Comments - Watch this Ford Raptor Fly...Then Crash

Published: Feb 05, 2013
Description: We all know the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is the best pickup truck in the world these days. It can handle regular truck duties as well as being a true badass in any off road situation. So it's been s...
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fahd.alhadi.7 Oct 18, 2013
Raptor is an offroading beast but its not a BAJA truck, this guy clearly bought into the kool-aid....never the less I wouldve done the samething hehehe.
grant.vandoornik Sep 30, 2013
The Raptor may look like a trophy truck, but it's not. How many totaled Raptors is it going to take for people to learn this?
John M Weishahn Feb 05, 2013
This should be a DFA.
Description: The "Redneck with a paycheck" driver didn't realize that the laws of physics would actually cause him to overshoot the landing and come crashing down. Gravity has a tendency to do that.
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Chris Chavez Feb 14, 2013
That's dumb.
Cindy Ngo Feb 09, 2013
Cindy Ngo Feb 09, 2013
Front end crashed
Dale Schroeder Feb 08, 2013
Just because you saw it done on Dukes of Hazzard doesn't mean you should do it yourself.
Quint Do Feb 07, 2013
Just because you have a big truck doesn't mean that it's a monster truck
Tobias Hubbard Feb 07, 2013
Mujtaba Hameed Feb 07, 2013
Aj White Feb 07, 2013
@Matthew I hope you just mean that for the truck because the 1LE moniker has plenty of heritage.
Adam Yoder Feb 06, 2013
Dumbass leave it to the motocross bikes
Krack Shot Feb 06, 2013
Wow ouch that was a hard landing! The only way I would do a jump like that is with a baja truck they are built for it!!! That poor ford
Jon White Feb 06, 2013
Rednecks giving rednecks bad names _-_
Dylan Cook Feb 06, 2013
What an idiot He just destroyed that awesome ford
Abdallah Kharbat Feb 06, 2013
Dave Sasser Feb 06, 2013
Built ford tough my ass
Kai Andrew Carlson Feb 06, 2013
Did something like that with a 95 wrangler and just blew a tire. Was roughly 3 feet in the air for 20 feet. Was a blast!
Shawn Sullivan Feb 05, 2013
That really didn't seem all that violent of a landing in slow mo until you think of the weight coming down and all. Poor truck was likely totaled if that frame bent? Oh well at least he has some fun
Ryan Faber Feb 05, 2013
how could anyone think this was a good idea? is it bad that im more concerned for the damn truck than I am for that moron laying on the ground..
Dave Rain Feb 05, 2013
What an idiot
Alex Bouckley Feb 05, 2013
Maybe the passenger was really fat and that's why it leaned and messed up the landing
Gray Conron Feb 05, 2013
It still sucks but not as bad as the totaled Murci from a few days ago
Ray Lockhart Feb 05, 2013
The new deployable tailgate from Ford
Dylan Bruder Feb 05, 2013
Hello bent frame
Matt Piccolo Feb 05, 2013
Hopefully he was okay though
Matt Piccolo Feb 05, 2013
Typical dumbass. Thinks his truck can do things it can't
Trent Fiala Feb 05, 2013
Who cares it's just a ford raptor, not like there isn't a shit ton more of them
Pablo Herasme Feb 05, 2013
A truck that failed at its own game... A lift would have helped a bit
Amir Kayani Feb 05, 2013
One good looking raptor : Fucked !
Joe Marasa Feb 05, 2013
Looks like he chose custom rims rather than better suspensions… a lift kit would of helped too I think.
Mike Perry Feb 05, 2013
Suspension = FUCKED O_o
Alex Bouckley Feb 05, 2013
That was so stupid but awesome at the same time
Sebastian Grey Feb 05, 2013
What an imbecile.
Chad Collins Feb 05, 2013
This is y u build, u can't drive anything factory and expect it to do everything u want it to
Ashton Summers Feb 05, 2013
It'll buff out. Better to wreck a car or truck while having some crazy irresponsible warranty voiding fun, rather than something stupid, like running into the back of somebody on the freeway because you were too busy commenting on carbuzz.
