Comments - 2014 Jeep Cherokee Goes Off-Road

Published: Mar 25, 2013
Description: We’re a bit sceptical whether the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee will deliver the off-road 4x4 goods. And the reason for our doubt is that the new Cherokee is based on the same unibody platform as the Dodge ...
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Ben August Mar 25, 2013
Also "hater" ? I just looked at your comments, and you're also "hating" on this jeep. What is wrong with you?
Ben August Mar 25, 2013
Broke? I'm not the one taking pictures of myself in mud.
Josiah De Mar 25, 2013
Chill out hater just pist Cuzz ur broke ass can't afford one lol
Ben August Mar 25, 2013
**New Jeep!!! Arg this phone I swear
Ben August Mar 25, 2013
***stupid iPhone*** I hope the new causes Fiat to hemorrhage millions.
Ben August Mar 25, 2013
The 2014 Jeep is blasphemy against history, legend, and respect. The Jeep Cherokee pioneered 4x4- this, pioneers shit. I hope it dies a miserable death, and hemp ra
Michael Page Mar 25, 2013
When ever other car companies copy a wrangler, those cars become iconic. i.e. ol' bronco, blazer, CJ, and the samurai. When jeep uses transfer cases and solid axles they are all awesome, why mess with that?
Judah Lindvall Mar 25, 2013
When I said I wanted the Cherokee back I meant the XJ Cherokee… not this!
Steven Nevets Mar 25, 2013
They should have called it something else for sure... This is going to confuse people.
Tyler Ray DeFord Mar 25, 2013
The only thing that will be dragged through the mud is the proud name of the Cherokee.
Stephane Rioux Mar 25, 2013
mabe going off road and smashing the front end could improve the look... this looks like an internal bet between jeep designers that went too far...
Description: In addition, the 2014 Cherokee comes standard with front-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive. This new video provides a brief preview as to how well it’ll hold up when going off pavement, but we’...
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Josh Welborn Jul 19, 2013
There is no way that this will be any more off road capable than a Honda crv... It has a fwd layout, independent front AND rear suspension and is awd not 4wd. They are really over exaggerating the glories of the new Cherokee.
Michael Rivera Mar 26, 2013
So... I'm pretty sure my grandmothers park avenue could climb that hill. Where was the off road part of this video? I'm pretty sure this was taken on a dirt road adjacent to a rest-stop. This thing isn't a Jeep, it's a Dart with big wheels!
Ahmad Abu Zahra Mar 26, 2013
Wtf !!
Joe Marasa Mar 25, 2013
What you got Ford and Chevy? Oh yeah another soccer mom SUV. I'm guessing soccer moms that drive Jeep are badasses and they know it. Why else would Jeep make a vehicle that can do that!
Josiah De Mar 25, 2013
Hey winter suck it u just pist Cuzz ur stuck with a Kia
Tony Hernandez Mar 25, 2013
Has anybody noticed that on the video you can see the windshield wiper sprays on the hood but on the pictures they're not showing on the hood?!! Something's fishy!!
Zaire Wilkins Mar 25, 2013
FWD 4WD options unibody. Its all part of being in the market
Michael Davidson Mar 25, 2013
That was a steep climb.
Kyle Malcomson Mar 25, 2013
In the UK we test off road vehicles of road why is this in a car park
Peter Winter Mar 25, 2013
That thing is so ugly. Why would anyone buy it. No matter how good or bad it drives
Danny Rodriguez Mar 25, 2013
I know that Lucas, but some people prefer 4WD over FWD
Jack Howard Mar 25, 2013
I'm sure an XV Crosstrek would easily beat this offroad.
Tony Hernandez Mar 25, 2013
They never showed the actual car! For all we know they're using an actual 4WD!!
Tyler James Davis Mar 25, 2013
When i wen offroading in a jeep, the jeep climbed a hill that steep at the beginning... With 1-2 feet of snow.
Barron Rust Mar 25, 2013
Humm. For all the vid shows, that could have been a mini countryman. No acc shot of the jeep it self. Could have even been a grand....
