Comments - Mr Bean's Mangled F1 Cost £1m to Repair

Published: Feb 09, 2013
Description: It's been eighteen months since British comic Rowan Atkinson totaled his McLaren F1 for the second time. Having spun off a slippery highway back in 2011, the 240 mph supercar hit a tree and burst...
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Jake Dula Feb 11, 2013
What an idiot. Totaled twice? Take it away from him and stick him in a Prius for life.
Jason Ortiz Feb 11, 2013
So apparently he can't drive
Raymond Reynoso Feb 10, 2013
Forget it. If he can afford the repairs to his car. He can total it a couple of more times.
Jackson Michael Feb 10, 2013
What do you mean "like that." A car like that in the rain, just a little too much pressure could send it out of control.
Patrick Schalk Feb 10, 2013
The dumbass doesn't need to drive like that in the rain though. I'm glad he's driving it but damn. That's just dumb.
Peter Skorokhodov Feb 09, 2013
it's logical that the more you drive a car, the more chance you have of crashing it. maybe bean drives it every day? as opposed to someone else who might only drive it once a week
Kyle Kloewer Feb 09, 2013
Well at lest he's actually driving his £1M car whatever it costs
Ashton Summers Feb 09, 2013
Who else can say they totaled their MC F1 twice?
Alex Shank Feb 09, 2013
@ Aj sarcasm.
Aj White Feb 09, 2013
@Alex No he shouldn't. He does race cars ya know. He just needs to know when he's on the track and on the street.
A.J. Brady Feb 09, 2013
But the fact that he is actually drive this beauty machine is awesome. And driving it fast enough to total it twice and send the engine flying over 60 feet away. Now he just needs to learn to control himself so he can control his car.
Alex Shank Feb 09, 2013
Just a thought, but maybe he should go with something a little less extreme. He's totaled it twice for crying out loud. Stick to your mini, Bean. I know you can handle that.
Austin Bride Feb 09, 2013
Wait second time? He's crashes it before?
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Feb 09, 2013
Rowan Atkinson is actually a pretty good driver.
Kyle Malcomson Feb 09, 2013
It does 240mph totalling it would be easy.
Jason Brown Feb 09, 2013
A high powered sports car can easily hydroplane if you aren't careful.
Sam Reinsel Feb 09, 2013
It said how, he lost traction in the rain.
Andrew Semak Feb 09, 2013
How can you total an F1?
James Buster Feb 10, 2013
Damn it mr bean your stupid like in all your movies for crashing that
Ashton Summers Feb 09, 2013
Going with a new style of "frozen paint" that didn't work too well.
Xavier McDaniel Feb 09, 2013
Bad camera or bad paint job?
Wyatt Gordon Feb 09, 2013
Austin... I think because its been on fire
Nick Schnee Feb 09, 2013
One of the best YouTube videos of all time! XD I got Bronchitis!
David Guerrero Feb 09, 2013
David Guerrero Feb 09, 2013
@issac... Ain't nobody got time for tgat
Austin Bride Feb 09, 2013
Why does the paint look like that?
Mohamed Alhasan Feb 09, 2013
Guy has good taste in cars
Taylor Garry Feb 09, 2013
Dammit bean!
Michael J Solimene Feb 09, 2013
Isaac Taylor Feb 09, 2013
Oh Lordy it's a FIRE!
Ryan Lopez Feb 09, 2013
Wasn't this car on top gear
Ryan Lopez Feb 09, 2013
Wow that's a fire
Description: McLaren specialists in Woking have spent the best part of a year rebuilding the F1 and Atkinson's insurers now have to honor the payment. Bought in 1997 for £634,500, the F1 has soared in va...
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Joshua Maghiar Feb 11, 2013
Easy there fellows.... There's no reason to hate on Atkinson. He drives that thing. His F1 has over 47k miles on it and he plans to take it to 100k. There's no reason to keep these garaged especially if the insurance will pay for the repairs and McLaren will make the car basically new. The Sultan of Brunei owns 8 F1s and hardly any of them have been seen in public in the past 10 years.
Raymond Reynoso Feb 10, 2013
They're not dropping him from his plan that guy has a lot of cars to keep paying for.
