Comments - Dodge Bringing New Durango to NY

Published: Mar 25, 2013
Description: Toyota will have some competition at the New York Auto Show later this week when it unveils its new Highlander, as Dodge is also planning to use the same show to present a new Durango. We’ve got litt...
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Tim Collgate Mar 26, 2013
Yes Ryan the Cherokee not the grand cherokee
Ryan Yee Mar 26, 2013
The Cherokee was just updated so I'm not surprised..
Jimmy Williams Mar 25, 2013
Eh, it'll just be a mild update, not a complete redesign. New headlights/taillights, slightly updated interior.
Connor Garrett Koerbitz Mar 25, 2013
That's what I was thinking ? Just came out I thought ?
Dylan Bruder Mar 25, 2013
Well that's a short life
Aj White Mar 26, 2013
@Darrell That because YOU see Maserati. Doesn't mean it's borrowed. Started from the charger and it got it from the 1970 charger. It's an evolution from it to the dart to the Durango.
Phillip B Jong Mar 26, 2013
Darel, Fiat owns Dodge... And they also I own Ferrari... And Masarari.. As designs must be patented to be put to use, it's easier to use patents they own rather than getting shut down for new ones continuously
Tim Collgate Mar 25, 2013
Darel blame fiat
darrellbell24 Mar 25, 2013
@arick True...but those companies don't take THE EXACT SAME design and try to call it their own.
Arick Voigt Mar 25, 2013
@darrell: exactly who is truly original anymore? Mercs, Bimmers and Audis are all starting to look the same. Japanese/Korean cars are a joke when it comes to looks. The more tail lights like this on Dodges, the better.
darrellbell24 Mar 25, 2013
that lights is screaming Maserati at me....I love American cars but why cant they be more original like almost everyone else??!!!!
Jacob Burford Mar 26, 2013
I love these! The muscle car of 7 seaters!
Tim Collgate Mar 25, 2013
I hope they make an srt8 version but then it might steal sales from the gran Cherokee
Colin Carlo Mar 25, 2013
Fog lights bottom, head lights are in the middle and signals on top Hmmmm reminds me of the juke
Colin Carlo Mar 25, 2013
My parents own a really nice charcoal grey dodge Durango citadel with a v8 hemi under the hood, man it sounds good
Jack Howard Mar 25, 2013
I don't know why you would get a Chevy Traverse when the Ford Explorer and this look so much better.
Tj Marten Mar 25, 2013
I actually miss those too @Ryan
Ryan Sansossio Mar 25, 2013
I miss the old rugged looking ones with the large fenders
Matt Piccolo Mar 25, 2013
Always liked these. Hope dodge doesn't mess it up
Jacob Burford Mar 26, 2013
Front is good, but the rear could use work! The facelift should help!
matthew barrett Mar 25, 2013
Wow, never realised how ugly the rear was
Dylan Bruder Mar 25, 2013
Old one
Tyler Wallace Mar 25, 2013
Old or new