Comments - DRT: RENNtech E63 AMG vs. Tesla Model S

Published: Feb 05, 2013
Description: Instant torque is a wonderful thing yet EVs in general are not popular amongst gearheads and probably never will be. That doesn't distract from the fact the new Tesla Model S is quite the perform...
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Ray Liu Feb 06, 2013
People do damage that badge on purpose sometimes as it's showing off too much lol
Mark Fei Ling Feb 05, 2013
Beauty and beast
Will Will Feb 05, 2013
Always been my favourite car.
Bala Uncc Feb 05, 2013
I Wil take it anytime
Description: Now that same Model S is back, this time going up against a RENNtech-tuned Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. So can the mighty EV repeat its incredible performance from last week? Check out this week's quar...
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Francesco Giacomelli Jul 29, 2013
730hp (more then a Lambo aventador) vs EV ... Good job tesla
David Stander Jun 09, 2013
I hit 0-60 in 4 seconds when i drove the tesla...
Mohammed Madan Feb 06, 2013
Even if the e63 amg was bone stock , it would still win that EV ;)
Lou Guerrero Feb 06, 2013
The Tesla ran nearly the same time against the Viper. It was a fair race.
John Augustus Feb 06, 2013
Or maybe the merc is just quicker in a drag race than a viper?
Drake Nailon Feb 05, 2013
Um guys there was something wrong here. That Tesla should have won hands down. My guess is the driver realized his mistake and backed off. Last week a Tesla just handed a Viper it's hat. This is a bogus win for the Mercedes. Sorry.
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Feb 05, 2013
@Andy couldn't it just have been the instant torque?
Janak Solanki Feb 05, 2013
Zaire, excellent point.
Ethan Amo Feb 05, 2013
Aye AMG remains almighty =D
Mike Gobeli Feb 05, 2013
At drag tracks they use a light sensor to start timing as the car crosses the start line. Regardless of when the cars start the times at the end of the track are accurate.
Andy Nongbu Demar Cho Feb 05, 2013
False start by Tesla
Zaire Wilkins Feb 05, 2013
The BMW should take notes on that exhaust note
Borzou Azabdaftari Feb 05, 2013
Tesla cheated too.
Daniel Alexander Soutar Feb 05, 2013
Initially it's very close, but the AMG has a nuke to the Tesla's rifle. Game over once the cars dig in...
Anders Schrøder Feb 05, 2013
Not a surprise. I would take the tesla myself though.
Bala Uncc Feb 05, 2013
Almighty AMG
Dale Fredriks Feb 09, 2013
These things are absolutely gorgeous in person. I saw a blacked-out model s yesterday, and it was fantastic.
Nawaf Alrashed Feb 07, 2013
Look like jaguar :)
Jacob Burford Feb 06, 2013
Fisker is better looking, but this is better overall. Still wouldn't buy any ev though!
Zaire Wilkins Feb 05, 2013
I like this better than the fisker
Matthew Crighton Feb 05, 2013
Matthew Crighton Feb 05, 2013
Or you have a stalker with taste in cara.
Curtis Dougan Feb 05, 2013
@riley maybe it's the same guy driving around your neighborhood...
Riley Di Pol Feb 05, 2013
I see at least three of these a day and they r almost all red haha
Bala Uncc Feb 05, 2013
Definitely a looker