Comments - McLaren 12C Runs 10.55-sec 1/4-Mile

Published: Mar 24, 2013
Description: A McLaren 12C recently ran the quarter-mile time in 10.55 seconds, making it the second quickest production car in the world after the Bugatti Veyron. The run took place at Palm Beach International R...
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Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Mar 25, 2013
I GOT TO SIT IN ONE TODAY OMG I WAS SO PUMPED. There's a dealership in Philadelphia and I went to it. Holy cow that's a comfy supercar. Lol non sequitur
David Parenti Mar 25, 2013
No replacement for displacement. Do the math. My favorite argument- "my turbo civic is as fast as a stock GT mustang" Well, what are you going to to when that mustang also has a turbo?
David Justice Mar 24, 2013
Venom shouldn't count. You guys are saying only 7 built? I guess there aren't black and white definitions for 'production cars' but even those old FIA motorsports rules said at least 25 examples in 12 months. 7 examples in 3 years is not even close.
Carter Sullivan Mar 24, 2013
Ooohh 60-130. Got it haha wish I could delete that comment
Carter Sullivan Mar 24, 2013
This doesn't make any sense. How 0-130 on 6.59 but 0-134 in 10.55?
Tim Preisinger Mar 24, 2013
No replacement for displacement... As the other posters said
Garrett Murrell Mar 24, 2013
This is wrong...
Justin Routh Mar 24, 2013
Exactly. Plus a 4 banger with a turbo or two at 500hp will NOT have the longevity of the NA V8. There is no replacement
Jimmy Bartolotta Mar 24, 2013
Engines are built the same. Meaning same amount boost, etc the high displacement engine WILL be more powerful. It's just a fact.
Jimmy Bartolotta Mar 24, 2013
There will never be a replacement for displacement. Everyone's argument for that is building a 4banger to over power a v8 or charging a smaller engine to beat a na engine. They ignore the fact that if both high displacement and low displacement
Justin Routh Mar 24, 2013
@Nick yes but the power is so different in the two. The veyron is luxury and that power is going to be very smooth compared to the venom
Ryan Luellen Mar 24, 2013
Actually venom doesn't count cause all the 7 produced were produced to meet orders they don't make them to make them they make them when asked
Matt Piccolo Mar 24, 2013
Wow I didn't realize these we're this quick! Good job mclaren
Nick Schnee Mar 24, 2013
There actually is a replacement, as the K-segg 5L V8 puts out more power than a W16 in the Veyron (not the SS).
Colby Church Mar 24, 2013
The Venom GT uses a Corvette engine, they don't make it in house. And you can put a turbo on anything, even high displacement motors, so that makes it an accessory to displacement, not a formidable alternative.
Jackson Michael Mar 24, 2013
Colby, how hard they work on a car does not determine whether or not it is a production car
Justin Routh Mar 24, 2013
could accept the venom as the beast that it is and quit whining because it destroys everything
Justin Routh Mar 24, 2013
And if the venom isnt a production car because it uses lotus doors and dash then ruf and the shelby cobra doesnt count. The mclaren F1 doesnt count because it used a bmw engine. You could literally nitpick at little shit like that all day or you
Justin Routh Mar 24, 2013
But the way they put down the power and the power bands are completely different
Joel Hope Mar 24, 2013
You could have an na car w/ 1000hp and a turbo car with 1000hp. There is a replacement for displacement.
Colby Church Mar 24, 2013
They may have only produced 7 so far, but if you look it up, it definitely counts as production. Hell, the guys at Hennessey probably work much harder than people building cars on assembly lines, making it even more justifiable.
Colby Church Mar 24, 2013
The McLaren must have had a great driver, and I'm wondering if it had stock tires.And no Nick, there is no replacement for displacement. Because 1000+hp cars will always destroy anything else. Also the Venom GT does count as a production car.
Kyle Rawn Mar 24, 2013
Looks like there is a replacement for displacement.
Austin Sullivan Mar 24, 2013
Venom doesn't count.
Corey Alan Kelley Mar 24, 2013
There's a video on YouTube of an aventador beating a McLaren in the quarter but that was before they increased the output of the McLaren
Danny M. Wong Mar 24, 2013
Justin, the Venom GT is not a production car
Eric Anthony Mar 24, 2013
Eric Anthony Mar 24, 2013
No shit they would beat tha mclaren, this cars all have 1000+ hp
Garrett Murrell Mar 24, 2013
The Koenigsegg Agera R and Hennessey Venom gt would beat it.
Justin Barter Mar 24, 2013
What about the 9.92secs set by the Venom GT? Was that not officially recorded then I assume?
Mark Donnelly Mar 24, 2013
And daniel the aventador is all wheel while the 12c is rwd
Will Will Mar 24, 2013
What did the bugatti clock?
Tyler Tarbox Mar 24, 2013
Aventador is also more than $100K more expensive than this
Daniel Anglevik Mar 24, 2013
Put 10 Aventador vs 10 MP4-12 and the Aventador wins 9/10 runs. In every video the Lambo is faster from standing still or rolling start. Prob a little higher hp output right from the factory...with a perfect run Another expl?
Description: The time puts it ahead of the Lamborghini Aventador, but with the McLaren P1, LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder yet to drag, it'll likely soon be bumped down a place or two.
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Adam Mojica Mar 29, 2013
Road and Track did a 10.4 @ 136 mph with the Aventador, but I'm sure if it had slicks it could do better.
