Comments - Horrible Small Cars: Geo Metro

Published: Feb 06, 2013
Description: It should be pointed out here that not all superminis are awful. There have been quite a few with nice interiors that are also fun to drive, but up until fairly recently, the majority of superminis so...
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Aaron Crisp Feb 07, 2013
These things were sweet. Damn good horrible car haha. We put 4 wheeler tires on my buddies one time. And 50 MPG! Damn good beater cars for around town. My kids first car will be an equivalent to that haha something I won't be mad when they wreck.
Wayne Joseph Borean Feb 06, 2013
Pontiac sold the same thing under the name "Firefly", and it was a damned good car. The 1.0 L engine was revvy, and I'll never forget the day my wife came home glowing because she'd beaten a Corvette at a stop light. Yeah, the Vette probably wasn't really trying, but small, super light cars, with decent suspension are a lot of fun to drive.
Wmg Chinchilla Feb 06, 2013
This should not be on this list. I can't tell how much cheap fun my friends and I had in one of these in my younger years
Dylan Bruder Feb 06, 2013
Brandon is correct they sold fast there's even someone around me who chopped the roof off made it a convertible and put side pipes on it there's a club for em now
Michael Page Feb 06, 2013
Yes this car is sh&t, the only point of its existence was mpg's. And @50 mpg, that's better than any new non hybrid.(yes I know cars are heavier now, but still, that's a huge braggin' right).
Michael Horne Feb 06, 2013
Our drivers ed. class in high school had us drive a Geo Metro. Awful car, no space inside, and a pain to get in and out of (much less drive!)
Tyler Tarbox Feb 06, 2013
You can buy a fully functioning Geo Metro for under $1K haha
Raymond Reynoso Feb 06, 2013
Chevy with the damn Geo, pointless car.
Justin Johnson Feb 06, 2013
My friend had a '91 Suzuki Swift. That car went to hell and back and kept ticking.
Brandon Bairian Feb 06, 2013
When gas went up a few years ago , clean examples of these were getting all the money because 3 cylinders.
Janak Solanki Feb 07, 2013
Looks like a roller skate.
Thomas Isnt Green Feb 07, 2013
More like metro sexual
Bill Estep Jr Feb 07, 2013
MTV pimp my ride lmao
Weston Radford Feb 07, 2013
I don't care who you are, you can't make these cool.
Chris Kuyumdzhyan Feb 06, 2013
Hotbox lol
Dylan Bruder Feb 06, 2013
@lou you really have too if the ac is on xD
Lou Guerrero Feb 06, 2013
I'd drive the flat out everywhere. That's how I drive. Flat out.
AJ Smart Feb 06, 2013
Owner leans on car. Car turns into a crumpled mess
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 06, 2013
Tn Ng Feb 06, 2013
I wouldn't drive it cause its gonna get u killed in an accident.
Bill Estep Jr Feb 06, 2013
We used to pick these up n put em sideways in a parking spot lol
Jesse Williams Feb 06, 2013
Wouldn't drive one. I'd be embarrassed because of how ugly it is.
Matt Wolodkiewicz Feb 07, 2013
It's sexs on wheels
Ryan Lopez Feb 06, 2013
Ain't that secy
Description: This was a relatively short-lived brand from GM which offered a variety of rebadged Japanese models as captive imports. Some of these cars actually weren't so bad in their original forms, but Geo...
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Description: The Cultis started life in 1983, being sold only in Japan for a few years, with exports starting in 1985. The first North American GM-badged version would appear at this time, wearing the name Chevy S...
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Janak Solanki Feb 07, 2013
Oh yea. Chrome mirror housings. That really made a difference ..........Not!
David Lee Feb 07, 2013
@Bobaloo Can I assume that you are a fan of MCM?
Zach Gathercole Feb 06, 2013
Horrible but better than a prius still lol
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 06, 2013
Those wheels= 25 kw
Ben Taylor Feb 06, 2013
No you do
Kieran Hillary Feb 06, 2013
This looks like a broke man's crx
rowhan116 Feb 06, 2013
this is ugly.
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 06, 2013
@erich because this car will run and the fiat won't
Michael Horne Feb 06, 2013
Yeah, but look at the chrome! Look at it! Oh those mirrors.... K, I'm done.
Dylan Bruder Feb 06, 2013
It's a stud!
Jeyhoon Jahanroshan Feb 06, 2013
best ugly car imo in this article
Bill Estep Jr Feb 06, 2013
N the rims
Taylor Garry Feb 06, 2013
Love the exhaust
Description: In a country where both space and fuel were relatively cheap, American automakers, and GM in particular, just never seemedto grasp why anyone wouldn't want a gigantic car. It never seemed to occu...
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Description: Things have since gotten better, but in 1989, Geo was a brand of deliberately cheap and awful cars. They even went so far with the Metro that even hubcaps were an optional extra. The Metro was offered...
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Robert Young Feb 08, 2013
A must have under any Christmas Tree..
