Comments - Mercedes-Benz Viano by KTW Tuning

Published: Mar 25, 2013
Description: German tuning outfit KTW Tuning is an offshoot of the KTW dealership, renowned for being a distributor of Mercedes-Benz commercial vans. It recently rolled out a performance package for the Viano MPV...
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Lucas Raggio Mar 25, 2013
They tune vans. That's awesome
Frederick Perez Mar 25, 2013
Good one Mike haha
Mike Conrad Mar 25, 2013
It's like they took fonts straight from MS Word.
Chad Archer Mar 25, 2013
Vans usually aren't cool, but this one is an exception.
Nick Rowe Mar 25, 2013
@Lucas well...
Lucas Raggio Mar 25, 2013
Beautiful. Utter perfection
Nick Rowe Mar 25, 2013
A Van with red brakes? Ok it's awesome