Comments - CLA45 AMG Set for NYC Debut

Published: Feb 06, 2013
Description: While Mercedes' first compact AMG will debut next month, with the A45 AMG set for a reveal at the Geneva Motor Show, it will be the 2013 New York Auto Show that gets the honor of showcasing the G...
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Taylor Rosello Mar 20, 2013
Can't wait for that show! :D
Chris Friend Feb 07, 2013
Where do I sign up? The CLA is my #1 car atm!
Max Cook Feb 06, 2013
Good I hate to cold.
Jason Brown Feb 06, 2013
And warmer climates. Anyway, it's a worth while read...
Jason Brown Feb 06, 2013
Cold temperature makes a huge factor, an additional 10-15% reduction in fuel. Ford has a problem with misunderstanding the test requirements as well and their hybrids resulted in 10-12 mpg lower than they claimed. But that was using better fuel
Max Cook Feb 06, 2013
@jason some race cars run off 100% ethanol. I just don't what electric engines they are no fun but I do like a big v8
Jason Brown Feb 06, 2013
So foreign car companies CAN miscalculate based in the flaws of the test requirements from the EPA just based on the difference of regional fuels. Fuel from Korea for example can give as good as 6 mpg average higher than northern US states where the
Jason Brown Feb 06, 2013
@Max, there is a great article on the Economist a couple of days ago titled: fuel economy, difference engine... This points out how mpg is calculated with petrol and ethanol added petrol. US gas uses 10% ethanol, causing reduced mpg fuel economy.
Jason Brown Feb 06, 2013
as full option normal CLA? So as I mentioned, I wouldn't be doubt they pricing it at 50-60k range.
Jason Brown Feb 06, 2013
BMW 3 series and Benz C class are both entry lvl cars. Starts around mid 30k. Add all the options and it quickly GPS up to 45-50k. The CLA starts at around 30k so with all options most likely mid 40k. Why would they offer AMG version for similar
Tim Belton Feb 06, 2013
Def won't be near 60k.. The CLA is an entry level model
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 06, 2013
@max it takes about three gallons of ethanol to go as far as you would with one gallon of gas. That's only part of the problem with ethanol too
Rakesh Senthivelan Feb 06, 2013
YES! The NY Auto Show is the closest show to me, and thats good news, to know that there will be some great debuts this year. Last year was great with the SRT Viper and all, and I hope this year will be just as good!
Jordan Smith Feb 06, 2013
I think it should be around $45,000, but even then that's pretty pricey.
Ashton Summers Feb 06, 2013
$50-60k sounds reasonable. A dollar doesn't go as far today. For example, a well optioned Golf R will nudge $40k, and will be over after taxes
Mark Fei Ling Feb 06, 2013
My next car! 350 horse with light nose and 4 Matic!
Andrew Suliteanu Feb 06, 2013
No way they'd do 60k$. That's c63/m3 territory. This looks more like an s4 competitor so maybe 47$k?
Max Cook Feb 06, 2013
I am going to miss the v8 days. But what is wrong with using ethanol as another fule?
Jason Brown Feb 06, 2013
I'm pretty sure you already knew what carbuzz meant. Would have to be pretty thick in the head not to know what they intended. Given the base price for the CLA around 30k, wouldn't doubt if they price the AMG version around 50-60k, too expensive...
Andrew Suliteanu Feb 06, 2013
What kind of price are we looking at for this bad boy?
Mike Conrad Feb 06, 2013
Think that says CLA45 AMG and A45 AMG. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe those might be two different cars.
Raymond Reynoso Feb 06, 2013
The A45 AMG will be powered by the same engine as the A45 AMG. Hmmm. Thanks CarBuzz
Matt Piccolo Feb 06, 2013
Ben Taylor Feb 06, 2013
Just kidding its not out yet hahaooooh
Ben Taylor Feb 06, 2013
I have one of these it's a beast
Xavier McDaniel Feb 06, 2013
I love this! Idk why it's just simple but amazing
Adam Wieland Feb 06, 2013
This is really starting to grow on me
Ryan Spencer Feb 06, 2013
I actually like this a great deal more than I'd originally expected. I only wish it had a 6 cylinder motor!
Description: Spy shots have confirmed it won't look overly different from the recently revealed CLA250, notwithstanding an aggressive front fascia, dual exhaust, trunk-mounted spoiler and five-spoke alloys, b...
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Jordan Smith Feb 06, 2013
Chris Gaines Feb 06, 2013
needs rwd and a manual, otherwise I'm not all that excited
Ben Taylor Feb 07, 2013
Grey fuck u
Ben Taylor Feb 07, 2013
Not you! HAHA LAWL
Gray Conron Feb 06, 2013
@Ben what is good looking then
Ben Taylor Feb 06, 2013
Ben Taylor Feb 06, 2013
No big deal looks quite squished at the back
Justin Johnson Feb 06, 2013
Not bad
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 09, 2013
It is a little "ugly duckling" in it's styling...
Ben Taylor Feb 07, 2013
No no no you've got it all wrong it's crap it's.. Ugly
Jacob Burford Feb 06, 2013
An AMG version is just what this car needs!
Joel Pascual Feb 06, 2013
Those skinny spokes makes the rim look too small for the car, the previous more "chunky" rims are the better choice.
Mark Fei Ling Feb 06, 2013
Badass babe
Xavier McDaniel Feb 06, 2013
That grill is really cool!
Jared Oteri Feb 06, 2013
John Patten Feb 06, 2013
Not bad
Ben Taylor Feb 07, 2013
No they don't
Lucas Raggio Feb 06, 2013
Wheels seem small
Mike Carbaugh Feb 06, 2013
Not bad
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 09, 2013
Vvv you are totally unnecessary in any conversation Ben
Ben Taylor Feb 07, 2013
Gay bo's here
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 06, 2013
@josh. I agree. I understand why mercedes makes "cheaper" cars - to make a lot of money from them - but it still gets on my nerves how most ppl on the road don't know just how big the gap in quality and price is btw cla /c and s / cl
Josh Melhorn Feb 06, 2013
Hopefully they make this legit. Unlike the CLA45 where everyone and their mom will eventually own one with a $29,900 msrp