Isaac Taylor Feb 07, 2013
I just threw up
Jayce Madrid Feb 07, 2013
This guy's got no style, he never even had the right engine to finish the quarter mile. For god's sake, get rid of this car, it really is an eyesore that makes me wanna smash it with a crowbar.
Mike Lam Feb 07, 2013
Ballin' on a budget
John Koci Feb 06, 2013
Guess who got a gift card to Auto Zone for Christmas
Zach Gathercole Feb 06, 2013
It wouldnt look to bad if it was black and in a better car
Christopher Scott Feb 06, 2013
Pablo Herasme Feb 06, 2013
This interior job cost twice the amount of the car
Jonny Carter Feb 06, 2013
Someone's been to west coast customs aka xzibit!!
Ben Taylor Feb 06, 2013
Danny Danny Danny how stupid are you?😵😵😵😵😵
Ben Taylor Feb 06, 2013
Fuck you fuckin D42ny kiss ass
Danny Rodriiguez Feb 06, 2013
Stupidly level. ITS OVER 1,000!
Tanton Stoneman Feb 06, 2013
Now that's a waste of cash...
Michael Horne Feb 06, 2013
Is this even necessary....
Daniel Kenneth Babler Feb 06, 2013
Tyler I see those people everyday in Crowley/fort worth and I always wonder about there sanity...
Tyler Tarbox Feb 06, 2013
No the head unit probably costs more than the price of the car. Kind of like when people buy $1,000 cars and put $3,000 rims on them in the hood of south Dallas
Bill Estep Jr Feb 06, 2013
That head unit has to be the third of the cost of the car
Ashton Summers Feb 06, 2013
That's lemons racing blue.
Max Jabaay Feb 06, 2013
Man this guys is good I thought this was the inside of a 458!-_-
Giuseppe Granata Feb 06, 2013
it hurts me eyes. imagine commuting in this?
Stephen Cobbs Feb 06, 2013
The blue adds about 30 horsepower
Oscar Galvan Feb 06, 2013
Lightning fast!
Taylor J. Blake Feb 06, 2013
This must be so fast
Adam Thomson Feb 06, 2013
Epic interior
Robert Young Feb 08, 2013
Robert Young Feb 08, 2013
Hey at least you can make a necklace out of the pistons when the engine gies
Brett Vincent Feb 07, 2013
It's the Internet, this is where people reclaim attitudes from middle school. Cussing is cool and every other comment must be insulting someone else present.
Chris Benson Feb 07, 2013
Does it really make someone feel better to say "fuck" on a comment? I mean really is this where we are headed?
Brock Bulbul Feb 06, 2013
No Erich, I'm pretty sure that's a carburetor. Lol.
Gray Conron Feb 06, 2013
Hook up some AA batteries and you're set. Lol
Lou Guerrero Feb 06, 2013
I bet the battery makes more power.
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 06, 2013
Ben Taylor Feb 06, 2013
Fuck danny
Danny Rodriiguez Feb 06, 2013
Though is horrible I think
Danny Rodriiguez Feb 06, 2013
One of the best fuel economy engines. Im not including reliability tho
Tyler Tarbox Feb 06, 2013
The beating heart of the mighty Geo
Raymond Reynoso Feb 06, 2013
Where's the motor? Lol
Ashton Summers Feb 06, 2013
Well if your a cup is half full guy, that's half of a V6.
Max Jabaay Feb 06, 2013
Pure awesomeness!
Description: This was something of an improvement over the old car, with more power, more options and slightly more interior space. It still wouldn't exactly set sales alight, but it should be remembered that...
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Michael Horne Feb 06, 2013
A bike ? You could buy at least two and a half!
Raymond Reynoso Feb 06, 2013
Sought after? If rather buy a bike with the money
Description: Used Metro values suddenly doubled or tripled as interest in an absolutely bare-bones car picked up. This has now pretty much dropped off, but panic purchases of Metros were a very real thing for a ti...
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Dale Schroeder Feb 07, 2013
I recall the bottom trim level of the Aveo (another crap import) didn't even offer floor mats or a radio in an attempt to keep it under $10k at first. So even until very recently GM still thought small cars were only for poor people.
Jordan Jackson Feb 06, 2013
Jordan Jackson Feb 06, 2013
Nag that dent comes standard
Daniel Kenneth Babler Feb 06, 2013
Naw it hit a smart car
Bill Estep Jr Feb 06, 2013
Nah prolly hit a plastic garbage can
Raymond Reynoso Feb 06, 2013
I see someone kicked in the front out of disgust.
Janak Solanki Feb 07, 2013
Jelly bean on wheels
Adam Thomson Feb 07, 2013
Horrible looking...
Sergi Pérez Figueras Feb 06, 2013
Fiat multipla is the worst car ever made
Michael Nascimento Feb 06, 2013
Nope. The Worst car ever is the Lexus SC430. Even TopGear UK agrees.
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 06, 2013
No this is a great car the Yugo is the worst car ever
Tyler Tarbox Feb 06, 2013
Worst car ever? It's a possibility
Kleymenov Pavel Feb 07, 2013
Kinda looks like dodge Neon from the back