Comments - Top 5 MTM-Tuned Audis

Published: Feb 05, 2013
Description: German-based tuner MTM (Motoren Technik Mayer) was established back in 1990, and from humble beginnings tuning the first Audi Quattro, the company has gone on to deliver aftermarket packages for VW, B...
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Description: When tuning the A1, MTM gave the hot-hatch a new exterior paint job and 18-inch Bimoto alloys wrapped in Conti Sport Contact 2 performance tires. MTM then tweaked the engine to give a performance of 4...
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Joe Lamouk Feb 05, 2013
Yep they took the engine of the TT RS.
Redge Diakité Feb 05, 2013
Carbuzz forgot to say that it's the 5 cylinder who's under the hood and it has the Quattro transmission ;)
Ashton Summers Feb 05, 2013
Talk about wheel spin in every gear.
David Lee Feb 05, 2013
The fucking wheel would just explode. Why not Quattro?
Frankie Ferreira Feb 05, 2013
When torque steer becomes torque break arms
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 05, 2013
I don't like this car.. But this makes it better I think
Miko Reginella Feb 05, 2013
Hahaha I know, it's ridiculous. I can't imagine the torque steer
Joseph Gordis Feb 05, 2013
500 through the front wheels?
Description: When tuning the 3.0-liter biturbo diesel-powered Audi A6, MTM created two power levels: the first featuring ECU revamps that boost output from 309 horsepower and 480lb-ft of torque to 365 and 560, and...
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Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Feb 05, 2013
SSC tuatara anyone?
Steven Nevets Feb 05, 2013
Me too Carlos
Carlos Dorantes Feb 05, 2013
I am in Love with this A6 TDI and the tuned S6 below.
Description: MTM's aftermarket package for Audi's sporty station wagon was dubbed the MTM RS R 6 (the 'R' coming from "Rosskur," the German term for 'power increase'). After...
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Janak Solanki Feb 05, 2013
Take off the eyebrows please.
Ray Moreno Feb 05, 2013
Oh my I'm not sure what it is with over powered wagons...but they get me going.
Description: MTM's power upgrade for the R8 released some of the supercar's latent horsepower, with an ECU remap and new stainless-steel sports exhaust, boosting output from 525 hp and 391 lb-ft of torq...
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Jesse Jalapeno Feb 05, 2013
The r8 looks very nice
Description: MTM's most recent project is a power pack for the feisty S6. By combining its M-Cantronic with the V-Cantronic in one unit - jargon for remapping the ECU - MTM were able to boost output from 420 ...
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Carlos Dorantes Feb 05, 2013
DANG!!!! Love it!!!
Erik Rudolph Feb 05, 2013
Major sleeper