Comments - Aston Upgrades Vantage GTE Racer

Published: Feb 07, 2013
Description: Aston Martin has big plans to celebrate turning one-hundred. Its centenary year began with airlifting a Vanquish to the top of the 1000-foot-tall Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai to show-off its newest mod...
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Dylan Bruder Feb 07, 2013
Agreed with colby
Wayne Joseph Borean Feb 07, 2013
Where can I steal the money to buy one. Wait, I didn't say that...
Nick Schnee Feb 07, 2013
Last time the 458 dominated... We'll see. I'm rooting for the Aston teams!
Ben Brown Feb 07, 2013
I think they've only won in 1959 and 2007 but with great cars like these their chances are good
Colby Church Feb 07, 2013
Corvette Racing is going to win 24 hours of Lemans. :) But I'm sure Aston will put up a decent fight this year.
Chad Schley Feb 08, 2013
You ever race at 180mph all the way through the night. I think you will appreciate all the light you can get.
Dylan Bruder Feb 07, 2013
Gulf livery is awesome your nuts!
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 07, 2013
They made it into a clown car with this color scheme! And wtf putting those two rally racing headlights on that front grill? Wtf
Ben Taylor Feb 07, 2013
Pretty crap (did you miss spell that) you
Roggina Froggina Feb 07, 2013
Those auburn headlights are pretty sweet.
Description: This represents Aston Martin's largest ever factory team entry at the event. Two Vantage GTEs will enter the Am class, while the GTE Pro entries will be the heavily upgraded 2013 Vantage GTE. Wit...
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Description: Both cars will contest every round of the 2013 WEC, which kicks off on April 14 at the team's home round, the Six Hours of Silverstone. Aston Martin Racing's season begins at the first round...
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Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Feb 08, 2013
Because racecar
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 07, 2013
Why is on a wood floor?
Ben Taylor Feb 07, 2013
Adam Thomson Feb 08, 2013
(The cygnet)
Adam Thomson Feb 08, 2013
Its a Toyota
Jacob Burford Feb 07, 2013
No matter where an Aston is, road or track, it's beautiful! Excluding the cygnet of course, which isn't really an Aston!
rowhan116 Feb 07, 2013
Jordan Nishida Feb 07, 2013
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 08, 2013
Then google blue vantage lol
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 07, 2013
Black for me
Jason Levy Feb 07, 2013
This car is perfect. I want to see wgat it looks like without stickers and a solid blue paint job