Comments - One-off Alvis up for Auction

Published: Feb 09, 2013
Description: This 1967 Alvis Burns Special is the only one of its kind and will soon be offered alongside an array of classics, race and competition cars by Silverstone Auctions. It's fascinating history behi...
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Ryan Lopez Feb 10, 2013
66 sounds right
Dylan Bruder Feb 09, 2013
327 I do believe
Mike Renaut Feb 10, 2013
Notice Carbuzz tends to exaggerate things - my guess is they rely too heavily on press releases rather than knowledge and research.
Ian Barger Feb 10, 2013
This isnt a corniche copy its a cloud copy.
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Feb 09, 2013
This is basically the Rolls Royce Corniche with slight body work changes. Carbuzz is over exaggerating with the huge body work changes. Yeah a few things are changed but not a lot
Howard Ding Feb 09, 2013
Did they base this on a Rolls Royce?
Jordan Nishida Feb 09, 2013
I mean rolls royce.
Jordan Nishida Feb 09, 2013
Reminds me of the old 60's Roy's Royce
Ian Barger Feb 09, 2013
Well more like from the early sixties.
Ian Barger Feb 09, 2013
I looks alot like a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud from the 50's.
Description: Both the front and rear wings were replaced with elongated aluminium items, and horizontally-paired headlights were fitted along with wraparound bumpers. The interior was the retrimmed in white leathe...
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Description: "Classic cars don't come much rarer than this so it's a privilege for Silverstone Auctions to offer it for sale at the Race Retro and Classic Car Sale," said auction house Managing...
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Arthur Erlend Harvey Feb 11, 2013
Yeah, the way the collector market's been combined with its 'provenance', I think it will bring more.
Ryan Lopez Feb 10, 2013
Yeah true
Wayne Joseph Borean Feb 09, 2013
Wow. That's super cheap for a one-off.
Ada Onwukaike Feb 10, 2013
I had this
Howard Ding Feb 09, 2013
Rolls Royce it is.
Gray Conron Feb 09, 2013
Looks like the product of an old DB5 and a rolls royce
Jackson Michael Feb 09, 2013
Oh my that is amazing
Jordan Nishida Feb 09, 2013
Austin Sullivan Feb 09, 2013
This is beautiful
Kwasi Prempeh Feb 09, 2013
Bristol, Aston and Rolls! Beautiful.
Ryan Lopez Feb 10, 2013
Dude it's a chevy and most likely a 327 dime a dozen
Ashton Summers Feb 09, 2013
That must be the 5 3/4 V8.
Jordan Nishida Feb 09, 2013
Nice interior
Jt Collier Feb 09, 2013
thats stunning
Clinton Burger Feb 09, 2013
Brett I was thinking the exact same thing
Brett Vincent Feb 09, 2013
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Austin Whitener Feb 09, 2013
V8 emblem from a 54 ford truck ???