Nevzat Erboy Feb 09, 2013
Aaron, it will be £38k a year
Will Will Feb 09, 2013
I think the insurance company won't even want to insure him any more, lest he makes them lose even more money.
Aaron Crisp Feb 09, 2013
How much do you guys imagine he's paying for insurance now?
John Koci Feb 09, 2013
Based on the numbers above, I wonder where the value of this car will end up. On one hand it's been totaled but on the other hand has a factory rebuild/restoration and some history.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Feb 09, 2013
It's meant to be driven hard and I give him props for that, sometimes you wreck sometimes you don't. It's all good as long as you have the money for that
Gabriel Scott Feb 09, 2013
Fuck the system!
Kyle Malcomson Feb 09, 2013
At least he is driving it hard
Jonathan Bowen Feb 09, 2013
Really glad he's repairing it instead of scrapping it!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 09, 2013
I agree Ben
Ben Knorr Feb 09, 2013
nice to see an insurance company getting screwed for once.
Hektor Yberg Feb 09, 2013
He should just drive he's mini...
Ryan Lopez Feb 09, 2013
Yeah seriously damn man
Aaron Sparks Feb 09, 2013
Wow Andrew. You mad bro?
Oscar Galvan Feb 09, 2013
That escalated quickly
Andrew McNeal Feb 09, 2013
He can suck a fucking dick.
Sam Oglesby Feb 09, 2013
Has soared in vale I think u mean value a proof read would be useful
Ed Ashby Feb 10, 2013
I hope he took the opportunity to change the colour. Whenever I see his F1 in the press I always think it's a shame to have the best car ever made in old man disgusting burgundy, fit for an old nissan primaera. Is probably only worth 4k that colour
Jacob Burford Feb 09, 2013
I would also like to mention he was at the top of the top gear celebrity lap board for a while and he has done racing before! He can probably drive better than most of us!
Jacob Burford Feb 09, 2013
I mean Rowan
Jacob Burford Feb 09, 2013
I give my props to Rowen! He is a car fan just as we are, and decides to drive this car out of driving passion! He really loves his cars!
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 09, 2013
I don't think he sucks at driving.. Were all human so we naturally make mistakes, and we learn from them...... And I'm sick of seeing on every crashed car on here someone says " that'l buff out" it was kinda funny at first but now it's just dumb
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Feb 09, 2013
It's actually a good story to his losses. He said that these cars are well worth for what they are. He said he drives it nearly every day and has racked up reasonable miles on it. He doesn't like the car collectors that store vehicles for years without seeing the outside work. Bean has knowledge with his cars. I'd go with him as storing this car all day, every day will just be a waste of car
Sean Gillespie Feb 09, 2013
Wow, there are a lot of optimist on the thread. I looked at this and thought "what a waste. He sucks at driving"
Ashton Summers Feb 09, 2013
Agreed, can't take it with you when you die. Might as well enjoy it. If shit happens, then shit happens. Besides its just money, the American government will just print more it you need it.
Colby Church Feb 09, 2013
Yes, it's a nice car, it sucks to see it in such bad shape, but at the end of the day, nothing lasts forever and he is obviously out enjoying this car. Makes total sense. And even the best drivers make mistakes. We're human, we miscalculate.
Daniel Eads Feb 09, 2013
If I every get rich I'm going to buy two F1s and blow one up, just to make people mad.
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Feb 09, 2013
This is pain.
Xavier McDaniel Feb 09, 2013
I just want to see his reaction.
Jacob Viiper McCord Feb 09, 2013
Ashton Summers Feb 09, 2013
Ouch, major ouch!
Will Will Feb 09, 2013
And @ nXs, can't you get over girls?
Will Will Feb 09, 2013
This if course means that he is free of guilt and should not be blamed or faulted. But maybe, he should switch to a mclaren p1. More electronic aids(with traction control, of course) and thus easier to handle. And I'm sure he has the cash for it.
Will Will Feb 09, 2013
Anyway, the insurance company has delivered the final verdict that they would pay for the reapirs. This means that he didn't do anything reckless/foolish like speeding or drink driving, or else the insurance company would not pay for the damage.
