Posted on: Feb 09, 2013
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Mr Bean's Mangled F1 Cost £1m to Repair

McLaren has spent a year recovering the comic’s F1, and now the insurance company is faced with a £910,000 bill.
It's been eighteen months since British comic Rowan Atkinson totaled his McLaren F1 for the second time. Having spun off a slippery highway back in 2011, the 240 mph supercar hit a tree and burst into flames. Thankfully, the Mr. Bean star was spared serious injury thanks to McLaren's carbon-fiber tub, and it seems he has also been spared what could have been an equally painful £910,000 repair bill. After the accident, the F1 was left with its 6.1-liter V12 20 meters from the wreck and the back of the car was almost completely destroyed.

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McLaren specialists in Woking have spent the best part of a year rebuilding the F1 and Atkinson's insurers now have to honor the payment. Bought in 1997 for £634,500, the F1 has soared in vale in ensuing years, with a model recently being sold for £3.4million, which made it the most expensive modern supercar ever sold. Buying a replacement of one of the 64 F1 models built was clearly not an option for the insurance company, who will doubtless be increasing Atkinson's insurance considerably to claw back some of their outlay.

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by Adam Lynton
Mr Bean's Mangled F1 Cost £1m to Repair
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