Comments - Meet the Agera R's Test Driver

Published: Feb 06, 2013
Description: In the latest installment of Drive's "Inside Koneigsegg" series, focus is placed squarely at Robert Serwanski - the man that takes each and every Agera R and pushes it to the limit, whi...
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Lenny Bruno Feb 10, 2013
The dudes only 22, his parents must be in the know to get him in
Brad Henson Feb 06, 2013
This dude has the best job in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andreas Köhler Feb 06, 2013
Ängelholm actually..
Peter Mark Gacek Feb 06, 2013
Yea monstrosity has a negative connotation. Definitely the wrong word.
Jacob Burford Feb 06, 2013
Love you Sweden!
Colby Church Feb 06, 2013
This and the Viper have such similar headlights.
Pablo Herasme Feb 06, 2013
I meant it in a good way, couldn't find a word to describe how raw it was
Pablo Herasme Feb 06, 2013
Whoa!! Calm down, I was saying in terms of the power and sound it makes and I was no way saying its ugly
Daniel Anglevik Feb 06, 2013
Joe - say what???!!!!
Joe Talerico Feb 06, 2013
Excels in performance and ugliness!
Jörgen Nilsson Feb 06, 2013
Does Pablo even know what monstrocity means?
Devin Saint Enzo Feb 06, 2013
Amazing machinery
Pablo Herasme Feb 06, 2013
What a monstrocity
Description: Check out what Robert has to say about his dream job, and why he thinks Koenigsegg is on its way to creating the best car in the world. As for the Agera R, he says: "It will not kill you, but you...
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Camilo Saldarriaga Feb 08, 2013
Smart guy... Any 1know the song?
Eli Bonner Feb 07, 2013
That was really cool, I never even knew about all that stuff he was doing with the computer
Dave Stewart Feb 07, 2013
I didn't know about the ghost thing that's interesting
Jacob Burford Feb 06, 2013
Looks kinda fun! LOL
Ashton Summers Feb 06, 2013
Wonder if he ever gets bored?
Cory Deines Feb 06, 2013
Lucky bastard has the best job ever.
Julian Pilinci Feb 06, 2013
If qualified, I would do this for free!
Josh Negron Feb 06, 2013
No kidding!
Freddie Ibarra Feb 06, 2013
Very humble guy, dream job!
Ben Brown Feb 06, 2013
Love these cars. Best job ever
Mohamed Alhasan Feb 06, 2013
I want to do that !
Maxwell Sim Feb 07, 2013
White and red is the BEST!!!
Seth Graham Feb 06, 2013
Great insights
Bryce Becker Feb 06, 2013
Love the wheels!