Posted on: Mar 10, 2013
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Chevy Camaro SS by SchwabenFolia

Even the Germans have become fans of American muscle cars.
The Chevrolet Camaro is one of the most beloved and respected automotive nameplates in history. After the horsepower glory days of the 1960s, many people believed that they could never return, prevented by new emissions laws. Along with the latest Mustang and Challenger, that changed when Chevy relaunched its fifth-gen Camaro back in 2009. And now German aftermarket tuning and car wrapping firm SchwabenFolia has turned its attention to the American pony car favorite.

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Starting off with a stock Camaro SS, the firm upgraded its 6.2-liter V8 from 405 horsepower to 525 hp by adding a new Magnuson compressor. It also received a suspension upgrade and new 20-inch five-spoke wheels. However, what's likely the most controversial modification are those new scissor doors. The exterior is finished off with a new Anodized Blue body wrap that's further augmented with white pinstripes along the waistline. The roof, mirrors, hood and rear spoiler have been laminated in a black brushed steel for a better stylistic contrast. Official pricing has yet to be announced.


by Jay Traugott
Chevy Camaro SS by SchwabenFolia

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