Comments - BMW 3 Series GT Pictures Scooped

Published: Feb 06, 2013
Description: BMW is clearly trying the whole GT sedan thing once again with the upcoming 3 Series GT. These official photos of the car have just leaked online only a month or so before the car will debut at the Ge...
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Wayne Joseph Borean Feb 06, 2013
Why don't they bring back the 2002? It was a fantastic car.
Dylan Bruder Feb 06, 2013
I just saw a 5 gt and it was the ugliest car I've ever seen
Joel Pascual Feb 06, 2013
This is bmws first model to have an extended rear spoiler like the a7
Mitchell Cherry Feb 06, 2013
Wow looks no different. What a surprise
Vinny Coppola Feb 06, 2013
I don't get these GTs there so ugly!
Description: Like the 5 GT, we can see the new model will have a hatchback-like design and decent rear headroom. Passengers also benefit from a raised seating position and it will likely be offered with rear- and ...
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Janak Solanki Feb 06, 2013
Why? Just why?
Aaron McCarter Feb 07, 2013
I like the idea! Go for it!
Jason Brown Feb 06, 2013
Great... Another useless car. The 5 Series GT isn't really a successful car, why make a smaller and less practical version?
James Salaba Feb 06, 2013
Pointless get sedan or wagon
Jordan Park Feb 06, 2013
Love it!
Shaniqua Latisha Feb 06, 2013
Looks pretty straight to me
Matthew van der Linde Feb 06, 2013
I'd rather just have the wagon!
Gray Conron Feb 06, 2013
Looks gay
Lead Peddalin Feb 06, 2013
This is a bit much for me. Too many lines.
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 09, 2013
The lines are better than the 5 gr
Ryan Lopez Feb 07, 2013
Ryan Lopez Feb 07, 2013
What's up with BMW thing with crossing cars bodys
Dylan Bruder Feb 06, 2013
They kept the same bad back
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 06, 2013
Pablo Herasme Feb 06, 2013
Jordan Park Feb 06, 2013
No hashtags, this is NOT twitter, it's CarBuzz
Ryan Spencer Feb 06, 2013
Ian Ragsdale Feb 06, 2013
If people start doing hash tags on here, I'm deleting the app...
Christopher McSween Feb 06, 2013
Looks like an old Hyundai Elantra hatch.
Jordan Smith Feb 06, 2013
Blech. Not good. I'd rather see a 3 series coupe gran turismo or something like that.
Tn Ng Feb 06, 2013
Honda crosstour!
Ashton Summers Feb 06, 2013
If you squint, the back looks like a older Hyundai hatchback.
Abie Chao Feb 06, 2013
Can't wait! I'll be leasing one as soon it's available!
Jack Howard Feb 06, 2013
Jack Howard Feb 06, 2013
Marcelo Perez Camarero Feb 06, 2013
Walter Alexander Thomas Feb 06, 2013
This is very nasty looking. The side is not proportion correctly. Yucks
Preston Harris Feb 06, 2013
I own a 3 series. If I had to get in this everyday I'd cut myself
Nick Sti Feb 06, 2013
An uglier X6.... These are not going to sell. I'd much rather have the wagon
Andy Clouthier Feb 06, 2013
Ashton Summers Feb 06, 2013
Steel wheels or hubcaps would be more appropriate.
Ray Liu Feb 06, 2013
Only for the rich people who have money but taste
Ahmed Al-Essa Feb 06, 2013
There's a word for this... Fugly
Rohil Chauhan Feb 06, 2013
It looks a lot better from this angle. But still not right :/
Walter Alexander Thomas Feb 06, 2013
This is just plain out ugly.
Adam Wieland Feb 06, 2013
This looks a lot better than the 5 series GT