Comments - Gallardo STS-700 by RENM

Published: Feb 07, 2013
Description: Berlin-based tuner RENM Performance has revealed its latest aftermarket package based on the Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale. Dubbed the Gallardo STS-700, Lamborghini's most extreme Ga...
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Trent Fiala Feb 10, 2013
Why use all this oil cooling shit? This thing isn't made for a fricken economy daily driver kind of car everyone knows the hotter your oil is the less viscous it's going to be and your going to make more power!
Cory Deines Feb 07, 2013
You have a point. UGR's twin turbo 1200hp package for the Gallardo is pretty awesome, but there's nothing like the direct response and powerband from a great NA engine.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Feb 07, 2013
Now thats tuning i love my turbo cars with tons of hp but its nothing like N/A response
Jonny Carter Feb 08, 2013
Best galardo in the world!!
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 08, 2013
I don't like Lamborghinis but I can't deny that this looks good
Zeus Mocha Feb 07, 2013
Stunning and beautiful
Tara Fitria Feb 07, 2013
Great driver, hits the apexes like its his job.
rowhan116 Feb 07, 2013
Tobias Mersinger Feb 07, 2013
Carlton Green Feb 07, 2013
Nick Schnee Feb 07, 2013
Damn, that's hot...
Janak Solanki Feb 07, 2013
Gazel Hebbert Feb 07, 2013
STUNNING! Really really like this color on the gallardo. Wow.
Description: A specially adapated race and road-spec valve-controlled titanium exhaust decreases back pressure and helps the engine to breathe more efficiently while shedding 19kg off the supercar's weight.
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Colby Church Feb 08, 2013
Awesome video. Sick car.
Griffin Ross Feb 07, 2013
One of the best looking and sounding cars ever made
Harrison Armstrong Feb 07, 2013
The Gallardo has always had so much untapped potential. Simply amazing.
Ashton Summers Feb 07, 2013
Love that V-10.
Daniel Anglevik Feb 07, 2013
Heaven between 0:45-0:50. SOOOOUUUUUNNND
Janak Solanki Feb 07, 2013
That got my blood pumping
Description: Chassis and suspension upgrades include a wide wheel track to make room for the magnesium alloys wrapped in race tires, an adjustable suspension by Ohlins, and an upgraded carbon-ceramic brake kit. Ex...
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Louis Valdivia Feb 07, 2013
Cant go wrong with öhlins
Jayce Madrid Feb 08, 2013
I'm in love with this Lamborghini.
Ben Taylor Feb 07, 2013
Fas phil
Γιάννης Νικολάου Feb 07, 2013
I love this lambo
Adam Thomson Feb 07, 2013
But i think this is fantastic
Drew Humphrey Feb 07, 2013
Now that looks fantastic
Janak Solanki Feb 07, 2013
This is sexy as hell!!!!
Adam Thomson Feb 07, 2013
Im pretty sure Phil Will think this is ugly
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Feb 07, 2013
In what way?
Alex Santaspirt Feb 07, 2013
Looks like an f430
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Feb 07, 2013
I would still prefer this over the sesto. I think that car has too much going on and it just looks too futuristic. These timeless designs stay in Lamborghini forever. Sesto is just to see what the company can produce like Bugatti with the veyron.
Tara Fitria Feb 07, 2013
For those that can't afford a Sesto elemento, this is the next best thing.
Jonny Carter Feb 08, 2013
Gazel Hebbert Feb 07, 2013
What Austin said. And I LOVE the aventador; it's only second to 458. But this car right here makes an EXTREMELY strong case. Wow
Allen Kim Feb 07, 2013
one of my the best cars I've seen on here.
Austin Harris Feb 07, 2013
This is the best looking Lamborghini I've ever seen
Gray Conron Feb 07, 2013
Everything is perfect on this one. I have NOTHING to say.
Daniel Anglevik Feb 07, 2013
But just image the new model... The goal is set on 458 and MP4
Adam Thomson Feb 07, 2013
Its sad that they Will drop down the Gallardo:(
Daniel Anglevik Feb 07, 2013
Oh, have mercy. I want this so bad. The sound is just totaly amazing. So sharp. 700hp with a norm asp engine - aaahhhrrggg. The color fits perfectly.