Comments - Defunct US Carmakers: Packard

Published: Mar 25, 2013
Description: Packard was a luxury car company which would go up against other mainstream luxury giants like Cadillac and Lincoln during the years prior to WWII. It would survive the depression and the war - somet...
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Tim Collgate Mar 25, 2013
Car buzz please do stutz they're one of my favorite automakers and have so much history behind them
LarryandStephanie Espana Mar 25, 2013
They should, they made amazing cars before WWII....makes me wonder who is the best US automaker now defunct???? .......
Nick Rowe Mar 25, 2013
I knew they'd be here
Clinton Burger Mar 25, 2013
This is the coolest thing ever
Russell Nelson Mar 25, 2013
But the "rumble seat" was the best seat in the car! You sat a little higher than the passengers in the cabin, but directly over the rear wheels. And with no shock absorbers the leaf springs made for a very bouncy trip!
Wyatt Gordon Mar 25, 2013
That outside seat must've been so unsafe in a crash
Jason Ware Mar 25, 2013
Nice example from the 30's
Tim Preisinger Mar 25, 2013
Cool as hell. Wish I saw more of these still on the road
Nick Rowe Mar 25, 2013
My grandfather was a chauffeur in the years leading up to the war. Used to tell me stories of the characters he met while driving his Packard. Was a pretty memorable day when he was reunited with the car he drove last year. I'll never forget it
Description: The first Packard automobile was built in Warren, Ohio, in 1899. The town was home to a number of industrial ventures belonging to the Packard family, and was even named after town’s founder Warren Pa...
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Description: In 1900, with the Model B, Packard introduced H-pattern shifting and automatic spark advance. In 1901, it became the first automaker to switch from a tiller to a steering wheel, and although it didn’t...
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Stephen Ishard Mar 26, 2013
Wyatt Gordon Mar 25, 2013
What a boss car lol
Adam Thomson Mar 25, 2013
❤ These cars
Description: It was during this period, between the move to Detroit and the Second World War, when Packard would really rise to prominence. In 1915 it would make the world’s first production V12, the world’s first...
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Dylan Bruder Mar 25, 2013
Things have come such a long way
Description: By the late Twenties, Packard was the dominant luxury carmaker in America, outselling even giants like Cadillac. The onset of the Great Depression killed off many of Packard’s competitors, including g...
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Wyatt Gordon Mar 25, 2013
I love the old Carribeans, Jay Leno has one
Russell Nelson Mar 25, 2013
That is the legendary 1953 Packard Caribbean!
Paul Trahan Mar 25, 2013
Mark Garrett Mar 25, 2013
Boboloo, that is a Packard Carribean.
Bobaloo Anderson Mar 25, 2013
What car is this? It's looks very nice
Wyatt Gordon Mar 25, 2013
Why can cars look like they did in the "good old days" (which are '61-'69, IMO) anymore?
Tim Collgate Mar 25, 2013
Erich that may be true, but there's just something about older cars that makes them just seem better, it's like them being slower, harder to handle, and less reliable gives them more....... character, but hey that's just my 2 cents
Tim Preisinger Mar 25, 2013
Petro Maalouf Mar 25, 2013
Those were the days when cars where great
Description: Packard seemed to be doing well following the war, but it made a few mistakes right out of the gate. The first was that it failed to come out with any proper postwar models until 1951, much later than...
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Description: By the time the new models debuted, Packard had essentially lost the luxury market to Cadillac and Lincoln. Although it was no longer a proper luxury brand, Packard was still doing fairly well during ...
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Description: Packard would build luxury cars and Studebaker would take the more mainstream modelds. It didn’t work, and with the added problems caused by Studebaker’s previous money issues, SPC would kill off Pack...
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Paul Trahan Mar 25, 2013
Sadly it's the same reason why a lot of great automotive companies have died. No one wants to learn from history
Sam Shikora Mar 25, 2013
Modelds? Horrible proof reading.
Tim Collgate Mar 25, 2013
I think gm needs to give one of their companies a somewhat classic approach so like caddy with the ciel and Buick with that concept from the early 2000s that looked like a forties car... Don't remember the name of that one though.
Jordan Smith Mar 25, 2013
I'm sure someday we'll design cars like this again. If GM let Cadillac of the leash they could make one hell of a car. The Ciel is an example.
Carlos Dorantes Mar 25, 2013
So sad! We have better technology and more $$$ but American car companies will NEVER build cars like these anymore !!!
Lucas Raggio Mar 25, 2013
Reminds me of a rolls Royce
Adam Thomson Mar 25, 2013
Wow. Stunning.
Chris Gaines Mar 26, 2013
the color is undeniably ugly
Russell Nelson Mar 25, 2013
There is nothing ugly about this car; it is a true classic. Designed by Howard "Dutch" Darrin, it was one of the first cars to do away with running boards and ushered in the styling of "longer, lower, wider" that defined the post-war area.
Jordan Smith Mar 25, 2013
Nah I see more Pagani in that than anything else.
Zack Kennedy Mar 25, 2013
Looks like the venano