Comments - It's Coming: The Fastest Lambo Ever

Published: Feb 05, 2013
Description: Lamborghini is not sitting back and letting its competitors steal the spotlight in any way. Sure, Ferrari is about to unveil its highly anticipated Enzo successor and McLaren's P1 is just around ...
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Daniel Alexander Soutar Feb 10, 2013
It's also quite hard to understand why you talk about the Gallardo- it sounds to me like the upcoming Lambo is going to be an Aventador spin-off, given the tag line of 'fastest Lambo yet'...
Daniel Alexander Soutar Feb 10, 2013
Err, Jack, not meaning to be rude, but why d'you think the 458 has been beating the 12C in all the group tests? It's because it's more fun. Same deal here-if the Gallardo is more fun to drive, than the 458's or 12C's numbers mean absolutely nothing.
Harrison Trapnell Feb 08, 2013
He even admits he is a fanboy... You must be really retarded.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 05, 2013
@Daniel. He isn't even 19. He has said on here before he can't even drive.
Ashton Summers Feb 05, 2013
Lap times are all fine and dandy. But just because a car is fastest on the one type of track doesn't mean it's the fastest on all tracks. Also, a good driver in a slow car like a GTI can outrun or stay with a bad driver in faster car like 911.
Ashton Summers Feb 05, 2013
Lol@Daniel. "Like choosing a woman for her 3-mile runtime"
Johnny Matias Feb 05, 2013
I cannot wait for this. If I had money I'd go to Geneva just to see this.
Daniel Anglevik Feb 05, 2013
..but the engine in the Lambo made it our choice and the agediff is huge between the cars and Lambo will prob launch a new V10 modell soon. So forget cold numbers. Its like choosing a woman cause of her 3-mile runtime...
Daniel Anglevik Feb 05, 2013
LP570-4 and 458.(both in black) A little bit on track but mostly on open roads. We all believed the Lambo sounded better, looked a LOT better. It had mire grip as well. 458 had better steering, better gearbox, more directly into your mind. ...
Daniel Anglevik Feb 05, 2013
Haha little Jack-boy. How old are? 19? Everything isnt about tracktime or 0-60. Design, sound and ergonomic are things that can be equally important. You cant compare Aventador vs P1 or F150 because they cost three times as much. Ive driven both...
Zane Turner Feb 05, 2013
Looks too me like Jack is just coming off as a McLaren fanboy, don't forget after reading his comments to look at his profile pic.
Luke Purdy Feb 05, 2013
@jack btw the Ferrari is going to have a much higher top speed than the P1. Ferrari are comparing the speed to a Bugatti Veyron for god sake.
Matt Piccolo Feb 05, 2013
If Lamborghini is a bad company, then damn, what happened to automotive world?
Tyler Tarbox Feb 05, 2013
Little overboard there Jack. Lamborghini is an astonishing car company and in my opinion the best car company in the world. Such timeless and crazy designs and raw power which appeal to the 12 year old in us all
Kiddo Justin Tan Feb 05, 2013
Although Lamborghini has not in the F1, but it still can compete with other car company. And Lamborghini looks great!!!
Andrew McNeal Feb 05, 2013
Nah, the SV version always comes during the last year or two of production. Earliest would be probably 2019 or so.
Nick Schnee Feb 05, 2013
I see an Aventador SV coming...
Sam Reinsel Feb 05, 2013
seriously jack. its practically the same figures as a 458, so i don't see how it's in anyway bad. it's damn near incredible
Paul Dickey Feb 05, 2013
Jack saying lambos are bad engineering is going over board. C'mon now.
Matt Piccolo Feb 05, 2013
This is awesome!
Pablo Herasme Feb 05, 2013
I knew Lamborghini wasn't just going to let them get ahead that easily
Luke Purdy Feb 05, 2013
Oh wait, didn't see the second page haha
Luke Purdy Feb 05, 2013
It's probs just going to be another one-off car
Jacob Burford Feb 06, 2013
Nice car, nice suit!
