Comments - Kia Forte Five-Door Debuts in Chicago

Published: Feb 09, 2013
Description: Kia has followed up its all-new Forte sedan with the unveiling of the five-door hatchback variant at the Chicago Auto Show. Unlike the current Forte five-door, the styling of the two models is very di...
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Joshua Rutkowski Jun 11, 2013
Prius much?
Jose Fernando Vega Feb 10, 2013
Cool design Korean car whit European look. I liked.
Ahmed Barrasali Feb 10, 2013
Perfect for ladies.
Sam Harris Feb 09, 2013
I really like this design.
Ash Tengshe Feb 09, 2013
Get this Designer over to BMW ASAP. Everything there except the 6 and 4 series is headed the wrong direction.
Nick Sti Feb 09, 2013
Great looking hot hatch IMO
Description: The SX is further distinguished from the base model by a unique front fascia, dual chrome exhaust, LED taillights and 18-inch alloys. Compared to the sedan, the 2014 Kia Forte five-door has a far smal...
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Thai-Chau Ha Feb 09, 2013
Looking above average in its class styling wise. Better than Huyndai hot hatch with exotic colors. No !
Terrance Parker Feb 09, 2013
Looks good I just wonder how it drives.
Ahmed Barrasali Feb 11, 2013
I Like the original design of Mazda 3
Jack Howard Feb 09, 2013
That shifter looks ancient
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 09, 2013
Matt Piccolo Feb 09, 2013
I was expecting way better, 2012 looks better IMHO. And what is with the little half circles on the passenger side dash?
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 09, 2013
Plastic. How else you keep your cost low to remain competitive right? Consumers know this.
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 09, 2013
CB fan can be harsh. This plastic interior cannot fool people. There is a Huyndai hot hatch. Hopefully they still go for the warranty of 100k. Other brands catching on and offering longer warranty also. Good luck Kia.