Comments - Cross GT Concept Unveiled in Chicago

Published: Feb 08, 2013
Description: Following a set of leaked online images, Kia's new Cross GT Concept has been revealed at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show giving the Korean automaker's biggest hint yet that it plans to make a lar...
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Facundo Planas Martinelli Feb 09, 2013
They did stole looks, the front is a Evoque-like design....
Ben Hislop Feb 08, 2013
Mustafa Alshekhly Feb 08, 2013
I hate kia no matter what they make Btw what about those ugly side mirrors
David Parenti Feb 08, 2013
The front bumper and the fenders are all one piece? No separation. Thai, yeah lol looks squinty
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 08, 2013
The head light remind me of Stevie Wonder. Blinded!
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 08, 2013
Yeah stole the grill from CLA. Not being serious.
Adam Thomson Feb 08, 2013
People dont like Kia or Any other south korean car maker because they "steal" looks. But i dont see Any looks from other cars on this one.
Gray Conron Feb 08, 2013
It has a butt chin haha
Matt Piccolo Feb 08, 2013
Matt Piccolo Feb 08, 2013
The front Is nice, but it looks like a bad
Scott Lenahan Feb 08, 2013
Everybody is gonna hate it because it's Kia. But this front of the design looks fantastic in my opinion...
Description: Being wider, but 41mm shorter affords it a low roofline that's become a common feature of modern crossovers. Kia's California-based designers penned the Cross GT's design, having previo...
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Frankie Ferreira Feb 08, 2013
Kia amg
Description: The cabin itself feels light and spacious thanks to the multi-paneled skylight and hexagonal glass inserts. Environmentally-friendly materials also feature, with the American walnut on the instrument ...
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Talal Al Shaeg Feb 09, 2013
My city
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 08, 2013
Bought one for dad. A lower model v4 to save gas. The only thing nice about this is the engine warranty. Hoping it would break down so I can return for a newer model but it is not happening.
Description: "The debut of the GT in 2011 heralded a new frontier for Kia, both from a design and a business perspective. It beautifully illustrated to the world that the brand was ready to explore the possi...
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Austin Joseph Gillentine Feb 09, 2013
So I was at the Chicago auto show today. And I saw this concept. One of the windows had a giant crack in it! Shows that Kia cares about it's cars....
David Jefferis Feb 08, 2013
At least the designer mode for oversized poached-egg headlamp housings seems to be coming to an end - these are slim and neat.
Alex Bouckley Feb 09, 2013
It looks really pong
William Downs Feb 08, 2013
Wow aren't u smart, did the giant badge give that away or did the article
Nathan Lo Feb 08, 2013
It's a Kia.....
Adam Thomson Feb 08, 2013
They should have worked more on the Back though
Matt Piccolo Feb 08, 2013
Yea it's too square
William Downs Feb 08, 2013
Agree not liking the back, the front isn't bad at all to me
Roger Guilemany Mortimer Feb 08, 2013
Don't like the back.
Nathan Lo Feb 08, 2013
Lol that's actually exactly what it looks like David
David Bradley Feb 08, 2013
Back end looks like a robots face staring at you
Gray Conron Feb 08, 2013
No comment
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 08, 2013
Reffered to the Kia Sorrento which this is based off. Shit load of Sorentto in my town.
Ashton Summers Feb 08, 2013
Wonder what would happen if the actual interior looked as it does in the concept?
Ryan Sansossio Feb 08, 2013
They from the future
William Downs Feb 08, 2013
How are they driving around a vehicle thats not even in production
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 08, 2013
I do care about this model because so many of people drive this Kia around town in Florida. Kia dealer claimed that Audi designed and sold their unused interior design to Kia. Thus the square a/c and good looks of Audi.
William Downs Feb 08, 2013
That's a very nice gauge cluster, and the dash looks nice too
Jack Elliott Feb 28, 2013
Love the new work they designed, all cars should look like this
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 08, 2013
The roof wtf.
Adam Thomson Feb 08, 2013
I like how they made the Interior.