Brandon Chamberlain Feb 05, 2013
I love this truck I couldn't choose between this or a power wagon
Aaron Crisp Feb 05, 2013
Ford Raptor for sale: low miles, clean title, new air bags.
Aaron Crisp Feb 05, 2013
Heck yeah! Sent this one in.
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 05, 2013
@ Lou.. It would have been fine if he didn't overshoot the landing, but I'm glad he's using and abusing it.. I see em driving around the street all the time and they don't look right, this one looked right at home
Kyle Malcomson Feb 05, 2013
Should have bought a hilux
Sascha C. Jauk Feb 05, 2013
Wasnt Ford building airplanes long time ago? Now they're back!
Sergio Montelongo Feb 05, 2013
It would've been fine if the truck had landed in one of those ramps just like in the xgames they jump from one ramp and land in another one. But this idiot haha what was he thinking
Ryan Spencer Feb 05, 2013
I realize that this was a completely idiotic and moronic thing to do, and that it was a waste of a great truck, but did you see the air he got?!
Malachi Monteiro Feb 05, 2013
Damn, what a shame.
Justin Johnson Feb 05, 2013
What a waste
Tyler Tarbox Feb 05, 2013
This is what happens when idiots get a lot of money
Taylor Garry Feb 05, 2013
He thought because he spent a fortune on ADD bumpers and projectors that he could jump it like that
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 05, 2013
Comment below said it needs some tires......LMFAO
Ryan Riley Feb 05, 2013
God damn it. This guy goes way out, it's not built from factory to launch that high in the air. What an idiot. You sir get my award for idiot of the day.
Henz Herrero Feb 05, 2013
Why would you do that to your baby.. Waste of a nice raptor..
Sumair Inayat Feb 05, 2013
Epic FAIL! Damn Red necks.
Harrison Armstrong Feb 05, 2013
Good luck explaining that one to your insurance.
Jacob Mullner Feb 05, 2013
Show me the carfax
Matt Burgess Feb 05, 2013
Someone dumb enough to do something like that doesn't deserve to have a truck like that especially raptor it's a truck not a airplane
David Parenti Feb 05, 2013
It wouldn't have been so bad if he had jumped it say... 50feet instead of 90feet. He overshot the landing so the truck absorbed the entire impact. Had he landed on the ramp, the truck would have survived. No truck can take that landing.
David Parenti Feb 05, 2013
Redneck with a paycheck.... Pretty much
Gerald Nava Feb 05, 2013
Its okay It'll buff out
Max Jabaay Feb 05, 2013
I wonder if that idea came about after a few beers?
Lou Guerrero Feb 05, 2013
Note to self: don't jump raptors more than a few feet...dang.
Oleg Odessit Feb 05, 2013
Whatttt?? Tires??? That thing is a write off, im pretty sure there is not a single engine mount in place, and all airbags are out.
Anders Schrøder Feb 05, 2013
It doesn't look like it just need some new tires. The whole chassis looks damaged hence the damaged rear part. It took some serious beating.
Derrick McCarthy Feb 05, 2013
It's funny as hell, but sad that someone actually thought that was a good idea! Waste of a perfectly nice truck. I mean you can have plenty of fun In a raptor without doing that...
Ghaith AL-sharari Feb 05, 2013
Wtf was he thinking about
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 05, 2013
Seen this video's a real shame to see it happen to this truck
Description: The impact of the hard landing was powerful enough to set off the truck's airbags. No word on whether the driver was physically hurt but we're sure his pride was.
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Marcus Toth Mar 14, 2013
I hope you guys know, they know its not a good idea. Just entertainment
Jommel Marcella Feb 09, 2013
That was the worst idea ever to a truck.
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 06, 2013
Insurance claim. Yes i was driving along and a ramp appeared on the road
Zack Hickman Feb 06, 2013
Looks like the oil pan hit the ground and burst where it landed. Dumb ass.
Austin Bride Feb 05, 2013
How was that ever though of as a good idea
Jacob Burges Feb 05, 2013
"What happened to 35? That was like 60" lolol
Pablo Herasme Feb 05, 2013
Damn that rear axle
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 05, 2013
Hold my beer and watch this sht!