Comments - Classic Clarkson: Jeremy Drives a 70s Lincoln

Published: Mar 25, 2013
Description: There’s a host on Top Gear that loves American cars, but it isn’t Jezza. No, that role falls to Richard Hammond. Clarkson doesn’t care much for them at all. In this classic clip from "Jeremy Clarkson...
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Dan Morris Apr 04, 2013
I couldn't care less about what Clarksen thinks about this car. I'm sure he doesn't care what I think about what's left of the British auto industry either. More of these where sold than rolls or Bentley and they where on the same price range.
Tyler Tarbox Mar 26, 2013
American cars did used to be crap and a lot of them still are.
Cory Deines Mar 25, 2013
Right. He hates most American cars for a reason - because they were crap. He likes all the genuinely good American cars, he even begged Ford to let him buy a GT when they came to Britain a few years ago.
Tyler Tarbox Mar 25, 2013
Not all of Top Gear's reviews of American cars are unfavorable. James liked the CTS-V and Jeremy liked the ZR1
Description: So what does Jeremy have to say about the old Lincoln? "If you could imagine sharing a waterbed with a baboon that’s just been doused in etching powder, then – and only then – could you begin to get t...
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Wmg Chinchilla Mar 25, 2013
Love that mullet he rocked back then
Tho MA Mar 25, 2013
What's etching powder? Geez carbuzz, does anybody proof read?
Lucas Raggio Mar 25, 2013
Nice fro he's got
Adam Thomson Mar 25, 2013
I like it when its wobbely.
Jason Ware Mar 26, 2013
I like how the headlights are winking at you
Jason Ware Mar 26, 2013
Where's Lefty from Donnie Brasco? That's all it's missing.
Jacob Burford Mar 26, 2013
It would be fun to drive because of how bad it is!
Dylan Reece Mar 25, 2013
I think it's a pretty bad! Haha
Colby Church Mar 25, 2013
I would drive one of it was fixed up nice. I think it's kinda cool.
Adam Thomson Mar 25, 2013
There is nothing good to say about this car.
Geoff Novak Mar 25, 2013
Although this car is crap, i personally love all the lincoln town car signature series. Id put that in a garage with a caddillac broughm d'elegance and my current chrysler new yorker 5th ave. gotta love big american luxury from past time
Dan Morris Apr 04, 2013
Love this car. Remember being in one as a little kid. Nothing like it today and that's too bad. Besides fuel mileage there is nothing better than the space and comfort of a car like this on long trips.
Jason Ware Mar 26, 2013
Lets remember that Lincoln was putting out luxury cars before any of us were born. They were putting out luxury v12's during prohibition for Christ sake. The company deserves respect for their longevity alone
Allen Kim Mar 25, 2013
Remember North Korea has a pristine one of these in their fleet.
Geoff Novak Mar 25, 2013
I wouldnt classify them as muscle cars. While having a beefy engine isnt a question id say theyre more for cruising. Meant for lookin good on road trips or around town of course. They dont have the styling or noise of a muscle car
Mark Fei Ling Mar 25, 2013
Love the mark series, continental Cadillac's el dorado, fleetwood... They are true American just as the muscle cars