tuner SR Auto Group. And this time the victim was a 2013 Bentley Continental GT...
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burke.adams.79 Jan 12, 2014
how did they make that car look cheep. unreal!
Faviola Gonzalez Mar 27, 2013
They say these are made to be in the snow, but it is basically an Audi a8 with a luxurious interior, it be a heck of a lot faster if they replaced the Continental's chassis with the a8 aluminum chassis, born British but German at heart :3
Jason Ware Mar 27, 2013
This should be illegal. Why would you assault a Bentley like this?
Lucas Raggio Mar 26, 2013
It grew on me
Lou Guerrero Mar 26, 2013
Probably looks better in person. I like chrome.
Ryan Faber Mar 26, 2013
these wheels dont looks nearly as good in chrome. it just looks like one big mess of a wheel with all that bling...
Matt Reeves Mar 26, 2013
The old front bumper is better
Zeus Mocha Mar 26, 2013
It's a hit or miss. I like it
Cameron Patterson Mar 26, 2013
Lose that front bumper
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Mar 26, 2013
Nice touch to this beauty. I really liked it.
Jason Ware Mar 27, 2013
Looks cheap
Scuttle Buttocks Mar 26, 2013
Yea, it really does.
Quinn Beaupré Mar 26, 2013
That side skirt looks misplaced
Lou Guerrero Mar 26, 2013
Red Bs
Matt Reeves Mar 26, 2013
Dat ass
Dennis Choong Mar 26, 2013
It's the V8