Comments - Listen to the Ferrari F150 Roar on the Track

Published: Feb 05, 2013
Description: You've seen plenty of spy shots and even a few teasers images. After several years in the making, the debut of the anticipated Ferrari Enzo successor - codenamed "F150" - is only weeks ...
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cort.grawehr.3 Aug 01, 2013
Why are they releasing a article from February? !
Chris Gaines Feb 07, 2013
it's about time they started calling it something else...
Erich Kretz Feb 06, 2013
I've driven a 430! They are pretty sweet, but this car will hopefully be much more drool-worthy!
Jens-Kristian Gram Larsen Feb 05, 2013
no doubt my favourite car now. i've had a ride in a 430 Scuderia and it was amazing.... imagine how this will be. Please Ferrari just release it.
Maxwell Sim Feb 07, 2013
Why does it look so ugly?
Nick Benz Feb 05, 2013
Obviously. This is an old image
Chris Huff Feb 05, 2013
The same headlight design again
Description: The F150 is powered by a 6.3-liter V12 paired up to a dual-clutch gearbox and a Kinetic Recovery System. Ferrari says its performance will top that of both the Enzo and Bugatti Veyron. For comparison,...
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Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 18, 2013
I hope the Monte Carlo would sound as good..
Ross Walker Feb 12, 2013
This is the worst prototype car Ferrari has made! I don't want to see what it looks like as the real car! They should scrap this and start over!
Tobias Hubbard Feb 07, 2013
Hahahahahahahahahaha his videos say copy write at the end. He wishes faggot
Maxwell Sim Feb 07, 2013
Not nice the sound
Jacob Burford Feb 06, 2013
This thing sound great though!
Jacob Burford Feb 06, 2013
The venom GT is fast and a capable track car, but the McLaren, Ferrari, and Porsche will be better all rounders, and all have the potential to set HyperCar benchmarks around the track!
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 06, 2013
Sounds like a v8
Jt Collier Feb 06, 2013
yeah, id much rather have any of the aforementioned vehicles than the venom gt. especially a new pagani
Steve Hodgins Feb 06, 2013
I can't believe that's the finished sound, I think the car your hearing still has to go through the sound engineers
Jayce Madrid Feb 06, 2013
It isn't all about straight line speed, as Jacob stated. I honestly would much rather have this F150 or the Pagani Zonda 760 RS. Venom GT's are just good for speed, and it is even said by John Hennessey himself. The Venom is just a car to produce big numbers, and that's it. Plus, where is someone going to go over 200 mph on the streets?
Jacob Shumway Feb 06, 2013
And Colby, you realize the venom GT is going to get shat on by all 3 of these cars in track time. All it can do is go straight line speed. The carbuzz community needs to stop trying to compare cars in different classes. It's redundant.
Jacob Shumway Feb 06, 2013
This sound reminds me a lot of a Prius at 15000 rpm.
Colby Church Feb 06, 2013
Venom GT>P1>F150>918
Maaz Khan Feb 06, 2013
Anyone kno when the official unvailing of the F150 is? Or around what time
Justin McLeod Feb 05, 2013
Sounds awesome! Kinda reminds me of the sound of the viper. I'm looking forward to what this car is going to look like!
Jared Burton Feb 05, 2013
the back end reminds me of the nissan r390 road car for some reason
Jacob Mullner Feb 05, 2013
@Lucas I thought the same thing, sounds similar to the gtr, especially at the lower RPMs
Ryan Faber Feb 05, 2013
ferrari v12s always sound great
Ryan Lopez Feb 05, 2013
Wow I've heard worst sex noises
Sean Gillespie Feb 05, 2013
I'm in love
Dylan Bruder Feb 05, 2013
Sounds great
Shaniqua Latisha Feb 05, 2013
Oleg the Enzo came out pretty damn good
Matt Piccolo Feb 05, 2013
Not bad
Dustin Schoenith Feb 05, 2013
Sounds like a b5 s4 at low rpm
Pablo Herasme Feb 05, 2013
Sound is always a opinionated thing
Nick Schnee Feb 05, 2013
Agree with Preston here, low rumbling > high pitched roar IMO.
Nick Jones Feb 05, 2013
Ehhh doesn't sound that good but I bet in person it does but I've herd a 458 spider in person and it was amazing so I'm not going to let this one vid get me down
Justin Johnson Feb 05, 2013
The Enzo sounds insane
Lucas Garo Feb 05, 2013
Sounds kinda like a gtr on the low end
Shivash Singh Feb 05, 2013
@preston 100% right i think the p1 sound is a lot better
Oleg Odessit Feb 05, 2013
@preston, you are right at 100%. And i think it will turn out even worst then Enzo dd
Preston Ming Feb 05, 2013
those mclaren boys DON'T need to take notes..the P1 already sounds better..don't get me wrong, this sounds good, but 5 cars come to mind that sound better..just my opinion
Pablo Herasme Feb 05, 2013
The Enzo is a tiny bit louder/higher pitch, but I really like sound of the F150, sounds like the older 248 Dino
Jason Smith Feb 05, 2013
I hope the Mclaren boys are taking notes.....
Jackson Michael Feb 05, 2013
VV Hell ya
Frankie Ferreira Feb 05, 2013
Seth Pettman Feb 05, 2013
Meh... It's ok.
Ghaith AL-sharari Feb 05, 2013
Damn ! That's a sexy noise
Ryan Faber Feb 05, 2013
I was just thinking that too
Jason Smith Feb 05, 2013
Can you imagine doing that for a job!?
Stephen Cobbs Feb 06, 2013
Its a turn signal
Taylor J. Blake Feb 06, 2013
Sir, you have a brake light out