Comments - Horrible Small Cars: Ford Festiva/Aspire

Published: Feb 07, 2013
Description: It has to be said right at the outset that the Ford Festiva should not be confused with the Fiesta, quite an excellent small car originally developed by Ford for Europe and now also sold in the US. No...
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Paul Short Aug 02, 2014
I forgot to add how exceptionally hard they are to modify! With a handful of Mazda engines that are almost plug and play, it is super tough to modify. Adding a turbo to them would never get you an 11 second econobox, would it? Oh, I guess it would! Nor would it have Corvettes eating it's dust on the road course. Oh wait, videos of both on teh YouTubes.
Paul Short Aug 02, 2014
Sure, it was a pure crap production car. I only bought one in 1993, and still have it. All steel frame and body, under 1800 pounds, and has over 800K miles on it. Purely a piece of junk. Not to mention, it costs me less than 500 dollars a year to maintain, I can't believe this was ever sold! With technology dating back to the 80's it rivals todays hybrids for gas mileage. Whatever was Ford thinkin...
Levent Taskan Feb 18, 2013
Of course you meant to write 'Ford COULDN'T have cared less'. It must be a typo, surely.
Ryan Lopez Feb 07, 2013
It's still shit
Wayne Joseph Borean Feb 07, 2013
Hey, my father-in-law had one. It wasn't that bad, no worse than the big Fords of the era.
Chris Friend Feb 07, 2013
For a minute read "Festiva" as "Fiesta" and I was about to just delete the app.
Adam Thomson Feb 08, 2013
Usch för i helvete
Dylan Bruder Feb 07, 2013
Block heater probably
Lou Guerrero Feb 07, 2013
Plug in hybrid?
Daniel Anglevik Feb 07, 2013
Fy pure swedish
Greg Kenerly Feb 08, 2013
That's where I left my Matchbox...My buddy had one of these in high school and it was a blast to ride in and drive. Gives you the feeling that even if you wreck it you can get another one for $500 or something.
Ed Paraison Feb 08, 2013
It looks just like a Yugo :-/
Cory Poteet Feb 08, 2013
These were amazingly fun little cars.... You could drive at their limit pretty much everywhere you went, can't say that about many cars, most others this slow are way to unresponsive, and most things faster would put you in a ditch!
Ryan Lopez Feb 07, 2013
Chad call it full but it's a bad car
Miko Reginella Feb 07, 2013
Where are the quad exhausts? Lol
Chad Germaine Feb 07, 2013
I guess Car Buzz has never driven one or they'd understand how fantastically entertaining these are/were. Plus they have no power anything which = less to break down!
Chad Germaine Feb 07, 2013
I've had two and I swear its one of the purest and funnest cars I've ever driven! They have fantastic 5 speeds and a very peppy engine, heal toe down shifts are a breeze. I enjoy this just as much as my EvoIX and track prepped Miata.
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Feb 07, 2013
The wheels are so tiny...
Lou Guerrero Feb 07, 2013
A guy back home used to deliver pizzas in one of these. He'd floor it everywhere and corner it like it was on skates. Looked like so much fun. For that, I grew a soft spot or these.
Haoliang Li Feb 07, 2013
Shit...I remember Kia brought this car to China as "Pride".....
Description: There were a couple of different versions of the Festiva, but the original design was the work of Mazda. This version manufactured by Mazda in Japan was actually sold in Japan as the Ford Festiva, and...
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Jonathan Bowen Feb 08, 2013
Of course it was designed by Mazda. It's a lightweight, simple, fun-to-drive little car. Sounds almost like the Miata...
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Feb 07, 2013
Mazda! Noooooooooo!
Description: This was a time when badly made copies of old Mazda designs were really all that Kia did. This was really most of what was going on in the South Korean auto industry at the time, and it looked somethi...
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Greg Kenerly Feb 09, 2013
Thanks Lou. That was the joke. Whoever drives this thinks its ok.
Lou Guerrero Feb 08, 2013
No ones ever liked up girls with by saying "hey ladies"
Greg Kenerly Feb 08, 2013
Hey ladies, what's...yeah this is my car...ladies? Where are you going? Need a ride? No? You gonna walk in the rain instead? Alright. Check you later...
Adam Thomson Feb 08, 2013
Looks like a Renault Clio V6 Sport
Adam Thomson Feb 08, 2013
Not bad when its modified
Ian Ragsdale Feb 08, 2013
Ok Greg but I think they're about $50k
Cory Poteet Feb 08, 2013
I bet Carbuzz had no idea what this was when they chose this pic
Greg Lewis Feb 08, 2013
Ok, I'd drove that if I was poor and couldn't afford a real car...
Dylan Bruder Feb 07, 2013
Its a beast!
Ian Ragsdale Feb 07, 2013
I think there were some replicas made.... in addition to the real ones.
Chad Germaine Feb 07, 2013
They made 6... And a 7th never got assembled. Jay Leno has the first/ grey sho-gun they made.
Milito Mayorga Feb 07, 2013
Nice work
Sean Bray Feb 07, 2013
They made 26 from what I remember. Leno's has a 200 shot of nos. pretty nasty car 220hp rwd less than 1800 lbs. I'm sure they are beyond scary to drive with no weight over the front wheels
Andrew McNeal Feb 07, 2013
The Pinto wasn't a bad car actually.
