Comments - Golf R Cabrio Details Revealed

Published: Feb 09, 2013
Description: Last December Volkswagen revealed its new Golf R Cabrio in a video, showing it in its last stages of development. But today VW has rolled out the real deal. This drop-to Golf is the fastest-ever produ...
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Gabriel Scott Feb 11, 2013
What happened to AWD?!?! :(
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Feb 09, 2013
FYI an NC MX5 can also hit 60 mph in 6.5 and handles much better as a result of its rwd. I'm not saying it is the best car in the world but the interior and build quality on this is not great and the Miata is better across the board for 21k...
Steve Hodgins Feb 09, 2013
Hard top Golf R is awd, but the Sirocco R is fwd. so this soft top Golf R could be fwd to save weight
Sam Oglesby Feb 09, 2013
Oh and the gilt was front wheel drive the golf r32 was awd
Sam Oglesby Feb 09, 2013
Drop to"p" for proof read
Frankie Ferreira Feb 09, 2013
Pretty sure golf r is awd
Andrew Potter Feb 10, 2013
The GTI was never intended as a cabriolet, moreover it cannot carry the same hot hatch feel. Why don't they just create one with a moonroof or similar
Adam Thomson Feb 10, 2013
Adam Thomson Feb 10, 2013
The Hatck is better but i like this
Jacob Burford Feb 10, 2013
I'd personally stick with the hatch of course(better in every way) but still nice!
Carlton Green Feb 09, 2013
Doesnt this count as a GTI with all that HP?
Cindy Ngo Feb 09, 2013
There should be a GTI Cabrio
Cindy Ngo Feb 09, 2013
Golf R Cabrio?
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 09, 2013
I can see the flex from the no roof already
Braxton Omgbased Booker Feb 09, 2013
Tyler Ray DeFord Feb 09, 2013
I never got the point of the Golf Convertible. It ruins the hatchback part of the hot hatchback.
Raihana Cachalia Feb 09, 2013
Very nice car :-)
Malachi Monteiro Feb 09, 2013
About time VW, very nice.
Carlos Dorantes Feb 09, 2013
Nice! Very nice!!!
Description: Some design exterior design cues that separate it from the base Golf Cabrio include a bespoke front bumper with a gloss-black grille, LED daytime running lights, bi-xenon headlights, gloss-black door ...
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Toby Kessler Feb 20, 2013
Annnd, of course it won't come stateside. Shocker.
Cindy Ngo Feb 09, 2013
More like the EOS
Jacob Burford Feb 10, 2013
@Jakub Agree VW interiors are very high quality and I like how clean looking they all are!
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Feb 09, 2013
This looks like something from 1997. I love Audi interiors but when you strip them down like this they are horrible. Time to join the 21st century
Jakub Migalski Feb 09, 2013
Love it
Jakub Migalski Feb 09, 2013
VW has got to have the best interiors for its class.
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 09, 2013
Like the perforated leather wheel.