Comments - Vanquish Volante Spied Winter Testing

Published: Feb 07, 2013
Description: With Aston Martin's new Vanquish replacing the DBS, it was only a matter of time before we saw the DBS Volante's replacement. And these spy shots from Northern Sweden reveal a prototype of ...
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Tyler Tarbox Feb 07, 2013
This just reminds me of the newest Top Gear episode when they continually lose to inferior cars at the drag strip in Las Vegas because they SUCK at driving
Ljubisa Lupo Petrovski Feb 15, 2013
Frtex;/xxx P
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Feb 09, 2013
Yeah I knew that -_- lol
Jacob Lerklint Feb 08, 2013
Bond drove a grey vanquish
Read Mills Feb 07, 2013
@Adenis: if you are talking about Die Another Day, then it was not James Bond driving it- and it was a green Jag.
Dylan Bruder Feb 07, 2013
Me too just not a convertible guy
Wyatt Gordon Feb 07, 2013
Nope I already prefer the Coupe
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Feb 07, 2013
Doesn't this remind anyone of James Bond. Where he drives the racing green Aston on ice
Lou Guerrero Feb 07, 2013
Looks the same ad another other Aston.
Nathan Alexander Orlando Kelly Feb 07, 2013
Looks beautiful even with that ugly decal 😏
Description: Given how production ready the test mule looks, with the shape of the rear spoiler the only area being concealed, we fully anticipate the Vanquish Volante to be at the Aston Martin stand at next month...
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Jacob Burford Feb 08, 2013
What's an Ashton?
Jose Miguel Fernandez Feb 08, 2013
Guys I love Ashtons and I think that they are some of the best looking cars. But unlike Porsche where there is something distinctive about each model and all of the Ashtons look too similar
Carlton Salmon Feb 07, 2013
Agreed, Ashton.
Ashton Summers Feb 07, 2013
Hating an Aston for its looks is like hating France for their cuisine.
rowhan116 Feb 07, 2013
it looks sleek.
Jackson Michael Feb 07, 2013
People act like every Aston has to be a polar opposite from the others
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 07, 2013
Agreed. The new vanquish looks really different from the DBS to anyone who knows anything about astons
Nick Schnee Feb 07, 2013
Agreed Carl. It's called "evolutionary design".
Tyler Cook Feb 07, 2013
Haha agreed. I wish they would do something new
Jose Miguel Fernandez Feb 07, 2013
You know what this one reminds me of every other Aston out there
Nick Schnee Feb 07, 2013
This is gonna be my new fav car for sure :)