Noah Gavurin Mar 27, 2013
a NA camaro ran 8.923
Noah Gavurin Mar 27, 2013
check out motortrends roadkill episode 9 they're running high 6's to low 8's
Anthony Boggs Mar 25, 2013
I can't take my eyes off the thing. Love 12c
Jacob Burford Mar 25, 2013
Man this car can go!
Jimmy Case Mar 25, 2013
I was making an argument for a zr1 I completely agree with you on this.
Aaron Abely Mar 25, 2013
What driver is needed? It's got launch control and an auto tranny that shifts very well for using the power. All a driver must do is air down the tires a bit. Speaking of. Nothing notes the tires on this car. They may not be stock.
Jimmy Case Mar 24, 2013
My B didn't watch while vid. And it all comes down to money. You could make anything faster than anything with money.
Jimmy Case Mar 24, 2013
That's not a Camaro it's a Mercedes AMG? Lol
Zeus Mocha Mar 24, 2013
Why is anyone arguing about the camaro? It looks like it was an LT/RS. Not even an SS. It was funny how it got eaten though. The Mclaren is more menacing then I thought.
Ben Knorr Mar 24, 2013
Jimmy - yes indeed. That is pretty amazing.
Noah schlegel Mar 24, 2013
Byakka Hirakawa Mar 24, 2013
Looks like the comaro boys r hurtin, lol 10s is fast but this video seems slow, weird
Jimmy Case Mar 24, 2013
That's the fastest recorded with documentation and video. Just shows you what it's capable of with right driver I guess! It's one of the last super cars that requires a driver. Haha
Ben Knorr Mar 24, 2013
Seems questionable when most stock ZR1's on you tube are high tens on drag radials.
Jimmy Case Mar 24, 2013
Stock is stock engine stock Michelin pilot tires non cup right off the showroom floor. That time was 10.6.
Jimmy Case Mar 24, 2013
Not true fastest stock zr1 time with slicks is 10.2.
Ben Knorr Mar 24, 2013
Actually Jimmy that ZR1 was wearing drag slicks so its not exactly stock. If the McLaren had been wearing drag slicks it would probably be in the 9's.
Tim Preisinger Mar 24, 2013
Hovie, care to explain why you think the car known for being the best bang for the buck is crappy? Or would you rather just make a bold statement like that with no facts? ...or are there no facts to support your claim?
Luke Purdy Mar 24, 2013
And colby yet again brings up the vette in another un-related post
Usman Ahmad Mar 24, 2013
Majority will still take a 458. Better overall package.
Lou Guerrero Mar 24, 2013
Anybody hungry, the quarter mile grill IS open
Nick Schnee Mar 24, 2013
The P1 isn't even out yet, mate. You have no idea what it is to drive.
Colby Church Mar 24, 2013
@Jimmy That's correct. It's probably capable of a little more too, but compared to the McLaren, it's much more difficult to launch. Corvettes are hard to master from a dig. Very few can get the most out of them.
Salvador Ortega Padilla Mar 24, 2013
Ese coche no está hecho para correr en una linea recta, ridículo.
Drew Colton Wilder Mar 24, 2013
Jimmy Case Mar 24, 2013
Fastest stock zr1 time recorded is 10.6.
Adam Thomson Mar 24, 2013
Omg nxs returns!!!
Ben Norton Mar 24, 2013
It takes a hell of a lot for any car to get into the 9s. I'm sure the P1 will be amazing but this isn't what it's built for
Ben Knorr Mar 24, 2013
P1's gonna be deep into the 9's.
Tyler Tarbox Mar 26, 2013
Wouldn't that be a great decision to have to make? Hmm let's see do I want a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or McLaren...
Jacob Burford Mar 25, 2013
Love this! They look much better live, and the side skirt is nice!
Daniel Anglevik Mar 25, 2013
I'll rather have a Lamborghini Super Trofeo Much cooler design and soouuund
Tyler Tarbox Mar 25, 2013
Agree with Aaron. Would definitely have to drive the two cars and compare
Aaron Abely Mar 25, 2013
If I had the means I would honestly have to drive both to choose. The 458 is sharp and aggressive while this is just a beautiful car. Both would be great cars so whichever one i ended up liking more after a drive would be how I'd have to choose.
John Patten Mar 25, 2013
Rather go for the 458 or even a SLS
Edmond Gebara Mar 25, 2013
It's true Ken, but that's not really a great thing. I was lucky enough to drive a friends one here in Dubai. Amazing machine but zero emotion and crap sound. 458 is miles ahead in overall experience (emotion, sound, excitement, etc)
Ken Lee King Siang Mar 24, 2013
They say it's styled by science. I say it's beautiful.
Luke Purdy Mar 24, 2013
458 please..
Rahul Patel Mar 24, 2013
458 for me..
Michael J Solimene Mar 24, 2013
They're both insane cars but ill take a 458 if I had the choice between them..
Jackson Michael Mar 24, 2013
Austin Sullivan Mar 24, 2013
Adam Thomson Mar 24, 2013
Better looking than the 458 IMO
Michael J Solimene Mar 24, 2013
Michael J Solimene Mar 24, 2013
Gray Conron Mar 24, 2013
So beautiful,
Scott Westphall Mar 24, 2013
Love this car.
Adam Thomson Mar 24, 2013
So gorgeous.
Jacob Burford Mar 25, 2013
I think the P1 is stunning looking!
Larry Farkas Mar 24, 2013
Why can't the p1 look half as decent as this