Comments - Infiniti Q50 To Have Mercedes Power

Published: Feb 07, 2013
Description: We've known for some time that Infiniti's new BMW 3 Series fighter, the Q50, will replace the outgoing and unexciting G sedan. And aside from its striking Zen-like exterior design, the Q50 w...
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Andrew DAmico Apr 10, 2013
Andrew DAmico Apr 10, 2013
For the first time I actually would consider buying an Infiniti I nope they make all of their new models like this and not the ugly ones they try to call cars now lmao
Tin Nguyen Feb 08, 2013
This whole naming thing is confusing. They had a q45 which was their flagship sedan and the m was middle weight and the I was light weight. Now they are switching things around. Q50 is entry level and M55 is flagship?
Tin Nguyen Feb 08, 2013
Q? I thought Q was their flagship just like how the LS is to Lexus.
Quinn Conner Feb 08, 2013
AWD is an option too
Zaire Wilkins Feb 07, 2013
Calm your ball sacks its just an option
Carlton Green Feb 07, 2013
Like Dylan said - Stick with the VQ. Drop a GTR engine in your sedan and make a M5 fighter Cmon
Carlton Green Feb 07, 2013
What is Infiniti doin? Why partner with Red Bull? Just to do a special edition SUV? Cmon.... Im havin serious doubts about their corporate leadership.
Dylan Bruder Feb 07, 2013
Stick with a vq
Jacob Burford Feb 07, 2013
So much for any red bull formula 1 tech going in there cars!
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 07, 2013
Renault owns 49% of nissan and they own 15% of renault. Anyway ssangyong used the Mercedes 2.7 5 cyl. It did work out well although the engines are the only good thing about there cars
Leonard Pai Chidamwoyo Feb 07, 2013
Isn't Nissan owned or part owned by Renault l know Nissan uses Renault diesels
Andy Clouthier Feb 07, 2013
I'm already tired of their new naming scheme.
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 07, 2013
Putting a Mercedes engine which costs more to maintain when you already have powerful Japanese engines makes no sense! Who made this decision?!
Zaire Wilkins Feb 07, 2013
Wow did you guys not know nissan and daimler has been partners for 2 in a half years now.
Michael Moschonikolakis Feb 07, 2013
Nissan makes award winning engines. They make the GTR. They are affordable to maintain. Mercedes parts are garbage and very expensive to maintain. Dumb move by Nissan.
Lou Guerrero Feb 07, 2013
Carlos, the 3.8TT?
Ashton Summers Feb 07, 2013
Nothing new or shocking. Automakers are so promiscuous anyway. If they were humans, they'd have more STD's than a hippy in the 60's
Victor Pitts Feb 07, 2013
Well, you've got Toyota with BMW and Nissan has Benz :)
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Feb 07, 2013
Doesn't Nissan have plenty of good engines to put on this thing
Andrey Lobko Feb 07, 2013
Own a g37x and an fx35. Better than any of 5 c and e class Mercedes sedans I've owned from 1996 - 2006.
Aaron Sparks Feb 07, 2013
Borrowing power from Mercedes? I'm starting to seriously question the long term viability of the Infiniti brand.
Jimmy Williams Feb 07, 2013
Unless this is a diesel, I see very few benefits to this. Why would they hurt their reliability ratings for slightly better engines? Weird choice.
Mark Fei Ling Feb 07, 2013
AMG? Diesel? Or big bi-turbo V8?
Bala Uncc Feb 07, 2013
That's surprising
Dale Pedrick Feb 07, 2013
Maybe Mercedes hit them with the "join the dark side, we have cookies" line
Erik Rudolph Feb 07, 2013
Is this a joke isn't Infiniti trying to beat Mercedes not join them
Zaire Wilkins Feb 08, 2013
@stephen thank you.
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 08, 2013
@carlos the q50 is RWD and the altima is fwd. totally the same right?
Connor Scanlon Feb 07, 2013
Noo! There making the only sedan with unique lines out of production. They all look German:/
Paul Smolin Feb 07, 2013
A man Carlos
Carlos Dorantes Feb 07, 2013
It's just a Nissan Altima with makeup. Why bother.
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 07, 2013
Needs to be in black, beige leather interior and chrome rims, sweet
Paul Smolin Feb 07, 2013
Sorry cost allot more then Hyundai. Over BMW
Paul Smolin Feb 07, 2013
Why would you want a car that looks like a Hyundai, cost allot more over 3 series.
Zaire Wilkins Feb 07, 2013
Nahh this is the best looking G/Q.
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 07, 2013
The current g37 is so much better looking than this car
Kevin Foyteck Feb 07, 2013
Lexus styling?? And the 328i is already faster than the C250
Bala Uncc Feb 07, 2013
It looks nice
Quinn Beaupré Feb 07, 2013
I find the g sedan to be way cooler looking than this.
Description: No technical details have been released just yet but with styling like this and some good old German engineering and power, this could be the model that Infiniti has long been crying out for. After po...
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Ashton Summers Feb 07, 2013
Read recently a survey by warranty direct british insurance co. Not sure how accurate the survey is, but it ranks MB 3rd in engine reliability behind Toyota and Honda. Failure rate was 1 in 119. Nissan was 1:76 Audi 1:27 again, not sure on accuracy.
