Comments - Watch This Russian Porsche Driver Be an Ass

Published: Feb 06, 2013
Description: We all know why Jeremy Clarkson refers to BMW drivers as "cocks." But after watching how this Russian Porsche Cayenne owner drives, we found ourselves clicking over to Google Translate to f...
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Edgar Carenzo Gross Feb 08, 2013
Any Day AG México City, And with a VW Bora or any Car.
Carlos Dorantes Feb 07, 2013
Brought to you by the Country that has given us such "wonderful" gifts as the Chromed R8, Chromed Lambo, Chromed this and that.
Daniel Bellafonte Feb 07, 2013
Only a matter of time until we get the fatal dashcam video from this guy and unfortunately probably going to involve an innocent driver too.
Aaron Crisp Feb 07, 2013
I love in Vegas and I experience Californians all the time... Dammit by far they're the worst haha obviously doesn't apply to everyone but damn haha
Ashton Summers Feb 06, 2013
@ Aaron. Good point. Now it's those in BMW's who are the schmucks driving too slow...IN THE LEFT LANE! But that's Californians in general.
James E Caldwell Feb 06, 2013
This guy is a tool. Not sure why he would be bragging oboist what is on the video. In the end he is beaten by a range rover. Definately Not matching the epic soundtrack.
Quinn Conner Feb 06, 2013
Corvette owners drive 20 under the limit and they never look at other cars. On the other hand camaro owners drive 10 above and are constantly looking at other cars to see if they are noticed
Aaron Crisp Feb 06, 2013
Actually, they said Audi drivers are the new cocks haha
Taylor Garry Feb 06, 2013
Porsche drivers where i live drive 10mph under the speed limit. Just as bad i guess
Description: Granted not everyone who owns a Porsche (or even a BMW) has driving habits like this but still, this guy is one of the reasons why there are so many unnecessary accidents due to being reckless. Or jus...
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Jansen Arabe May 28, 2013
Grand Theft Auto in real life :P
Donald Chip Schofield Apr 28, 2013
Garrett Murrell Mar 03, 2013
And even the range rover joined in the fun.
Pza Wdedi Feb 14, 2013
rangrover kik cayane ass
Amanjot S. Feb 09, 2013
So badass that you can't even pass a Range Rover! Not good driving, dumb driving. Not that impressive.
Aziz Umarov Feb 08, 2013
Today on the news i sow him, police arrested him. But punishment for driving violations so soft in russia, so they sentence him only 15 day inprisonment.
Anthony Capozzoli Feb 08, 2013
This guy is driving exactly like a person that I saw on the interstate... Only difference is that the guy I saw was driving a Volvo SUV
Andrew Georghion Feb 07, 2013
Not very good driver, got burnt by a range rover, both typical 4x4 drivers, hogging the fast lane and still go slow
Tobias Hubbard Feb 07, 2013
This video sucks ass him and the land rover guy can die.
Oleg Odessit Feb 07, 2013
The other thing, he knows how to drive, no sudden moves everything pretty much balanced
Oleg Odessit Feb 07, 2013
Big f deal, people drive like that there every day, just cz he got it on cam doesnt make it any special. I love the music thoe
Ahmad Al-Shamlan Feb 07, 2013
So !!! this is how I drive every day
Mujtaba Hameed Feb 07, 2013
Highly entertaining!
Brett Vincent Feb 07, 2013
Cab, and yells "I'm walkin' here!" The cab was not actually originally part of the scene, but some random cab driver who decided to drive through the set.
Brett Vincent Feb 07, 2013
@Ashton cab drivers have a tendency to be the craziest of them all. The cab drivers in NYC don't care what's going on around them, they just keep driving. There's a movie involving Dustin Hoffman, where in a famous scene, he almost gets run over by a
Joshua DeBord Feb 07, 2013
He got out-mudak'd by the white LR, which is easily the more mudak approved vehicle
Эммануил Гедеонович Feb 07, 2013
Moscow Police Department is searching for him 'cause he uploaded everything to his personal social pages )) Guys definetly will loos his license for several years
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 07, 2013
This has happened in the USA anyone remember the crazy GT-R drivers on the highway
Daniel Bellafonte Feb 07, 2013
But his presumed friend in the Land Rover Range Rover Sport is also a 'mudak' too.
Jason Smith Feb 07, 2013
I'm guessing they are either undercover cops or mafia types...
Aaron Crisp Feb 07, 2013
This shit would never fly in the USA. You know how many truck driving, gun toting red necks would chase this son of a bitch down. I would know, I'm one of them! Haha, wouldn't cut it with the police here though.
Blake Antil Feb 07, 2013
Wow and my friends say I drive like a douche bag cause I drive with my hand at the top of the strafing wheel.
Michael Moschonikolakis Feb 07, 2013
I hope he kills himself and nobody else!
Josh Hooper Feb 06, 2013
Haha great comment arsal! This is exactly how I drive in GTA but then again that's a game and this is real life which makes this guy a mudak....
