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Published: Mar 25, 2013
Description: The owner of Lamborghini Long Island will officially become the first of just three customers in the world to receive the absolutely bonkers $4 million Veneno when it arrives on US shores. Antoine Do...
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Johnny Matias Mar 26, 2013
It's funny because they must've deleted most of nsx's comments and it looks like you guys were raging at air. But then I saw some and I was like oooooooo :o. Lol. But yeah. He sounds immature.
Nick Rowe Mar 26, 2013
Keep it off Carbuzz next time. It's a car forum
Nick Rowe Mar 26, 2013
Desperate act of a desperate child right here folks
Brett Vincent Mar 26, 2013
What an exciting trend this is becoming.
Nick Rowe Mar 26, 2013
Grammar also goes a long way. Should earn you a modicum of respect nxs
Nick Rowe Mar 26, 2013
Nxs if you don't like us GTFO instead of complaining about how we're all "children" do yourself a favor you're not welcome here
Nick Rowe Mar 26, 2013
Nxs no cause I'm actually educated with cars. You have no valid points and everyone know you're the most hated guy on this app.
Aaron Crisp Mar 26, 2013
Honestly? Call me a "troll" or "hater" but it's funny because you're the one who sounds like a child. I'm not trying to start anything with you, but if you're truly 23 you will take the time to look at what you post and realize it's a bit immature.
Nick Rowe Mar 25, 2013
Someone block this nxs guy.. Again!
Dylan Gomes Mar 25, 2013
the question is, will he actually drive it and not only show it off??
Tim Preisinger Mar 25, 2013
Nxs, who says I even post pointless status about what I'm doing? Lol. Also if you took the time to seriously go on my Facebook every day just at the chance you might see me make a post about me seeing a car.. That's pathetic.
Wmg Chinchilla Mar 25, 2013
keep that ugly crap out of here.
Tim Preisinger Mar 25, 2013
Ah... So happy nxs is still around. He might be the biggest moron to ever use car buzz, but he gave me lots of laughs on my lunch break last time.
Camilo Saldarriaga Mar 25, 2013
Are they both black??? lol "Coming to America"
Colby Church Mar 25, 2013
@NXS The funny thing is that you and Tim could both go look at it the same day and you guys would probably be standing there talking about it and not even know who you were talking to. I doubt either of you know what the other looks like. Lol
Ben Hislop Mar 25, 2013
4,000,000$!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think my heart just stopped
Brandon Davidson Mar 25, 2013
I'm like 10 hours away....I think I'll pass haha
Aaron Crisp Mar 25, 2013
Child calling someone a child, ironic.
Drew Colton Wilder Mar 25, 2013
Saving for the plane ticket now!
Colin Cindric Mar 25, 2013
Veneno in america? Reduced my chance to see one to 1 in 1,000,000.
Chad Archer Mar 25, 2013
I won't be going out of my way to see it.
HoSe Park Mar 25, 2013
See. I told u guys. America is still a big market for car makers.
Nick Rowe Mar 25, 2013
Why is nxs back...
Dylan Guo Mar 25, 2013
I live not even 5 min from there. I can't wait!!
Jimmy Bartolotta Mar 25, 2013
Yea about 30min tops. He'll probably have it by the summer. Maybe he'll let me sit in it after burning 1/4 tank of gas if not more lol my jeep just swallows that stuff...
Tim Preisinger Mar 25, 2013
I'm about 45 min drive away. Worth checking out
David Munasinghe Mar 25, 2013
I'm down the road from this place. In definitely gonna check it out.
Corey Alan Kelley Mar 25, 2013
Damn I told some guy on here the other day that US probably wouldn't get any lol
Adam Thomson Mar 25, 2013
Lambo should keep their Venenos away from America. Muhahahaha!
Pablo Molano Rojas Jul 28, 2013
I don't like it at all!!!, that is my opinion!, is just......UGLY!!,
尤品敦 Mar 27, 2013
Italian design didn't die!
Johnny Matias Mar 26, 2013
All the bodywork is aerodynamically functional according to Lamborghini. I love it, and it seems like it would be pretty fast. Remember the Zonda R had the same HP.
Jörgen Nilsson Mar 26, 2013
Yeah, totally overdone. Comparing this to the mighty Countach is crazy. This is no more than a body kit and a slightly beefed up engine. Not comparable to the engineering involved with the silly named Ferrari and the P1, at all.
Jacob Burford Mar 26, 2013
I love Lambos, but this is too crazy! Overdone!