Will Will Feb 09, 2013
Are proportionate to number of years on the road, but anyone with at least a decade of experience driving day in day out in a supercar would at least know how to handle it properly, it's not like a young driver took it out fir a spin and crashed.
Will Will Feb 09, 2013
Do any of you realise that he has been driving the F1 for more than a decade before he crashed? Then, surely, in the decade that he has been driving that car, he would have come across a crash or two? And besides, i'm nit saying that driving skills
Alex Shank Feb 09, 2013
Maybe go with the MP4-12C. Might have a better chance at controlling the car. I mean its the second time he's crashed it. Third times the charm.
Austin Bride Feb 09, 2013
I like how crashing a car regardless of circumstances makes you a "bad driver" on car buzz.
Aaron Crisp Feb 09, 2013
Some of you guys are retarded. It's a car, it's meant to be driven! Glad it's not a garage queen.
David Gray Feb 09, 2013
Exactly Logan
Logan LeMonnier Feb 09, 2013
Why all the anger? Most people who crash super cars are rich kids or someone who barely knows how to drive them. Atkinson actually loves cars and knows how to drive. The car was his baby he wasn't fooling around it was an accident
David Gray Feb 09, 2013
The cars fixed now so what's the problem? He drove it, had an accident, it got fixed. Have you ever had an accident? Did people wish your death? People post pics up n laugh at you? If you did it probably wasn't a McLaren that you smashed so pipe down
Semuel Maysonet Feb 09, 2013
That will buff out.
Paul Pickard Feb 09, 2013
David I know him as mr bean. I never said anything about other things he's done. So how am I ignorant. Look what he did to this car because that's what I'm talking about. Way to make it personal.
Ethan Amo Feb 09, 2013
Andrew McNeil, your retarded
Jason Brown Feb 09, 2013
In the rain without traction control. That's real driving. I took a Benz C63 AMG on a track before and tried without traction control on a clear dry road, was fish tailing like crazy. I can't imagine how difficult it would be with a more powerful car
Dave Rain Feb 09, 2013
Jeez dude, lol
Jackson Michael Feb 09, 2013
He can crash all he wants as long as he fixes it afterwards
David Gray Feb 09, 2013
That just makes you sound even more jealous n stupid. N he did more than Mr. Bean just for your information, not like I wanna show you up as ignorant or anything.....
Paul Pickard Feb 09, 2013
Jealousy? Damn right I am. This jack ass has had the privilege to drive let alone crash an F1 twice. Anyone with enough money can go be a weekend racer. Doesn't make you a pro. I'd hate on anyone that just wrecked this car. Especially Mr.Bean!
Andrew Semak Feb 09, 2013
That's the advantage of carbon fiber.
John Koci Feb 09, 2013
So Andrew I take it you're a big Mr Bean fan?
Ryan Lopez Feb 09, 2013
At b Paul he races in vintage muscle cars and the car has 800hp with early 90s tech seems like a bitch to drive
David Gray Feb 09, 2013
Any of you haters driven a McLaren F1? Experienced 640bhp without traction control through the rear wheels? Fucking jealousy.
Paul Pickard Feb 09, 2013
How can you say he's a good driver when this is the second time the moron has wrecked it?
Andrew McNeal Feb 09, 2013
What a faggot apparently he can't drive for shit.
Andrew McNeal Feb 09, 2013
Dude is fucking retarded he needs to be shot.
Sean Wallace Feb 09, 2013
The first funny thing he's ever done.
Anthony Dillon Feb 09, 2013
It's his car he can do what he wants with it - who are you to say otherwise?!?
Jesse Williams Feb 09, 2013
I agree with Tyler, he should take better care of it instead of wrecking every 4 months. That's ridiculous. Before, you know it, the car probably won't be any good.
Gary Dunphy Feb 09, 2013
Fair play to him, he drives his super car regularly on the road and not leaving it garaged, only to be brought out once a year and only if the weather conditions are perfect.
David Gray Feb 09, 2013
.....tyler, you would've died.
David Gray Feb 09, 2013
He doesn't deserve something like this if he can't take halfway decent care of it. I think that's what is meant. Rowan Atkinson is in fact a very good driver, n if that's the damage that was done you can be sure that if you were driving.....
