Comments - Ford Announces Fiesta ST Race Car

Published: Feb 06, 2013
Description: The US-spec Fiesta ST debuted at last year's LA Auto Show, and that same car built exclusively for competing at the Global RallyCross Championship (GRC) and Global X Games, will be on display lat...
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Description: They'll will be joined by Ken Block and his Hoonigan team who'll be racing a Fiesta ST in a new blue livery. Jointly developed by Ford's Team RS in Europe and SVT in the US, the Fiesta ...
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Jörgen Nilsson Feb 06, 2013
I see know the car is built for rally-cross. These cars usually have a lot more hp compared to WRC-cars.
Jörgen Nilsson Feb 06, 2013
But the stats Carbuzz mentioned seems to be the ordinary Fiesta ST.
Jörgen Nilsson Feb 06, 2013
Richard is right. No WRC-car has 600 hp (although I suspect they actually have a little bit more than the stipulated 300 hp).
Richard Nichols Feb 06, 2013
The regulations for the WRC don't allow the engines to produce more than 300bhp. Block's gymkhana cars were a different engine as they didn't have to conform to any regulations. The Group B cars of the 80s were running in excess if 500bhp.
David Parenti Feb 06, 2013
These can't be the stats for the rally car Fiesta that Tanner and Ken are going to be driving. Foust's previous WRC fiesta made 600 HP. Why would it drop 400hp for 2014. These are the stats of a regular Fiesta ST.
Lucas Raggio Feb 06, 2013
Ken block and tanner foust Fords gonna do well
Vlad Lukyan Feb 07, 2013
I like the front of the kit the most