Comments - Range Rover Sport Spied in Snow

Published: Feb 06, 2013
Description: A couple of months after spying the new Range Rover Sport in the US, another prototype has been spied wearing slightly less camo undergoing cold weather testing in the vicinity of the Arctic Circle. L...
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Mohd Said Mohd Alshahri Mar 31, 2013
Good Car
Scotty Gee Feb 08, 2013
I love the current model, I hope they don't mess it up.
Jetnor Gjikokaj Feb 07, 2013
That's the range Rover vogue :)
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 07, 2013
What is the new range rover that just came out, and looks just like this?
Jacob Burford Feb 06, 2013
I hope it is more practical than the last one!
Drew Humphrey Feb 06, 2013
Camo comes standard
Brad Henson Feb 06, 2013
Cool camo
Ryan Spencer Feb 06, 2013
The actual headlights had better look nothing like that.
Description: The Sport can be differentiated from the standard Range Rover by its wider, lower stance and more sloping roof line. Gasoline and diesel engines will be borrowed from sister-company Jaguar, with the X...
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Connor Short Feb 06, 2013
And the wheels
Connor Short Feb 06, 2013
Kinda looks like an LR2 with those lights
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 07, 2013
Doesnt look very sporty hate to be the people who just bought a new old sport
Ben Taylor Feb 07, 2013
Best jeep company EVER