Jason Brown Feb 06, 2013
I saw this exact same color Lamborghini Aventador on a flatbed on my way to work this morning. Only a few here in Korea. Cost close to 700k after taxes and fees...
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 06, 2013
He looks about 20 years off the aventador
Janak Solanki Feb 05, 2013
Steve Winkelmann is always dressed razor sharp. He represents an elite company and it shows.
Andreas Köhler Feb 05, 2013
Yeah, the man with the nice suit!
Tyler Tarbox Feb 05, 2013
@Ben. English please?
Ben Taylor Feb 05, 2013
Luv this car do you? Write back to me of you fo
Ben Taylor Feb 05, 2013
Sexy nothin'
Michael J Solimene Feb 05, 2013
Matt Piccolo Feb 05, 2013
Beautiful car
Chris Huff Feb 05, 2013
Same here
Adam Thomson Feb 05, 2013
The aventador has grown on me alot
Description: "It will be the fastest car Lamborghini has ever produced and will be very low volume. Less than 10 cars will be produced and most of them have most likely been sold." When pressed further a...
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Daniel Alexander Soutar Feb 10, 2013
Err, Reva, the Aventador is the replacement for the Murcielago? I agree with those who fancy a modern Miura though. It'd be a nice change, undoubtedly.
Reva Barris Feb 10, 2013
I swear to god if this is just another aventador based car I will be pissed! Lamborghini needs a completely new car that will complement the aventador like the murcialago and gallardo
Maaz Khan Feb 06, 2013
Maybe it will have more than 12 cylinders, but I wouldn't be surprised if they produce the aventador J or a similar type of car
Connor Gilliland Feb 05, 2013
The SV won't come for a few more years. I'd love to see a new Muira with this being 50 years. And with them also only producing 20 I think it's likely to be something completely different than the Gallardo and Aventador.
Eric Dare Feb 05, 2013
Most likely be an aventador sv
Johnny Matias Feb 05, 2013
Have you seen their advertising? I'd say they make the best promotional videos I've ever seen, yet had they not made them they would've sold just as many cars. They also got me sucked into two steps from hell (cinematic/promotional music producers) with their Lamborghini in Rome deal. And that one with the Lambo in the desert, when they pan out, that thing is bookin like nothin I've ever seen befo...
Joe Hero Feb 05, 2013
off-topic, but the One77, does it now become the One76 since one was totaled?
Daniel Anglevik Feb 05, 2013
Good hiden secret. Not only this but the new V10 midel as well
Joel Hayes Feb 05, 2013
Aventador SV anyone?
Memo Cabrera Feb 05, 2013
Because there is a market for way more than just 10 cars, Lamborghini then is easily able to price these cars in the million dollar range. And what was said before is true, no advertising for cars like these, buyers already know what they want.
Drew Humphrey Feb 05, 2013
Except this will be even more exclusive than the One77
Tyler Tarbox Feb 05, 2013
There is certainly a market out there for more than that.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 05, 2013
Only making 10? That sucks.
Oscar Galvan Feb 05, 2013
Or the reventon
Oscar Galvan Feb 05, 2013
This* not the
Oscar Galvan Feb 05, 2013
Will the be it's equivalent of the Aston Martins one 77
Andrew McNeal Feb 05, 2013
Exotic cars are a totally different game than buying a Chevy. Especially with exclusive models like this, potential buyers know about the car long before we do, and order it then.
Will Will Feb 05, 2013
That's because they don't need to advertise to get their cars sold.
Tara Fitria Feb 05, 2013
Good marketing, advertising after all of your products have been sold
Ben August Feb 05, 2013
Technically, isn't nearly every new halo Lamborghini, the "fastest Lamborghini ever" ? I mean, I'm pretty sure the performance of halo models evolves....i dont recall any of them decaying..
Ben Knorr Feb 05, 2013
I will be surprised if its anything more than rebodied Aventador with an extra 100hp.