Ashton Summers Feb 07, 2013
@ nXs, I would say that modern Mercedes Engines tend to be reliable. Most issues with modern cars tend to be electrical. Some of the older 4 bangers would get some noise in the cams, nothing catastrophic, timing chains on the old 3.8L V8 would go bad
Zaire Wilkins Feb 07, 2013
Chrysler still uses the last gen mercedes E class drivetrain just has been updated
Henz Herrero Feb 07, 2013
You do know not everyone who will buy this will know that it has a benz engine right.. If they didnt make this news, i wudnt have known that..
Mike Klare Feb 07, 2013
Why own a Mercedes anymore Didn't they learn from Chrysler
Aaron Sparks Feb 07, 2013
The poor marketing department at Infiniti. "We've built a new car to compete against Mercedes but i'ts powered by a Mercedes engine. Figure out how to sell that!"
Jay Kolvenbag Feb 07, 2013
The irony
James E Caldwell Feb 07, 2013
Only way this makes sense is if its a diesel engine.
Peter Pugliese Jun 08, 2014
It's tough to judge this from the pics...when you see it in person, it's actually gorgeous from almost all angles.
Farshad Broumand Mar 31, 2013
I think it looks sharp and a lot more competitive with the cars in its segment.
James Salaba Feb 28, 2013
I would never buy sedan but if I had to I'll take this over BMW in heartbeat! At least I can look at it unlike BMW!
Zaire Wilkins Feb 27, 2013
@ jacob who said it was??
Jacob Burford Feb 08, 2013
Oh please! Acura and Infiniti are jokes! The only one that is decent is Lexus, and I would like to mention that Hyundai isn't ever Japanese!
Zaire Wilkins Feb 07, 2013
Acura lexus and infiniti and close up coming hyundai are good at the luxury game
Jacob Burford Feb 07, 2013
Terrible grill, Altima headlights, unclean lines! Looks horrid like every other Infiniti! There is a reason why I'd never buy a Japanese luxury car! They all look dull or ugly!
Drew Humphrey Feb 07, 2013
Finally the grille looks a little less like a fish!
Jordan Nishida Feb 07, 2013
Not my kind if luxury
Mike Lam Feb 07, 2013
They have had the Q45 since the 90s so I assume it's just a sequential generation VVV
Adam Beiersdorfer Feb 07, 2013
I'm sure they had to go that route because Audi already has the Q1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 all tagged or future models... So they HAD to add a zero... Haha
Bala Uncc Feb 07, 2013
I still don't understand the reason for 50 in Q50
Paul Dickey Feb 07, 2013
Front looks bloated.
Jordan Jackson Feb 07, 2013
I would have mistaken it for a Hyundai if I didn't already know this article was about infinity
Matt Piccolo Feb 07, 2013
Looks great
Andrew Cantu Feb 19, 2013
Can't even spell the company name right.... Don't think you should be commenting
Paul Smolin Feb 07, 2013
Agreed but Hyundai is allot less money
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 07, 2013
I want that Hyundai though, matter of fact both is sweet
Paul Smolin Feb 07, 2013
What has the world got to that infinity is looking to Hyundai for design. The side and rear light are very similar.
Peter Pugliese Jun 08, 2014
Both screens are touch...
Jasper Thong Jun 03, 2013
Looks like there's a LED touch screen isn't ?
Zaire Wilkins Feb 27, 2013
Jacob its ok i know you have a crush on this car
Zaire Wilkins Feb 27, 2013
@jacob none of caddys interiors look nice as any infiniti. They have won alot of interior awards unlike caddy
Jacob Burford Feb 08, 2013
This interior has zero nice design, looks clustered, and cheap! The ATS and every german rival blows this away !
Jacob Burford Feb 08, 2013
@Zaire So what? The Cadillac ATS is a luxury, and it's interior looks amazing!
Adam Thomson Feb 08, 2013
Flappy paddles
Zaire Wilkins Feb 07, 2013
@jacob its a luxury car
Jacob Burford Feb 07, 2013
Nothing eye catching about it!
Ray Liu Feb 07, 2013
The best part of this car!
Jordan Nishida Feb 07, 2013
Looks pretty good
Haoliang Li Feb 07, 2013
This looks nice
Paul Smolin Feb 07, 2013
I would actually disagree, look in to Buick interior, personal opinions looks allot better then hyundai looking interior witch this reminds me of.
Zaire Wilkins Feb 07, 2013
Please dont ever get mixed up with this and a caddy. Imo all GM cars have fugly interiors. Now this is an interior you pay. Plus this is standard
Mike Conrad Feb 07, 2013
Infiniti is Nissan, Tyler.
Ron Vinson Feb 07, 2013
Looks like the new Cadillac interiors.
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 07, 2013
Knowing you got the best of German engineering. A lower cost to repair and maintenance, relatively. It is not an arm and a leg every time. Styling is aggressive. I can see this as a daily driver because wouldn't mind getting in and out of this.
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 07, 2013
Very nice steering wheels. Not over done or plain looking.