Anthony Perugini Mar 25, 2013
This is beautifully ugly. I don't know how
Josiah De Mar 25, 2013
Wow!! Sweet!! Suck it haters why do you even comment go away let the rest of us who in joy sweet ass cars in peace 😡
Zeke Alanis Mar 25, 2013
Looks mean af!!
Nevzat Erboy Mar 25, 2013
Daniel Anglevik Mar 25, 2013
If the monsters from the alienmovies would have a car.....
Ben Knorr Mar 25, 2013
v my thoughts exactly. It's just ridiculous, and not in a good way.
Zane Turner Mar 25, 2013
I feel like Lamborghini scrambled to get something out to Geneva to compete with the P1 and LaFerrari. And they did a very poor job at it...
Craig Smith Mar 25, 2013
I agree with Stephen… I'm sure people said the same about the Countach when it was first launched… but look at that now. Considered a classic, and remembered more than most super cars of the time…
Larry Farkas Mar 25, 2013
I love this car. It just blows the laFerarri And the new maclaren out of sight
Clinton Burger Mar 25, 2013
I think the LaFerrari even looks better than this....
Stephen Cobbs Mar 25, 2013
You guys are taking this thing too serious. This thing is absolutely insane. In a good way its crazy. I love it.
Lee Oleinick Mar 25, 2013
Can you say 'overkill'?
Chad Archer Mar 25, 2013
I'm disappointed in Lamborghini. This looks like something I drew when I was 5. I wasn't a good artist.
Rico Turner Mar 25, 2013
I agree Cam...
Cam Heaney Mar 25, 2013
I love Lamborghini, but I think this car looks ridicules (in a bad way) huge let down to the reventon...
Description: The second Veneno is also coming to the US, bought by one Kris Singh, Managing Director of Tequesta Investments in Florida. Singh is a true Lamborghini man and plans on driving his Veneno around Flori...
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Johnny Matias Mar 26, 2013
Where's mine Lambo!? I thought we had a deal!!!!!
Taylor Robbîñs Mar 26, 2013
Top Story: Lamborghini Veneno in Middle East turned into gold
Chirag Patel Mar 26, 2013
Finally a Indian buys something cool
Michael Andary Mar 25, 2013
Looks cool but i think its over done
Tim Preisinger Mar 25, 2013
Stereotypes all came from somewhere. People shouldn't be so sensitive with them. Personally I find exaggerated ones to be pretty funny. That's just me though
darrellbell24 Mar 25, 2013
it would be "kind of" true if he were actually middle eastern. For all we know he could be some Japanese businessman living in Dubai because his wife is an Arab princess and he wanted to please her father so he could inherit his billions.....haha
Taylor Garry Mar 25, 2013
Stereotypes exist for a reason
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Mar 25, 2013
Well it's Kinda true...
darrellbell24 Mar 25, 2013
@colby because that's not stereotyping at all. (sarcasim)
Colby Church Mar 25, 2013
Watch the one going to the Middle east, we will soon see an article about how the owner had a chrome wrap put on it. Or possibly just layered with gold or some stupid shit like that.
Colby Church Mar 25, 2013
Not even close Zeus. This isn't even in the top 100 rarest cars in the world. There are a lot of rare automobiles. Just because Lamborghini builds 4 cars and prices them over 4m doesn't earn them a spot in the top ranks of automotive rarities.
Taylor Robbîñs Mar 25, 2013
Damn I bet $20 with my buddy that all 3 were going to Dubai.
Lucas Raggio Mar 25, 2013
Isn't there only 1 migU1
Kaigan Viner Mar 25, 2013
Damn I'm 3 hours away from Tequesta
Zeus Mocha Mar 25, 2013
I'm not sure what is the rarest but this has to be in the top 5 rarest.
Bobaloo Anderson Mar 25, 2013
It's not the rarest car in the world
Zeus Mocha Mar 25, 2013
Na man this is that car where the driver chooses the car. It's the car that chooses the driver. Lol specifically Lamborghini asked specific people to buy this car. When they asked this car was probably not even designed at the time.
Taylor Garry Mar 25, 2013
Im actually really surprised someone in the middle east didnt buy all 3
darrellbell24 Mar 25, 2013
The rarest vehicle in the World cant even celebrate in its own country besides sitting in a freakin museum....
darrellbell24 Mar 25, 2013
@Erich hahaha... I didn't even realize that the 3 of them bought are heading nowhere near Europe haha.