Alex Bouckley Feb 05, 2013
Faster than the Sesto Elemento? Wow
Luke Purdy Feb 05, 2013
This is actually a tough one. I haven't heard or seen any spy pics of a new Lambo. Will definitely be a whole new car and not a special edition of an Aventador
Description: Our best guess is that the fastest road going Lambo ever will be something along the lines of last year's one-off Aventador J. We'll just have to wait as we get closer to March's show t...
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Blaise Harned Feb 05, 2013
I'm realllyyy hoping that this car will do 250mph, but I highly doubt it will
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 05, 2013
Special edition aventador that will probably do like 220-225
Dylan Bruder Feb 05, 2013
My guess is something reventon-esque
Leo Haberkamp Apr 25, 2013
I love the orange and black on lambos
Cindy Ngo Mar 20, 2013
The aventador is the fastest Lamborghini?
Janak Solanki Feb 05, 2013
F$&k yea!
Memo Cabrera Feb 05, 2013
"Thank God, for I have witnessed perfection" -Guy with head down in front of door.
Howard Ding Feb 05, 2013
Love the shape of the back!
AJ Jaramillo Feb 21, 2013
I cried manly tears of joy upon seeing this.
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Feb 05, 2013
Love the lights.
Janak Solanki Feb 05, 2013
Lamborghini never ceases to blow my mind.
Pierangelo Gibellini Feb 05, 2013
Wyatt Gordon Feb 05, 2013
Im guessing this fastest Lamborghini will be a coupe, because its better both aerodynamically and in rigidity
Vito Portanova Feb 05, 2013
Me too
Howard Ding Feb 05, 2013
Love the color!
Leo Haberkamp Apr 25, 2013
Think of the driver being to tall and getting hot in the face with some bugs!
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 06, 2013
Every time i see it i imagine a bird hitting the drivers face
Justin McLeod Feb 05, 2013
This car was designed, built, and named for me, Justin. Hence the name Aventador-"J" hahaha =P
Shnicker Shnow Feb 05, 2013
Damn that is beutiful
Janak Solanki Feb 05, 2013
I just want to frame it.
Thibault Leroy Feb 05, 2013
@Will will, this is a one off
Claudio Komba Feb 05, 2013
Will Will Feb 05, 2013
Never liked these...
Ghaith AL-sharari Feb 05, 2013
Damn ! That's beautiful
Noah schlegel Mar 24, 2013
Lamborghini mercy yo chicks r so.thirsty
Jason Brown Feb 06, 2013
Go to Lemonfree website and you find plenty fit under 100k.
Justin McLeod Feb 05, 2013
And also, the Sesto Elemento is beyond stunning. I'm in love with this design :)
Justin McLeod Feb 05, 2013
@Johnny Matias- if you want a Lamborghini for under $100k you could probably find a used LM002 aka the "Rambo Lambo." It was an SUV they produced between 1986-1993 and most people know nothing about it...
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Feb 05, 2013
*countach. Dammit autocorrect. Wow auto correct just auto corrected autocorrect.
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Feb 05, 2013
Maybe an espada or a jalpa. The rough running contact might be under 100k too.
Johnny Matias Feb 05, 2013
Aside from a bad condition early 2000s Gallardo maybe
Johnny Matias Feb 05, 2013
Is there any Lambo you can buy now for under $100,000, old or new (obviously)
Janak Solanki Feb 05, 2013
I think Lamborghini has some of the best designers on the planet.
Vito Portanova Feb 05, 2013
I'm with you Wyatt. It's ugly, the last great looking lambo IMO was the murcielago
Jommel Marcella Feb 05, 2013
It's too expensive, even if I had the money I won't buy one.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 05, 2013
Im sorry, this is so ugly
Tom Wilson Feb 05, 2013
At 2 millions dollars go buy one lol
Nathan Alexander Orlando Kelly Feb 05, 2013
@nXs. No this is the sesto elemento Pretty similar though but why kill the entire design when the world loves it so much
Howard Ding Feb 05, 2013
Jason Brown Feb 05, 2013
One of the most bold and stunning Lamborghini. Wish they would make a street legal version. Would love to see one on the road.
Eric Chau Feb 05, 2013
Bugger I just wet myself...