Comments - Rally Drivers Ditch Their Cars

Published: Mar 25, 2013
Description: Driving hard in any sort of motorsport event is a challenge even for the most experienced racing drivers. Although it may not look so difficult when watching, say an F1 grand prix or rally stage on T...
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Description: Some drivers fare better than others and a small few even manage to avoid going into the ditch completely. But the group of Polish spectators just can’t get enough of the shenanigans.
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Jackthorn Morknoy Mar 30, 2013
Rally's ART!!!!
Lorenzo Pagano Mar 27, 2013
Haha sooo much understeer
Joshua Abrams Mar 27, 2013
Funny thing is that kid's eclipse would have done the same as every other FWD car. Would love to take that course in my Miata though. :)
Joshua Massingale Mar 25, 2013
That poor ditch, it suffers though alot
Lizmary Mendoza Mar 25, 2013
You have to find your Visual line. Took me years and years, thousands and thousands set of tires. Just to get Decent driving LA Forrest and Bouquet Canyon. Shits no joke.
Lizmary Mendoza Mar 25, 2013
Hitting that corner that fast in that condition. The one thing you don't want to do is Brake. Never brake hitting
Isaac Suarez Mar 25, 2013
Im from FL, we get wet but not so much mud and no snow so that was educational for me....once again, more power is the victor lol. When slick, POWER through it....
Michael Riley Mar 25, 2013
Most look like your daily POS cars with no muffler...
Dalton Michael Mar 25, 2013
Some of those should've never even been on that track lol
Kasey Cook Mar 25, 2013
I don't think it was black ice. Looked more like mud washing up from the inside. I am pretty sure the E-brake would have help 90% of those.
Garrett Murrell Mar 25, 2013
The BMW won. The others ate dirt so hard.
Chris Gaines Mar 25, 2013
this, ladies and gentleman, is why RWD rocks. assuming you learned how to handle oversteer. like that boss E30
Omar Aboul-Houda Mar 25, 2013
I love that BMW.
Anan Hafez Mar 25, 2013
Some pretty cheap cars to rally in if you ask me
Eric Michalak Mar 25, 2013
The only ones who made it through stayed on the gas. Was this an amateur rally?
Colby Church Mar 25, 2013
Colby Church Mar 25, 2013
Hahahahaha, wow that was great. Almost all of them sucked so bad. I would have beastie that turn in my FWD eclipse. That was some pathetic driving, except the E30 and a couple others. But I laughed so hard when the a Civics wrecked. I hate Civics...
Carlos Dorantes Mar 25, 2013
Goes to show....sometimes RWD will have the upper hand!
Sergio Montelongo Mar 25, 2013
Front wheel drive car drivers had no chance :/
Victor Pitts Mar 25, 2013
There should've been a little more handbrake and throttle in those cases and less lock-up... I dont know what those FWD cars were thinking in the first place. Lol!!
Drew Colton Wilder Mar 25, 2013
Haha that was great
Zeus Mocha Mar 25, 2013
Also I feel your pain Danny.
Zeus Mocha Mar 25, 2013
That's the whole point throttle wide open (well somewhat). These guys aren't real rally drivers. Locking the brakes is probably one of the biggest no no's in rally.
Kevin Blockley Mar 25, 2013
Beemer best lol, even had a cheek to go at it again,lol Throttle wide open!!!
Tyler James Davis Mar 25, 2013
Kinda looks like black ice, they turn the wheel completely to the right but only go straight.
Matt Colvin Mar 25, 2013
Yeah these were some of the dumbest rally drivers I have seen. you don't lock up your breaks
Ryan Sansossio Mar 25, 2013
Anyone else notice the every crash happened when they locked the brakes and every survivor hit the gas instead?
Ryan Sansossio Mar 25, 2013
Rally racing: where the spectators get more of a workout than the performers.
Colin Carlo Mar 25, 2013
It seems the only one who could tackle the corner was the bimmer which isn't rally material compared to the lancers and wrx s
Austin Welch Mar 25, 2013
4:28, he hit the wrong side
Brandon Carr Mar 25, 2013
Some of those were hilarious!
Danny Rodriguez Mar 25, 2013
I almost cried at the first Evo :O
Justin Routh Mar 25, 2013
That video was hillarious. And the bmw guy was awesome
David Harris Mar 25, 2013
E30 the best but funny how mostly everyone else crash same spot.
Tyler Wallace Mar 25, 2013
E30 was so sicc he knew wat he was doing
Matt Marchant Mar 25, 2013
Awesome vid, 5:42 Like a BOSS
James Salaba Mar 25, 2013
E30 driver is good!
Max Laino Mar 25, 2013
Mmm true dat
James Hopkins Mar 25, 2013
E30 driver was the best !