Mark Donnelly Mar 25, 2013
Atleast one is being used as a car and the other us one will be just as awesome to see but the middle east one either will disappear till they want to tune it to sumthing awful or be sold a ton of times
Nick Smith Mar 25, 2013
At least the 2 guys getting them won't stuff them away in a garage.
darrellbell24 Mar 25, 2013
True but I would have thought at least one of them were coming here in Los Angeles. ( specifically Beverly Hills)
Nick Rowe Mar 25, 2013
Could've easily predicated where they were going to go
Johnny Matias Mar 26, 2013
Yeah the 3 they sold have one of each of the Italian flag stripes and the last one (this one) has the full flag. Also the rims are actually very functional, so is the rest. And I think it looks flat out incredible.
Lead Peddalin Mar 26, 2013
I love the subtle Italian flag stripe in the door well.
Danny Cohen Mar 26, 2013
It reminds me one of the simpsons episodes. Were homer gets to design a car....he added ell that is possible and thats what came out
Tyler Wallace Mar 25, 2013
Lmao @kyle I said the same thing earlier to my bro
Kyle Kloewer Mar 25, 2013
Those rims are stupid
Jason Brown Mar 25, 2013
Lets think of everything you can add to a Lamborghini and put double of triple of that and charge over $4 million for it. ..
Paul Trahan Mar 25, 2013
Looks like a car Batman would drive.
Danny Cohen Mar 25, 2013
Craig Lafey Mar 25, 2013
This wheels are horrible.
Colby Church Mar 25, 2013
Lee... Let's not do this again. Some bat mobile comment is made every day in reference to some car, I swear.
Thai-Chau Ha Mar 25, 2013
You know when a car is good? It makes the red one in the background look normal. How many cars can do that?
Craig Smith Mar 25, 2013
@kyle… it's the other way around… form over function… it's the Lambo way… or at least it used to be!
Kyle Malcomson Mar 25, 2013
Function over form?
Lee Oleinick Mar 25, 2013
Wasn't this in a Batman movie?
Edmond Gebara Mar 25, 2013
Certain aspects are subjective... I mean, theres alot i like... But the wheels ate plain awful.
Johnny Matias Mar 26, 2013
It's not beautiful. It's Lamborghini.
Michael Russell Mar 25, 2013
I thought they sold the Batmobile at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale this year?
Colby Church Mar 25, 2013
Might not be a beauty, but it sure does look fast.
Zeus Mocha Mar 25, 2013
The Zonda 760RS has it and it looks fine on it, although it's a quite different design.
Allen Kim Mar 25, 2013
It's too busy and not that sexy or graceful... from the side, the rear fender area is not that great.
Zeus Mocha Mar 25, 2013
Aside from the tail fin in the middle, I think the rear end is the bed part.
Adam Thomson Mar 25, 2013
The rear i have to say is ugly, sorry.
Jacob Burford Mar 26, 2013
Concept car rear!
Anthony Perugini Mar 25, 2013
Kyle Kloewer Mar 25, 2013
I never thought cars would look like those crazy hot wheels I had as a kid
Dennis Choong Mar 25, 2013
@David- this is an Aventador underneath the shell... same chassis, drivetrain & engine, albeit with a little more power
David Guerrero Mar 25, 2013
This is what Lamborghini is supposed to be. A monstrosity, unlike the gallardo, Aventador, etc
Lucas Raggio Mar 25, 2013
I think it's longer so they had room to fit the exhaust too
Michelle Hart Mar 25, 2013
Where's the gearbox housing gong it use to sit where the exhaust pipes are in the Aventador?
Zeus Mocha Mar 25, 2013
This is an alien spaceship.
Cristiano Shebli Apr 08, 2013
Wow it's an Awsome car Lamborghini SEsto ELmeNtO
Cristiano Shebli Apr 08, 2013
Oleg Odessit Mar 25, 2013
I cnt just wipe the dust of that dash,...,yeap 4 mill
Chris Gaines Mar 25, 2013
no entertainment screen.. a step in the right direction lol
Mati Araujo Mar 25, 2013
Those paddle shifters are huge!
Colby Church Mar 25, 2013
Lol @ Nick and Erich. Some people make the weirdest connections...
Thai-Chau Ha Mar 25, 2013
Micheal ha this. Guys, I think is this Ben's new FB name or his friend.
Nathaniel Quiles Mar 25, 2013
Awesome there's going to be one so close to me :D
Rico Turner Mar 25, 2013
The best part about this car is the three toggle switches on the console that are the colors of the Italian flag.
Nick Rowe Mar 25, 2013
Yeah I'm sure that's what they were aiming for
Michael Nascimento Mar 25, 2013
90's Honda civic-esque.