Lucas Raggio Mar 25, 2013
Ya but the new pathfinder isn't as good as the older model. The old one was awesome powerful as anything the new one is just a soccer mom crossover so it doesn't need to be powerful or have four wheel drive or be good IMO
Danny Rodriguez Mar 25, 2013
RWD SUV's are going to disappear, the Pathfinder is FWD, and now the 2014 Grand Cherokee. The Grand Vitara should keep its platform.
David Justice Mar 25, 2013
Best view of this SUV I've seen yet.
Siya Fadane Apr 14, 2013
I thought we all voted against this design, fricken illuminate!
Juan C. Alcantara Mar 26, 2013
Kill it before it lays eggs..
Jacob Burford Mar 26, 2013
Worst design of the year award contender!
Tyler Wallace Mar 26, 2013
Oh Landon shut up trying to defend this things sheeeesh y'all are so try hard
Taylor Rosello Mar 25, 2013
This thing makes the Aztec a winner
Josiah De Mar 25, 2013
Ooook just called my boss nvmd this is the Cherokee not grand Cherokee few that shit is ugly I'm going put it down wen it comes in do the world a favor damn my eyes hurt
Josiah De Mar 25, 2013
What the fuck!!!! That's not the Cherokee we just got the 2014s in on shipment they don't look any thing like that for real I'm telling you that's not it I know I work for JEEP something is not rite it a joke has to be
Luke Melanson Mar 25, 2013
Super ugly car!
Chris Woller Mar 25, 2013
There is nothing Jeep about the look of this car. Ability off-road doesn't make up for that look. I hope it looks better I'm person. If not, they won't sell.
Landon Combass Mar 25, 2013
Its a love or hate. If it was designed to please al it would he really boring.
matthew barrett Mar 25, 2013
I like this. Will definitely attract attention
Dustin McClelland Mar 25, 2013
If they would've combined the headlight and signal, something similar to everything else in the Jeep line, it really wouldn't have been bad!
Colin Carlo Mar 25, 2013
Fog lights bottom, head lights are in the middle and signals on top Hmmmm reminds me of the juke
Carlos Dorantes Mar 25, 2013
I've said it before. Paint it red and yellow and it would look like iron man
Jack Howard Mar 25, 2013
There is no way they will sell millions. 500000 at best.
Guo-Sheng Huang Mar 25, 2013
Whoever designs this should go to prison.
Chris McCormick Mar 25, 2013
If the wranglers start looking like this I give up at life
Bradley Walter Mar 25, 2013
They will sell millions of them.
Chad Archer Mar 25, 2013
I thought this was a joke. I can't believe they are really producing it.
Tn Ng Mar 25, 2013
Confusing trying to figure out which is the headlights. Don't know how this got approved for production.
Adam Thomson Mar 25, 2013
Jeep can make better than this.
Dylan Bruder Mar 25, 2013
It's a bug!
Randall Brice Spillman Mar 25, 2013
That thing is hideous what where they thinking!! Well doesn't matter I drive a hummer anyways!
Colin Carlo Mar 25, 2013
The styling is hidious but the power train seems strong and powerful Sounds bad too, but maybe it could put up some heavy competition against the other cuv s in class
Ben Doolittle Mar 25, 2013
Fiat is really afraid to show the back of this thing. Pics have been out for weeks & I can't find rear shots anywhere. Judging by the front the back is gonna be hideous.
Rob Clark Mar 25, 2013
Soo bad in so many ways!
xenozonda Mar 25, 2013
bad piggy just paint it green
Tyler Wallace Mar 25, 2013
There's always someone who says they like something that is totally shit and they no there lying to there self
Stephane Rioux Mar 25, 2013
How the hell does something like that get made.... people at jeep on crack or completely insane. the horror..... the horror.
Bobaloo Anderson Mar 25, 2013
If its their aztek let's hope they go out of business for making it
Danny Cohen Mar 25, 2013
Someone needs to be fired
Max Laino Mar 25, 2013
It hurts my eyes
Marcus Andrew Sensabaugh Mar 25, 2013
This is the worst Jeep I have ever seen!
Cian Mac Gearailt Mar 25, 2013
I kinda like it looks diffrent
Jeremy Stewart Mar 25, 2013
Could this be chrysler's Aztek?
Matt Piccolo Mar 25, 2013
Burn it with fire
Preston Harris Mar 25, 2013
I kind of want to kill myself
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Mar 25, 2013
They ruined it