Comments - Fast & Furious 6 Extended Trailer Kicks Ass

Published: Feb 06, 2013
Description: From this three-minute long extended trailer for "Fast & Furious 6", it's clear the preview that aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday was just the tip of the iceberg. The new trail...
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Tony Noviello Feb 06, 2013
@ Lou. I do lol just seen the original on Netflix the other day.
Lou Guerrero Feb 06, 2013
I bet no on here knows that The Fast and the Furious is a loose remake of an original.
Dustin Schoenith Feb 06, 2013
Poor mustang :(
Jacob Keith Miller Feb 06, 2013
Nice title pic...........:-/
Cindy Ngo Feb 07, 2013
BRZ In it?
Nithin Veliyuth Feb 07, 2013
lucky for us that we have the toyota, they dont sell scions down under
Jordan Smith Feb 06, 2013
Agreed. I'd much rather see the Toyota version. I want Scion to fall off the face of the earth.
Ashton Summers Feb 06, 2013
Wish Toyota would have never badged the U.S. version as a Scion.
Matt Piccolo Feb 06, 2013
@ Zane, not really, compare them and you'll see differences in both the lights and bumpers as well. But I think even though I don't like the bumper on this, Subaru would still get my money. The bumpers and light are nicer, and the grill isn't too bad
Zane Turner Feb 06, 2013
Matt, if you put the Scions grill on it, it's a Scion...
William Downs Feb 06, 2013
I don't mind the bumper, my friend did a photo shop and he removed the black part and also did a body match one, just looks weird to me without it
Matt Piccolo Feb 06, 2013
Awesome, the only thing I don't like about the Subaru is the grill. If u put the scions grill on this it would b perfect. This has nicer headlight than my the scion though. (With the black backings)
Justin Routh Feb 06, 2013
Yeah i like the subaru better too
Bader Al Ajeel Feb 06, 2013
I agree
William Downs Feb 06, 2013
The Subaru version looks so much better to me
Bader Al Ajeel Feb 06, 2013
Description: The plot for the sixth entry in the car racing franchise also comes more into focus with Michelle Rodriguez back from the grave as a baddie, and the original crew being reassembled to take on a team ...
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尤品敦 Dec 01, 2013
rest in peace
Aaron Barker Feb 08, 2013
Man I can't wait for this movie lol
Ben August Feb 08, 2013
I want my 3 minutes back.
Blaise Harned Feb 07, 2013
Uumm, did they pull the plane down?? Haha
Aaron Crisp Feb 07, 2013
Really it's like every car movie I watch it ends up being a flop.. Redline, Street Racer, and all the Netflix knock offs lol. Loved the cars in Redline though. Hell even Footloose had some sweet cars lol
Aaron Crisp Feb 07, 2013
Hell yeah I'm excited. Vin Diesel is the man, from F&F and xXx to Riddick. Plus this is the only good car oriented movie franchise.
A.J. Brady Feb 07, 2013
I wish XXX had a true sequel to see where that serial could have really gone. The F&F6 could have gone farther in story telling.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 07, 2013
@Carlton. Hahahahaha Bart Scott voice
Carlton Green Feb 07, 2013
Cant Wait!!! BartScottvoice
Donte Perino Feb 06, 2013
Zonda at 1:41.
Alex Bouckley Feb 06, 2013
They're running away from a plane in a Guiletta?
Patrick Schalk Feb 06, 2013
Same difference. Badass nonetheless
Victor Pitts Feb 06, 2013
O . O
James Campbell Feb 06, 2013
@patrick it's a Daytona charger btw
Drake Nailon Feb 06, 2013
They really stepped up their game with the last movie, I'm glad to see they have continued the trend. This should be a great car movie! Maybe not Oscar worthy but still a great movie. To all the FF haters out there, relax its a car movie.
Patrick Schalk Feb 06, 2013
One word: Superbird. Suck it.
Lou Guerrero Feb 06, 2013
This looks entertaining but why the cheesy dancing girls at the street races?
Oscar Chacon Feb 06, 2013
So they are like the A-Team now....on wheels.
Jake Putinta Feb 06, 2013
Sick looking trailer
James Salaba Feb 06, 2013
I really can't wait for this!
Ryan Kurzynski Feb 06, 2013
How is Lidy still alive, I thought she died in that race?
Thad Macaranas Feb 06, 2013
Zane Turner Feb 06, 2013
430 Scuderia behind the STi on 2 wheels.
Zimran Collier Feb 06, 2013
So excited for this.
Zaire Wilkins Feb 06, 2013
I cant wait for this to come out. And you guys on here have way too many feelings on here.
Bryan Morell Feb 06, 2013
Granny shifting not double clutching like you should
Yatish Wentink Feb 06, 2013
@Byakka, good one!!
Byakka Hirakawa Feb 06, 2013
Was this in russia (Tanks in the road) Lol
Henz Herrero Feb 06, 2013
Why do u post here if u hate it? To get attention? Grow up dude.. I dont go to twilight things and post how much i hate those movies..
Josh Andrews Feb 06, 2013
Vin diesal never stop making these movies till u die
Jeremy Kertgate Feb 06, 2013
1:28 😲😲😲😲
Devante Dre Foxworth Feb 06, 2013
I've studied every Fast and the Furious & when I tell you this movie will be the " most talked about movie of 2013" it will be
Yatish Wentink Feb 06, 2013
I really wanted to see more tuned cars, I mean like Tokyo Drift, always wanted to see that back. But I'm still seeing forward to FF6 pretty hard
Austin Lerner Feb 06, 2013
I agree with David
David Jones-Richerson Feb 06, 2013
"I live my life a quarter mile at a time. For those 8 seconds or less... I'm free" you can hate us fanboys all ya want. At the end of the day, we are the bustas that bring you back to the base.