David Gomez Feb 06, 2013
In soviet Russia, you don't drive the car, the car drives you. (Heavy Russian accent)
Arsal Aziz Feb 06, 2013
Grand theft auto!! Haha
Ashton Summers Feb 06, 2013
Reminds me of the driver we had in Rome, except we were in a BMW 740D weaving in and out of traffic at 190KPH. Think he was pissed our plane came in late. That's pretty much how they drive in Rome, even cab drivers.
Quinn Conner Feb 06, 2013
I'm sure that the cop hopped in his car right away and pursued the Porsche which is why the split screen was there.
Quinn Conner Feb 06, 2013
Yes there was a cop right when the video went split screen. The cop was on the corner. Normally the cop parks his car and stands to signal drivers to pull over. Cop doesn't need reason to flag anyone down
Luis Daniel Angilello Feb 06, 2013
In Venezuela, this guy wouldn't survive past the 5th car he cuts off. People there shoot cars that cut them off, not to mention the guys in motorcycles, they gang up on you hundreds at a time. Bulletproof cars get lit up on fire.
Patrick Schalk Feb 06, 2013
Yeah that shit wouldn't fly here.
Lou Guerrero Feb 06, 2013
I'm gonna tape myself taking a dump to that soundtrack and put it in YouTube.
Justin Johnson Feb 06, 2013
The Range Rover beat him
Malachi Monteiro Feb 06, 2013
Shit, I've done my fair share of crazy midnight highway driving, but in the city, this driver needs to eat a dick.
Zaire Wilkins Feb 06, 2013
I bet he has the most scratched looking porsche
Adrian Esai Bustamante Feb 06, 2013
@Bryakka LOL
حمين ماكو Feb 06, 2013
I think he is a member of a gang!. I don't think he give a shit for any other people's life ! Hope he die before he kills anyone.
Matt Piccolo Feb 06, 2013
F**king dumb ass
Read Mills Feb 06, 2013
If he lived in America- his vanity tag would read: "YOLO"
Ethan Amo Feb 06, 2013
Waiting for the day when he crashes...
Byakka Hirakawa Feb 06, 2013
Cant wait untill the movie comes out!!!!
Drew Humphrey Feb 06, 2013
Words cannot describe how much I hate that man...and his friend in the Range Rover.
Toby Kessler Feb 06, 2013
Not to mention the white Range Rover, he's an asshole too
Nino Muradi Feb 06, 2013
Try doing that in America! Lol
Gray Conron Feb 06, 2013
Did you download the YouTube app?
Gray Conron Feb 06, 2013
@Julian I have one I could get it
Xavier McDaniel Feb 06, 2013
There was a cop but all he did was stand there with his hand out saying stop. That's not gonna stop him.
Sivert Grande Feb 06, 2013
I have to say that I actually like the video, but driving like that is just simply stupid.
Julian Pilinci Feb 06, 2013
Why I can't see this video on my iPhone 4S?
Ozzy Osman Feb 06, 2013
I have to agree there are bad driver behind any set of wheels, just the addition of Porsche makes it worst lolz
Janya Pulusu Feb 06, 2013
Trent Fiala Feb 06, 2013
If that fucker were to try and go pass me around one of them little one lane turns I wouldn't let him, I'd let him get along side me and I'd turn and smash his ass into the fuckin wall and keep doing it!
Ryan Spencer Feb 06, 2013
Oh dear. Giving idiots money is like sprinkling miracle grow on character defects.
Frederick Perez Feb 06, 2013
Where are the cops when you need them. This is very irresponsible driving.
Xavier Stephens Feb 06, 2013
And I wouldn't feel one bit sorry for him if a semi came and took him out....
Jack Howard Feb 06, 2013
The music is hilarious
Scott Harrington Feb 06, 2013
the guy in the suv is like. you ain't passin me boy
Ghaith AL-sharari Feb 06, 2013
It's not just the Porsche driver even the white rang rover
Shane McDonald Feb 06, 2013
And my wife thinks I'm a crazy driver. I need to show her this video.
Pablo Herasme Feb 06, 2013
With the Hans Zimmer score, it looks like hes on a quest to find out the meaning of life
Denis Trofimenko Feb 06, 2013
Jean-Paul Grenade Feb 06, 2013
Not quite sure why Porsche drivers have been singled out here. Presumably this guy would be a dangerous driver whatever he was driving! There are poor drivers of all brands IMHO - and good drivers of all brands too!
Mohammed Shamma Feb 06, 2013
We all love to speed thats something normal. But driving this way is one of the easiest way to get a free one way ticket to hell.
Jacob Lerklint Feb 06, 2013
I really really hope he crashes into a wall and dies slowly, please kill him before he hurts somebody
Oleg Odessit Feb 07, 2013
If this guy is a "somebody" there i wish you luck dealing with this
Gray Conron Feb 06, 2013
I am just laughing thinking about the other driver's thoughts hahahaha
Brian Howard Feb 06, 2013
Or just not let him pass or sand which him
Pablo Herasme Feb 06, 2013
Crash him and you'll probably spin and crash aswell
Zachary Maurer Feb 06, 2013
Ya, I mean be a mudak back and cut him off, or even better crash him
Jacob Lerklint Feb 06, 2013
If he would try to overtake me in a tunel i would chase him and crash his fucking car, this is ridiculous