Comments - Focus ST TrackSTer by fifteen52 Heads to Chicago

Published: Feb 07, 2013
Description: Ford Racing, in collaboration with Ken Block and fifteen52, will debut its Project ST TrackSTer at the Chicago Auto Show this week. One of a trio of Focus ST builds, the TrackSTer is the first car to ...
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Jake Dula Feb 08, 2013
Uh.... Um... 24!
Terrance Parker Feb 07, 2013
And that all adds up to???
Jake Dula Feb 08, 2013
Those rims are a bit silly, and I don't like the dollar store wheel arches fitted by a monkey. Otherwise, it looks great!
Jordan Zucker Feb 07, 2013
Wheels are way too big. Plus FWD only is going to be interesting, it it actually produced.
Richard Nichols Feb 07, 2013
This does look cool though!
Richard Nichols Feb 07, 2013
Is it me but aren't Fifteen52 going to the dark side by building a ford? I've been in the VAG scene for over 15 years and these guys have been big players in it for ages.
Lou Guerrero Feb 07, 2013
rad* getting owned by autocorrect today
Lou Guerrero Feb 07, 2013
Pretty road but last time I checked an ST wasn't AWD. Too bad.
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Feb 07, 2013
Gotta love white wheels
David Parenti Feb 07, 2013
Tanner Foust posted this car on Facebook today.
Nevzat Erboy Feb 07, 2013
Sorry but focus rs pawns this both aesthetically and performance wise
Jason Levy Feb 07, 2013
Front end looks great
Derrick McCarthy Feb 07, 2013
That is lovely.
Nick Benz Feb 07, 2013
Those side mirrors are minuscule
Sam Hansen Feb 07, 2013
fifteen52 just is an awesome company
Owen Tiernan Feb 07, 2013
@Josh I really frickin hope so!
Josh May Feb 07, 2013
I wonder if this is going to lead to the redemption of the cosworth escort or at least a tribute
Description: Other race-tested performance parts include a limited-slip differential by Quaife, a Centerforce custom clutch kit, four-piston front caliper brakes and fender flate from the Chinese Touring Car Champ...
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Lou Guerrero Feb 07, 2013
Lou Guerrero Feb 07, 2013
Flares, flares same thing.
Walter Alexander Thomas Feb 11, 2013
Love the stance as well. Very nice.
Greg Kenerly Feb 08, 2013
Love the stance
Daniel Bellafonte Feb 07, 2013
Agreed, the orange/yellow one looks sweet.
Taylor Garry Feb 07, 2013
Wish they would show more of the yellow
Drew Humphrey Feb 07, 2013
I like this one.
Jake Dula Feb 08, 2013
Never seen a fabric tow strap/hook before. Must be some serious stuff.
Tim Belton Feb 08, 2013
Uhh webbing like that can withstand thousands of pounds of force, def enough for towing
Lou Guerrero Feb 07, 2013
All the Honda kids put tow hooks on their cars like they track them. It's funny.
Lou Guerrero Feb 07, 2013
Yep, strong and don't get in the way.
Daniel Eads Feb 07, 2013
Tow straps are really strong. Plenty strong for towing.
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Feb 07, 2013
Doesn't look like it can tow tbh. Shouldn't it be metal or so,etching as fabrics like that can pull right off
Ben Webb Feb 07, 2013
Put the tow strap into middle and your good
Nick Sti Feb 07, 2013
Nope, that's inside the housing. Why? Why not? :P
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Feb 07, 2013
I think it's ON the headlight glass not inside it
Ben Webb Feb 07, 2013
Why does it have RS in the headlights
Taylor Garry Feb 07, 2013
This isnt exactly speedhunters material. It would be if only 1cm of the tires were touching the road from the camber
Braxton Omgbased Booker Feb 07, 2013
Lol i suggest yall read a few post on then youll get it
Zeus Mocha Feb 07, 2013
I'm okay with the design of unshaved and half done but I don't like it on this car. There is a kit for the FRS by GReddy called the rocketbunny. Look up rocket bunny FRS. It looks sweet as hell especially with the camber and wide tires.
Kai Andrew Carlson Feb 07, 2013
Half assed flares. You only get half of the wide body kit. Lazy or just simply a stupid design.
Chad Collins Feb 07, 2013
Where's the rest of the flares
Gray Conron Feb 07, 2013
@Nick I think so but they're not as fat
Nick Schnee Feb 07, 2013
Doesn't Block have those rims on his Fiesta?
Chris Benson Feb 07, 2013
Don't get me wrong Owen, for the track it's great. But on a street car. Pass.
Joe Paul Feb 07, 2013
IMO the blue car is not a good looking car, looks like a bad project car put together by someone who did not know what they were doing. Nothing that makes me want to drive or buy that. Really like the yellow one though. Not all tuners are good, some are just knuckleheads.
Owen Tiernan Feb 07, 2013
@Chris I disagree with you completely. I think it looks awesome.
Chris Benson Feb 07, 2013
The fender flares are crap on this. A blended flare looks much better. And don't get me started on the mags.
Joe Paul Feb 07, 2013
Carbon fiber housing is nice, the clothes hanger support bolted on the A frame not so much. It might have needed two clothes hangers.
David Lee Feb 07, 2013
@Joe Too bad Pontiac doesn't exist anymore, so they have no head designer.
Nick Sti Feb 07, 2013
They need them for the extra wide wheels, but I agree, could be of higher quality
Joe Paul Feb 07, 2013
Suspending reality and yet those bolt on wheel flares still do not look good. They look like an after thought by the designer of this tuner. Pontiac called and they want the AZTEC designer back at work this morning.