Debdoub Tin Feb 06, 2013
Hollywood crap, people over this, overdone.
Paul Gladman Feb 06, 2013
so whoever likes the series is a fanboy?
Ashton Summers Feb 06, 2013
Hey, the producers love fanboys. It means a movie will actually make $$$ in the box office.
Austin Lerner Feb 06, 2013
I'm so freakin excited. I could care less what you think of us "fanboys"
Mustafa Alshekhly Feb 06, 2013
Caaaaaaaant wait
Sumair Inayat Feb 06, 2013
I can't wait!
Issac Adam Feb 06, 2013
And like Carlos said you get a variety of cars on the big screen, you don't see a lot of that, so it's great to have a movie that can show them off.
Issac Adam Feb 06, 2013
Fast and the Furious has always been a badass movie franchise. Cars, action, girls, explosions. What more do you want, wether driving sequences are fake or not the movie is still badass.
Ivan Cortez Feb 06, 2013
That's right plus I at least enjoy them movie so I'm looking forward to.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Feb 06, 2013
It's the only place we can see a variety of cool cars in the big screen
Sam Harris Feb 06, 2013
What's worst then the movie themselves, are the fanboys they attract. I absolutely hate F&F fanboys.
Cindy Ngo Feb 07, 2013
Why they add the zonda R?
David Hicks Feb 07, 2013
There are two smiley faces on the front, check the headlights.
Richard Nichols Feb 07, 2013
Dylan Bruder Feb 06, 2013
Love at first sight
Anthony Boggs Feb 06, 2013
I like this Car.
Pablo Herasme Feb 06, 2013
Those tri-bulbs for some reason are like one of the most sinister cues of seen.
Andrew Hubbard Feb 06, 2013
When was the Tricolore in the video? I don't remember seeing it. Anyone have a time?
Ashton Summers Feb 06, 2013
Matthew Crighton Feb 06, 2013
Michael, if you can outrun it than you can call it slow.
Haoliang Li Feb 06, 2013
Michael Beach Feb 06, 2013
Cindy Ngo Feb 07, 2013
Agera or the Agera R?
Adam Thomson Feb 07, 2013
It is the standard Agera not the R
Gustav Baumgardt Feb 07, 2013
95% sure its a "normal" agera!
Pablo Herasme Feb 07, 2013
I guess people in carbuzz can't take a joke at ALL.
Jayce Madrid Feb 07, 2013
First the Zonda, now the Agera?! The only reason I will see this movie now is because those are two of my favorite hypercars (and also because they revealed the comeback of Letty).
Zeus Mocha Feb 07, 2013
ut. Hahaha
Zeus Mocha Feb 07, 2013
I don't think he knows that there is an agrea and then an agera r. Either or he didn't realize the other guy was trying to find out it was an R. Or on the other hand it could be that he doesn't know what an agera looks like. Hmmm... Lots to think abo
Dylan Bruder Feb 06, 2013
@pablo there is an agera and an agera r don't be a prick about it theyre hard to tell unless you know what to look for
Pablo Herasme Feb 06, 2013
No its a Viper... Yea its a Agera
Nicholas Morissette Feb 06, 2013
is that an agera r?
Tom Mcleod Feb 06, 2013
Omg that shot and angle looks incredible!
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 06, 2013
Bader Al Ajeel Feb 06, 2013
Best color on it
Cindy Ngo Feb 07, 2013
It's cool
Cindy Ngo Feb 07, 2013
David Hicks Feb 07, 2013
You're calling this rice? I guess Formula 1 cars are rice too then...
Dave Stewart Feb 07, 2013
I wouldn't call vins muscle cars and the actually tuned cars that would be badass rice lol
Aaron Crisp Feb 07, 2013
@Bill Hell yeah! Good to see they're actually modding the cars.
Aaron Crisp Feb 07, 2013
Geezus I like the stock GTR so much more than this.
Bill Estep Jr Feb 07, 2013
Have u guys seen the clip where they caught them testing this thing on a dyno pretty badass n shooting flames
Tyler Richey Feb 07, 2013
Um Zues you're also wrong. RICE is an acronym. It stands for Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements. Really, any car that is all show and no go (regardless of build quality) is considered "rice".
Ben Webb Feb 07, 2013
Ben Sopra kit looks so good
Zeus Mocha Feb 07, 2013
Hmmm some people don't get the meaning of rice. Rice and clean customization are two diff things. A souped up WRX STI with a nice body kit isn't a rice. It's when it's done wrong that it becomes a rice. Ex rice: fake hood scoop.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 07, 2013
Wow this is ugly
Pablo Herasme Feb 06, 2013
How would it be rice if everythings functional.
James Salaba Feb 06, 2013
Most likely the worst looking gt-r ever!
Jonny Carter Feb 06, 2013
Rice is all fast and furious is about ahaha but I do love em'
Gray Conron Feb 06, 2013
It looks like rice....
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Feb 06, 2013
It's looks here went from pig to ditch pig
Andrew Hubbard Feb 06, 2013
SP Engineering.
Pablo Herasme Feb 06, 2013
You can actually see it in stock form in the trailer, looks like they will mod the car during the movie
Blaise Harned Feb 06, 2013
This is what it becomes, haha! I'm kidding, I have no idea
Vlad Lukyan Feb 06, 2013
So whats up with his white GT-R at the end of fast five