Jake Dula Feb 09, 2013
Is it just me, or is Tyler's comment complete nonsense? I can't understand what he's on about.
Tyler Robertson Feb 09, 2013
He does not deserve something like this if he cannot take halfway decent car of it. Stupid terd
Bader Al Ajeel Feb 09, 2013
Why cant mr.bean crashes his old mini
Luke Purdy Feb 09, 2013
Such a painful sight
Raymond Reynoso Feb 10, 2013
Honestly if I had millions, I'd buy whatever car I wanted and if I wrecked it its no ones business. People here are mad because he wrecked a car that he paid for with HIS money. Next time talk crap when you buy him an F1
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 10, 2013
Mr bean go home your drunk
Ed Ashby Feb 10, 2013
Rowan Atkinson is a dude. Read or watch an article with or by him and you'll realise that too, children. Far more charisma (and talent) than the fat chat show host. Not his best days driving however.
Tom Wilson Feb 09, 2013
Wish I had one to wreck
James Heischman Feb 09, 2013
Just watch his interview on top gear. He races cars and appreciates them.
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 09, 2013
@paul. "He transforms into Mr. Bean when he gets behind the wheel of amazing cars" Haha made me laugh really hard. Good stuff.
Edmond Gebara Feb 09, 2013
God punished him for getting that ugly ass color
Alex Shank Feb 09, 2013
Yea. Drive it! Drive it right into scrap metal! Drive up the price for the other F1's.
Aaron Crisp Feb 09, 2013
@Andrew Did you really just wish a guy eternal damnation for crashing a car? (Which is being fully repaired) Excuse my language but you sound like such a cock, grow up dude. Fucking child.
Malachi Monteiro Feb 09, 2013
@Lou, same for the car, it'll drive another day too!
Lou Guerrero Feb 09, 2013
Man, looks like it was violent. At least he lives to drive another day.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Feb 09, 2013
Because of guys like Mr. Bean is the reason companies make cars like the F1. If there weren't any true car guys with money like him, none of the cars you guys love would exist.
Ethan Amo Feb 09, 2013
Andrew McNeal, once again, your retarded...everyone has car accidents no matter what you what makes him any different?
Paul Dickey Feb 09, 2013
Nobody wants to suck his dick people on here are saying they wish he died or needs to be shot. Are you serious? Grow the fuck up. Can't believe people talk like that and think it ok. It's sad really.
Taylor Garry Feb 09, 2013
Ok im a little confused why all you guys are wanting to suck his dick.
James Salaba Feb 09, 2013
The comment bellow is only for haters!
James Salaba Feb 09, 2013
All for you haters and jealous fucks go n shite! He's done more then you ever will!
Zeus Mocha Feb 09, 2013
Exactly he's a good actor. Bought a car he liked with the money he made. Had an accident. I highly doubt he did it in purpose.
Oleg Odessit Feb 09, 2013
Dennis and Steven you guys both 100% right. I dnt think he is a bad driver at least he drives it and not wiping dust of it
Dennis Choong Feb 09, 2013
It's his car... as long he doesn't hurt anybody else with it, he can do whatever he wants
Steven Nevets Feb 09, 2013
I agree with David. You guys sound like twelve year olds. I guarantee every one of you will get in a car accident one day. Grow up...
David Gray Feb 09, 2013
All you hating on this guy are twats. Don't know what your fuckin talking about. This guy drives this car in all weather. 641bhp n no traction control, you try it. Jealous fucks
Paul Pickard Feb 09, 2013
He's wealthy so he gets to be a gear head but he got that way acting like an idiot. He transforms into mr.Bean when he gets behind the wheel of amazing cars.
Colin Selby Feb 09, 2013
Andrew, what's up knob jockey?
Andrew McNeal Feb 09, 2013
I agree, dude needs to die instead of wrecking cars like this. I hope he rots in hell.
David Gray Feb 09, 2013
Tyler is a bit jealous I think. Arsehole comments all over this article. Has Rowan done something to u personally bellend?
James Campbell Feb 09, 2013
@Tyler now that's just a dick thing to say
Tyler Robertson Feb 09, 2013
It's a shame it didn't take him with it