Comments - Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Premieres in Chicago

Published: Feb 08, 2013
Description: For those looking to get plenty of MPG out of their cars but aren't wild about buying a hybrid, clean-burning diesel models provide a solid alternative. Thing is, there aren't many available...
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Dale Schroeder Feb 11, 2013
I do hope this catches on. It's about time people in America got over the old stigma of diesel cars from the '70s and realize that the technology has improved massively since then.
Aaron Crisp Feb 09, 2013
Wooh! I love it. I hope it catches on.
Anton Zhukov Feb 09, 2013
Hooray for diesel.
Earick Smith Feb 09, 2013
Tons of torque and horsepower comparable to a gasoline engine with better fuel mileage, u can't beat that, Chevy better make this thing! Little diesels r great, I had a diesel VW Beetle and loved it!
Austin Bride Feb 09, 2013
Slow clap for Chevy. Love that they are finally offering diesel to America!
Dylan Bruder Feb 08, 2013
I'd love one of these
Ashton Summers Feb 08, 2013
Same power as the gasser but crap load of torque. Why would you buy the gas version?
Donald Chip Schofield Feb 08, 2013
Lots of torque
Tracy Keiser Dron Feb 08, 2013
yes!!! finally.... I think small diesel cars will catch on in USA.... about time!!!!
Brian Howard Feb 09, 2013
Chevy needs to lose the double grille
Description: It's mated exclusively to a six-speed automatic slushbox and GM is claiming the Cruze diesel will go from 0-60 mph in 8.6 seconds and will return a best-in-class 42 mph. Set to go on sale this su...
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James Donnelly Jun 24, 2013
Reason being is us gallon is 3.785 liters and the uk gallon or imperial gallon is 4.47 so 50mpg there is 41 mpg in USA
James Donnelly Jun 24, 2013
Sam this is American car which it's mpg is different from mph in Europe based on mpg and imperial mpg the cruze gets better then the BMW
Sam Biggin Feb 11, 2013
42mpg is rubbish for a diesel. BMW diesels do well over 50 with much more power
Nick Sti Feb 09, 2013
Scotty, they, like myself, expect a manual option with these cars... As for manual diesel cars, I'd love to own the new Mazda6 down the road
Aaron Crisp Feb 09, 2013
And these will last sooo much longer than gassers!
Aaron Crisp Feb 09, 2013
They always get better mileage than what the EPA estimates. And $25k is a great deal! A used 2009 Jetta TDI goes for $20k+
Anton Zhukov Feb 09, 2013
Scotty Gee Feb 08, 2013
Slushbox?! Why the knock on a 6-speed automatic? Did they expect an 8-speed? And, only 42 mpg for a car that'll use more expensive fuel? How does this small car not get at least 50 mpg with a diesel?
Matt Piccolo Feb 08, 2013
42 mpg I'm guessing
Ashton Summers Feb 08, 2013
Acceleration is decent, but will pull a lot harder on the highway than the 8.6 sec 0-60 will suggest.
Austin Whitener Feb 08, 2013
Probly 45 mpg
Sebastian Soroka Feb 08, 2013
42 mph? Slow
sampson.bracey Jan 17, 2014
I actually want one instead of a jetta.
Milito Mayorga Feb 09, 2013
Clean :)
Austin Bride Feb 09, 2013
Oh yeah?
Ben Taylor Feb 08, 2013
Nice engine
Nick Sti Feb 09, 2013
My friend has one o these and my other has the Mazda 3 skyactiv. Very similar cars, but the only thing Mazda did better was the stereo. In the cruze, it's a nice solid chassis (BTCC) low seating position, better looking, turbo, etc. just needs manual