Drew Humphrey Feb 07, 2013
John Koci Feb 07, 2013
Are those a bunch of Pintos in the background? What a terrible car show
Donte Perino Feb 07, 2013
I actually like it.
Chris Penza Feb 07, 2013
I agree
Haoliang Li Feb 07, 2013
Looks like a Renault 5, anyone?
Lou Guerrero Feb 07, 2013
Haha yeah he's right. This is a SHOgun. Mid-engined Yamaha tuned V6.
Jason Schmelter Feb 07, 2013
This thing has a taurus SHO v6 over the rear wheels. Its called a SHOgun and I think Jay Leno has one of the only ones that were actually produced.
Kyle McCullough Feb 07, 2013
Of course he's sure. Did you not see all the air intakes?
Danny Rodriiguez Feb 07, 2013
Booom, american rice rocket!
Trevon Spencer Feb 08, 2013
The grey stripe was an option from ford
Description: Features like a tachometer and cloth seats were listed as special standard features on the LX top-level trim in 1988. The four-cylinder engine produced 58 horsepower, although with the introduction of...
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Jesse Williams Feb 08, 2013
Or vinyl.
Ryan Lopez Feb 07, 2013
Hey it could be whale penis I heard it makes the best leather(call me a perv but I'm serious about the whale penis)
Christian Billman Feb 07, 2013
Leather was standard. You just don't want to know the animal used to make it.
Andrew McNeal Feb 07, 2013
Cloth seats were an option? What was standard, hard wooden benches?
Description: Mazda still designed the engines, but the car was mainly a joint Ford-Kia venture. The North American version would this time be called the Ford Aspire, which is a terrible name for a couple of reason...
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Ryan Lopez Feb 07, 2013
Hahah dude nice
Adam Beiersdorfer Feb 07, 2013
Nice David!
David Lee Feb 07, 2013
Aaron, I guess that your car couldn't work as a time machine then.
Aaron Contic Feb 07, 2013
The ford aspire was my first car, Only cost me $200 bucks and lasted my whole senior year, until I blew the engine attempting to hit 100mph...made it to 87mph before it blew.....
Ryan Lopez Feb 07, 2013
I've got a mouse named bob he can do the job
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 07, 2013
Noooo! Put a w16 in it!!!
Brian Ball Feb 07, 2013
The 'Busa engine would Prob overwhelm the tranny!
Michael Page Feb 07, 2013
Put a 'busa engine in it!
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 07, 2013
@lou how about a Honda k20 or the 2.0ecoboost
Lou Guerrero Feb 07, 2013
Ok, on second thought I doubt it'll fit.
Lou Guerrero Feb 07, 2013
Swap in a ecoboost v6 haha madness realized
Max Dell Feb 07, 2013
It's basically the new fiesta model lol
Greg Kenerly Feb 08, 2013
Agreed Greg. You don't learn on your Corvette. You learn on one of these. I learned on a 92 Sentra.
Greg Lewis Feb 08, 2013
That's how you learn driving a stick! Beat that so the mustang doesn't pay dearly for learners curve!
Bill Estep Jr Feb 07, 2013
Look it has the buttons for NOS lol
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 07, 2013
This interior destroys a maybachs interior! just look at that beautiful plastic.
Zach Gathercole Feb 07, 2013
Not bad looks kinda like the interior on my honda
Andrew McNeal Feb 07, 2013
Average 90s interior is average.
Ben Taylor Feb 07, 2013
Yuckkkkkkk egh
Description: The base model never sold especially well in North America, and was dropped completely in 1995. The car would then only last until 1997 in this market, although Kia would continue manufacturing it unt...
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Jake Dula Feb 09, 2013
I noticed that too, Jonathan. All the lack of reasoning from CarBuzz and the praise from comments makes me think this car doesn't belong in this series of articles...
Jonathan Bowen Feb 08, 2013
So I read the whole article which says the car's "crap", "lousy", etc., but the author failed to mention any reasoning whatsoever for this. Do people just not like the way it looks? Because most people who have driven the Festiva disagree.
Ryan Lopez Feb 07, 2013
You know after reading this I just realized my dad owned one(bought new) and it was the last model year so it might be a rare car now
Andrew McNeal Feb 07, 2013
It probably belongs to someone who paid less than $500 for it and only uses it as basic transport.
Ben Taylor Feb 07, 2013
Think !!!
Ben Taylor Feb 07, 2013
Don't thing this belongs to a good owner
Mason Langenfeld Feb 08, 2013
Greg Kenerly Feb 08, 2013
It's so Haters can't see him coming. I'm thinking chicks aren't going to notice him either...
Jake Dula Feb 08, 2013
IT'S A FESTIVA! If this were a Fiesta, they would've ruined, because the Fiesta is FANTASTIC. Fiesta=awesome Festiva=crap Get 'em straight people.
Clinton Burger Feb 08, 2013
I didn't think it was going to get better than that ricer a few pictures back. But then this came along
Greg Lewis Feb 08, 2013
Bill Estep Jr Feb 07, 2013
Parked nex to the vette
Christian Billman Feb 07, 2013
Finally some class.
Aislin Cooper Feb 07, 2013
That's terrible
Andrew McNeal Feb 07, 2013
As a Texan, I find this car embarrassing.
Jerrod Swenson Feb 07, 2013
Anthony Richardson Feb 07, 2013
Where is the car?
Ben Taylor Feb 07, 2013
No need for that
Ben Taylor Feb 07, 2013
T the hell