Comments - Horrible Small Cars: Zundapp Janus

Published: Feb 05, 2013
Description: Seriously, what the hell were they thinking with this car? The design of the Zundapp Janus appeared to have been made by taking two BMW Isettas and sticking them together, but for some reason, facing ...
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Scotty Gee Feb 09, 2013
Sweet! That'd be fun to have in the collection (if I had a collection).
Chris Gaines Feb 06, 2013
fans of microcars? sounds likes bunch of tin hat-wearing hippies
Wayne Joseph Borean Feb 05, 2013
You have to hold a poll at the end of this series on which is the best, er worst car.
Bert Kelly-Johnston Feb 05, 2013
I don't know about Meicans, but we used to fit the family in a beetle. Mum, dad & eight kids. It got crowded when Granma visited ...
Ashton Summers Feb 05, 2013
Depends on if their wearing sombreros.
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 05, 2013
Looks like 💩
Justin Routh Feb 05, 2013
All of them!
Ashton Summers Feb 05, 2013
I'm going to say 8 Mexicans.
Darian Vorlick Feb 05, 2013
12 Mexicans.
Thomas Isnt Green Feb 05, 2013
Wonder how many Mexicans you can fit in this.
Dimitris Karagiannis Feb 06, 2013
I love those microcars from 50's...
Mati Araujo Feb 05, 2013
Haha the back is exactly the same as the front
David Eslava Feb 05, 2013
This is so interesting
Description: Just as the energy crisis in the Seventies had a massive influence on automotive trends for years to come, the 1956 Suez crisis had a similar impact on European car design. Specifically, it led to the...
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Description: But there were also some attempts to make slightly bigger bubble cars. Of these, the Janus is without question the weirdest. Zundapp is a company which had been building motorcycles for about 40 years...
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Joshua Grant Robinson Feb 06, 2013
It's so ugly ya have to love it!
rowhan116 Feb 05, 2013
this actually isn't that bad. :)
Adam Thomson Feb 05, 2013
Looks like they merged two back ends from other cars into eachother
Michael Horne Feb 05, 2013
I see a Bond Bug!
Description: However, the bubble car trend seemingly gave it a good opening to call on the small car knowledge gained from the Type 12 and also find a new use for its line of motorcycle engines. The Janus was name...
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Bert Kelly-Johnston Feb 06, 2013
@Joshua, no worries. Just take the back door off; a clearer shot and less weight. Just don't steal much or you will really strain those 3 1/2 ponies! ;-/
Joshua Grant Robinson Feb 06, 2013
Wait, I hadn't read the whole article yet. I think it's gonna need a bigger engine. 15 cubic inches? With four full grown men packing cash and guns this thing wouldn't move!
Joshua Grant Robinson Feb 06, 2013
What a great getaway car! Two of your passengers can fire back at the police in relative comfort. Until they manage to ram you!
Description: This slowness came from the fact that the engine was a 245cc (that's 15 cubic inches, just so you know) one-cylinder two-stroke engine that produced 14 horsepower. There was no shortage of other ...
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Chris Gaines Feb 06, 2013
.2 liters, 1 cylinder, 14 Hp.? by that math, a 2 liter 4 cyl engine should produce 560 Hp... no wonder the brz is so obviously underpowered hahaha
Will Will Feb 05, 2013
At least its not 3.5 horsepower. And your seats are the engine.
Dylan Porteous Feb 05, 2013
Death trap
David Lee Feb 05, 2013
Just like an Isetta!
Ashton Summers Feb 05, 2013
Wonder how often people banged there heads together on a rough road.
Darian Vorlick Feb 05, 2013
Ben Mossing Feb 06, 2013
I want one now!!!!! If only I wasn't 6'3
Zach Gathercole Feb 05, 2013
The way the seats are is actually pretty cool
Description: It also basically goes without saying that, once in an accident, the Janus provided basically no safety measures whatsoever. The Janus lasted only from 1957 to 1958, but nearly 7,000 units were produc...
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Daniel Kenneth Babler Feb 06, 2013
The fire extinguisher right under the car makes me think that the car might not be the most reliable...
Adam Thomson Feb 06, 2013
Lol the P45
Gray Conron Feb 05, 2013
Lamborghini should take note
John Koci Feb 05, 2013
There is no way you could ride around in this and not hate your life. After watching Top Gear last night, I would rather have Clarkson's P45 than this. At least you could tint the visor on that so no one would see your face
rowhan116 Feb 05, 2013
I guess your right.
Logan Delony Feb 05, 2013
I have to admit, this one of the bunch is kinda cool
Nick Schnee Feb 05, 2013
Interesting design right there.