Comments - Superman Optima Flies into Chicago

Published: Feb 08, 2013
Description: Kia and DC Entertainment teamed up a while back to build a series of vehicles inspired by some of the most popular superheroes in an effort to raise awareness for DC's "We Can Be Heroes"...
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Troy Kessler Feb 08, 2013
It's a promotional vehicle for a good cause .. To raise awareness about world hunger Agree I wouldn't drive it but that's not the point
Victor Pitts Feb 08, 2013
Justin Johnson Feb 08, 2013
Why does Superman need a car?
Max Dell Feb 08, 2013
The Korean superman car? This is bullshit
James Salaba Feb 09, 2013
It is quiet nice but as I stated before remove that Kia badge and put s into grill!
Dayan Fernandez Batista Feb 09, 2013
Chris Benson; yes I have few neurons, mostly of them where taken while I was learning Spanish, French and some Italian. Now you, how much do you use your brain?
Chris Benson Feb 08, 2013
Wow. Pretty rude way to call someone brainless. By you're lack of grammar you must be a few cells short yourself.
Dayan Fernandez Batista Feb 08, 2013
Superman must drive. But you all crap, brainless people, WTF is wrong with you ? Can you shut the f** and start by reading the article first ?! Go f** your selves, you ain't driving a Merc BMW or Audi around to say which car is better looking .
Dayan Fernandez Batista Feb 08, 2013
There's to many cars designers here! Did someone of you actually read the article about those "super car" . This is to raise money for hunger stop programs in Africa. This is made for kids, for entertainment. Like letting a kid bring what he thinks..
Gray Conron Feb 08, 2013
Batman: Lambo Aventador Superman: Kia Optima
Chad Romo Feb 08, 2013
Fast and furious 7?
Danyaal Farooq Feb 08, 2013
@ashton that's hilarious '
Tyler Tarbox Feb 08, 2013
Hey at least it's an exciting car now instead of a boring old Kia
Tj Marten Feb 08, 2013
@taylor exactly lol
Isaac Taylor Feb 08, 2013
Way to diss superman
Justin Johnson Feb 08, 2013
Why does Superman need a car?
Dan Bousquet Feb 08, 2013
if this had a turbo'd v6, 2 fewer doors and was decked out in that batman paint job they did, i would be in love.
Ashton Summers Feb 08, 2013
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... What the Hell.
Taylor Garry Feb 08, 2013
Because its better than ruining a nice car
Adam Thomson Feb 08, 2013
Why use a Kia?
Justin McLeod Feb 08, 2013
It's not THAT bad. IMO the reason it looks crappy is because red&blue have never complimented each other well, especially not on cars. I know their superman's colors & all, but if this car was say blue&white instead, it would prolly look much better.
Gray Conron Feb 08, 2013
It looks so gay!!!! I can see it as a bday cake topper for a 5 year old!!!
Adam Thomson Feb 08, 2013
It looks overkilled!! Poor Optima...
Pablo Herasme Feb 08, 2013
It looks like too much, but its done tastfuly
Chris Friend Feb 08, 2013
I love Hyundai/Kia...but god no
Description: The exterior color scheme is unmistakably Superman-esque and the car has also been given a more muscular appearance via custom fenders and an adjustable suspension system. Look closely enough and you ...
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Ashton Summers Feb 08, 2013
Is it as fast a speeding bullet?
James Salaba Feb 09, 2013
Remove the Kia badge from that bumper and put s in the grill then it would be complete!
Jordan Smith Feb 08, 2013
Or you could just Turn the phone.
Nick Sti Feb 08, 2013
Neck is broken after this photo
Bill Estep Jr Feb 09, 2013
Should have a "S" in the grill there
James Salaba Feb 09, 2013
It doesn't look rice at all! It looks far better then 3 or 5 series BMW sedan!
Bill Estep Jr Feb 09, 2013
Isn't red underglow kind of illegal
Anthony Richardson Feb 08, 2013
Ehh You see this stuff all the time in Dallas with crown vics.
David Guerrero Feb 08, 2013
Hahaha, Ashton
Ashton Summers Feb 08, 2013
Looks like this car is a over a decade too late of being in "The Fast and the Furious."
Andre Vu Feb 08, 2013
Too much happening
Drew Humphrey Feb 08, 2013
Maybe give it some decent alloys and a nice white paint then it would look good
Tony Flaherty Feb 10, 2013
Looks like a pimp my ride car. Keep waiting for mad mike and xzibit to pop out from some where ha.
James Salaba Feb 09, 2013
They could have made better seats!
Dale Schroeder Feb 09, 2013
Those seats look like they're made out of Nerf footballs.
Vlad Lukyan Feb 08, 2013
Looks retarded
Ashton Summers Feb 08, 2013
Would rather sit in kryptonite.