Comments - Next Mercedes S-Class Caught Testing

Published: Feb 08, 2013
Description: The next-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been caught doing some cold weather testing just weeks prior to its expected unveiling. Set to debut at next month's Geneva Motor Show, the new S-Cla...
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Scuttle Buttocks Feb 09, 2013
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 09, 2013
Best sedan under 150k
Mark Fei Ling Feb 08, 2013
King of the luxury sedan!
Clinton Burger Feb 09, 2013
AMG models, sedans in particular, tend to depreciate fairly quick due to the high up keep
Shaun Conroy Feb 09, 2013
It does look a lot like the current S-Class, but that isn't a bad thing.
Dylan Bruder Feb 08, 2013
Where u finding that ashton?!?!
Colby Church Feb 08, 2013
Boring, looks too similar.
Ashton Summers Feb 08, 2013
You can get an S65 for pretty cheap.
Drew Humphrey Feb 08, 2013
My dream car is a Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG. They are simply perfect.
Justin Johnson Feb 08, 2013
PUR Pimp
Bala Uncc Feb 08, 2013
The king
Description: Because of this, future competitors will also include the likes of the Rolls-Royce Ghost and Bentley Flying Spur. The S-Class coupe variant will feature more aggressive styling as it takes aim squarel...
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Will Will Feb 08, 2013
It will never win the ghost, not while i'm alive.
Austin Whitener Feb 08, 2013
The v12 is way more smoother on power to touqe ratio
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 08, 2013
So the new s class looks the same just with smaller engines
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 08, 2013
The V8 is turbocharged..the sl600's v12 isn't.
Luke Purdy Feb 08, 2013
@leroy why can't it? It's not that hard to get a lot of power from a v8.
Thibault Leroy Feb 08, 2013
How does a 5.5-liter V12 have less HP than a 5.5-liter V8?
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 08, 2013
There better be a v12 s600 and s65 too
Justin Johnson Feb 08, 2013
Mark Fei Ling Feb 08, 2013
Yeah, current one is so awesome even after 8 years! Can't wait to see how Mercedes raising the bar of luxury sedan!
Tyler Tarbox Feb 08, 2013
This is going to be awesome. My neighbor has the current S600 and it's stunning to look at and hear the V12 bellow.
Miko Reginella Feb 08, 2013
Looks like E-Class I'm not interested
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 08, 2013
I'm hoping this is the short wheelbase one.
Ben Taylor Feb 09, 2013
Ya Besttie bala
Justin Johnson Feb 08, 2013
Love it
Bala Uncc Feb 08, 2013
It's going to be cool
Ashton Summers Feb 08, 2013
See some CLS in the C-pillar and rear window.