Comments - Vorsteiner Previews New BMW M5

Published: Mar 25, 2013
Description: California-based German car tuner Vorsteiner has released the first images of its upcoming aero package for the F10 BMW M5, which will ultimately include a set of carbon-fiber aerodymanic components ...
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Fez Draygon Mar 26, 2013
This car looks like fun!
Jacob Burford Mar 26, 2013
Looks great! Very aggressive!
Chris Gaines Mar 25, 2013
this thing is rocking some DDs! deep dish Ftw
Douglas Goncalves Mar 25, 2013
Very aggressive.
Lucas Raggio Mar 25, 2013
Didnt think I would like it but it adds a little meaness I like
James Salaba Mar 25, 2013
That's actually quite nice! Take this over alpina looks every time!
Description: Further upgrades Vorsteiner unveiled include a rear diffuser replacement with one-piece integrated diffuser fins and new 20-inch flow-forged wheels that will join a selection of Vorsteiner forged allo...
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Drew Humphrey Mar 25, 2013
I like that they didn't mess with the badge
Facundo Planas Martinelli Mar 25, 2013
I like deep concave wheels but the rear ones... are just too much. Overall I love the car!
uncharted Mar 25, 2013
Ricky Austin Bride Mar 25, 2013
Love the deep wheels
Brock Zager Mar 25, 2013
Best kit out for the new f10
Lucas Raggio Mar 25, 2013
Zeus Mocha Mar 25, 2013
Scuttle Buttocks Mar 25, 2013
Stock rims FTW