Comments - Kia Cross GT Concept Hits the Web

Published: Feb 07, 2013
Description: Set to have its official live debut later today at the Chicago Auto Show, images of Kia's new Cross GT Concept have managed to leak online a few hours ahead of schedule. From what we can tell, th...
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António Villas-Boas Feb 08, 2013
A classic case of DUI (drawing under influence)
Janak Solanki Feb 07, 2013
Looks like a Range Rover
Ryan Faber Feb 07, 2013
a big baby
Ashton Summers Feb 07, 2013
A soul and an evoque had a baby.
rowhan116 Feb 07, 2013
David Parenti Feb 07, 2013
Looks a lot like the soul.
Matt Piccolo Feb 07, 2013
Looks like a box
Description: No other details have been released just yet, but judging by these images, we're already digging the interesting glass roof design, sleek headlights and the overall more aggressive styling. More...
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Lee Darmanin Feb 11, 2013
Looks stunning but I don't get the roof design...
Tyler Thompson Feb 07, 2013
I'd put my bets on the beehive
Jake Oliver Feb 07, 2013
Hahaha exactly
David Parenti Feb 07, 2013
Beehive or sunroof? Can't tell
Ray Liu Feb 07, 2013
This guy used to design for Audi @Mike
Mike Conrad Feb 07, 2013
Stretched VW Up taillights.
Drew Humphrey Feb 07, 2013
Yeah that's practical.
김낙천 Feb 07, 2013
BMW i3...?? ㅜㅜ
Austin Bride Feb 07, 2013
Sun roofs are cool
Aaron Cordroch Feb 07, 2013
Hate when they do these make believe interiors on concepts.. Why not push the limits of a feasible interior instead of drawing one that would cost more than the car itself