Comments - Unearthed: 1992 Bentley Turbo R

Published: Feb 09, 2013
Description: Bentley is an automaker that's been known as a symbol of premium luxury in the purest British sense since it was first founded back in 1919. It's certainly had its share of ups and downs bot...
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Zachary Emick Feb 10, 2013
James Bond drove a Bentley?
Graham Young Feb 10, 2013
Doesn't look cheap to me maybe the rims but that's a beautiful car
Jimmy Janik Feb 10, 2013
That looks so cheap compared to todays bentleys
Vince DeMasi Feb 10, 2013
Is it me or did most cars look the same in the 90s
Phaidon Chrisostalis Feb 10, 2013
In 1987 they changed the front lights and looked better
Phaidon Chrisostalis Feb 10, 2013
In my dad's 1983 bentley muslanne only the paintjob costed 8.000£ .
John Joe Feb 09, 2013
Ya but they are expensive to fix
Ian Ragsdale Feb 09, 2013
If you can't fix one of these yourself, you have no business buying a 21 year old Bentley, but hey, Leno says the Turbo R is a very reliable car.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 09, 2013
Yeah you're right you can pick these up cheap. However when something goes wrong, and it will because it was made in England in the 90s, the repair costs will be ridiculously expensive
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Feb 09, 2013
I've seen an advert where this car is selling for round 4k in uk
Andrew McNeal Feb 09, 2013
It's a Bentley. I'd drive it.
Chris Benson Feb 09, 2013
Horrid. Ugly. Boat.
Ashton Summers Feb 09, 2013
*You're, common how come you let that one pass.
Ashton Summers Feb 09, 2013
@Haoliang, lol your hired.
Drew Humphrey Feb 09, 2013
Now I like that!
Carlos Dorantes Feb 09, 2013
Of I had the money I would buy it...........for my dad!
Haoliang Li Feb 09, 2013
Ashton Summers Feb 09, 2013
I'd roll in one of these. Don't need rims when you're in a Bently... Because your in a Bently.
Jt Collier Feb 09, 2013
well it was the early 90's...
Tyler Wallace Feb 09, 2013
Horrid rims
Graham Young Feb 10, 2013
Very badass
Peter Skorokhodov Feb 09, 2013
it's original engine probably blew up as its new owner was driving home from the dealership
Janak Solanki Feb 09, 2013
Lou Guerrero Feb 09, 2013
Red Bs means V8.
Description: But has this new ownership caused Bentley to deviate away from its roots? A small minority of original purists may say just that but the majority of the industry will certainly state that Bentley is b...
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Ben August Feb 10, 2013
Yea I fail to see how a car made in 1992 is 28 years old, or 30 for that matter. 1992-2002=10 2002-2012=10 2012-2013=1 =21 Oh the model range? Sure that's closer. But this isn't a 1985. It's a 1992. No one advertises a 1985 as a 1992, vice versa.
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Feb 10, 2013
@Zane, pretty sure 21 is closer to 20 Than to 30...
Zane Turner Feb 10, 2013
We are 2 years away from it being 30. Pretty sure 28 is closer to 30 than 20 is.
Ben August Feb 10, 2013
30 years ago? Try 20- lol.
Description: The Turbo R was first launched in 1985 and like any other Bentley, it was a high-performance machine powered by a big V8 engine. It replaced the Mulsanne Turbo as the more performance-oriented model i...
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quill.exum Mar 22, 2014
I am proud to say that I own that very car.
Bill Estep Jr Feb 10, 2013
Always loved the grill
Graham Young Feb 10, 2013
Looks awesome from that view
Dylan Bruder Feb 09, 2013
The rides been ruined from what you've said
Andrew McNeal Feb 09, 2013
Needs to be black or white.
Tobias Mersinger Feb 09, 2013
Drop it, paint it black and put some bigass wheels on it.
Janak Solanki Feb 09, 2013
Love it
Lou Guerrero Feb 09, 2013
It is a cool car. The wheels don't do anything for me though.
Ethan Amo Feb 09, 2013
Man I actually like this alot
Justin Johnson Feb 10, 2013
I'll take this over the Phantom
Description: Bentley needed to attract younger and more affluent buyers. During this time, BMW's M series lineup was heating up, specifically with the M5. Other German brands were also jumping into building l...
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Description: Further engineering tweaks were done to the rear suspension that helped to reduce too much movement while cornering. The Turbo R wasn't on par with the likes of the M5 in terms of overall refinem...
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Haoliang Li Feb 10, 2013
Right...2JZ is better, I guess
Ryan Lopez Feb 10, 2013
3 speed in a 90s bentley doesn't seem right I'm sure it works great but still
Derrick McCarthy Feb 09, 2013
487 daaaamn!
Andrew McNeal Feb 09, 2013
For 1992 those figures aren't bad at all.
Jason Bartlett Feb 09, 2013
My ecoboost f 150 puts down more then that with half the displacement . Wow what 30 years of technology can do .
Stray Kots Feb 09, 2013
478 ft lbs in '92 in a production vehicle isn't too bad really
Lou Guerrero Feb 09, 2013
That engine is ancient but its about delivery. It is a Bentley after all.
Bill Estep Jr Feb 10, 2013
Wonder if these came wit the phone inside
Pablo Herasme Feb 10, 2013
Not bad
Zane Turner Feb 10, 2013
*cough* It's a little something called sarcasm.
John-Michael Cunliffe Feb 10, 2013
You assume that it had that stuff on it when it was made in early nineties ?? Dream on
Alex Renaud Feb 10, 2013
I assume that this thing has Bluetooth, USB, or an iPhone connector.
Adam Thomson Feb 10, 2013
Thats a Nice dash..
Brett Vincent Feb 11, 2013
I would not be that angry if I had long beautiful hair like that Luchador.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Feb 10, 2013
Lol I see the Mexican luchador, es un milagro!
Alex Renaud Feb 10, 2013
@Jason: Yes, I see it. And for the record, that was a very stoner observation to make.
Andrew McNeal Feb 09, 2013
Not meant for laptops originally. You could eat or write there.
Lou Guerrero Feb 09, 2013
Looks like a Mexican luchador hahaha
Jason Bartlett Feb 09, 2013
Can anybody else see the monkey face in that mahogany wood grain lol!
Quinn Conner Feb 09, 2013
This wasnt used for laptops. Laptops came about around the early 90's the same as this car. More then likely that tray was used for eating, writing etc... Just like a desk.
Drew Humphrey Feb 09, 2013
You could write with this thing called a pen.
Logan Delony Feb 09, 2013
Did computers actually fit on that back then?
Description: In 1995, an upgraded Turbo R was launched with changes made to the fuel injection system and some exterior design updates. However, Bentley dropped the model in 1998 when it was replaced by the even s...
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Bill Estep Jr Feb 10, 2013
Huh thought it would be more
Andrew McNeal Feb 09, 2013
$23,500 is a bauce price for a Bentley. Wonder what it cost in '92?
Gabriel Scott Feb 09, 2013
Yeah, good price, but you'd get raped with the maintenance costs
Lou Guerrero Feb 09, 2013
Maintenance owns.
Matthew Crighton Feb 09, 2013
Not bad.
Rohil Chauhan Feb 10, 2013
Looks like its big enough to carry a dead body. Nice.