Comments - Spied: Skoda Superb Facelift

Published: Feb 04, 2013
Description: Our spy photographer has sneaked some snaps of the upcoming Skoda Superb that's receiving a mid-cycle refresh for 2013. From the images we can see the Czech carmaker has restyled the front end wi...
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Jordan Smith Feb 05, 2013
Looks like no one really cares about Skoda. I don't mind the articles though.
Chris Gaines Feb 05, 2013
just out of curiosity, and for Carbuzz's benefit, can I get a show of hands (comments) for everyone who gives a damn about Skoda? I have to vote nay
Jacob Burford Feb 04, 2013
Well isn't this all just superb! LOL
Mohammed Suhail Jamil Feb 04, 2013
I seriously don't like this car, facelift, Botox anything, can't improve this very below average looking car. Good for taxi and nothing else.