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Published: Feb 04, 2013
Description: The seamlessly never-ending "Fast & Furious" saga is into its sixth installment, and to remind us to prepare for more of Vin Diesel, "The Rock," and Paul Walker flipping cars u...
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Scott Wheatley Feb 05, 2013
There's a nice looking mk1 escort in there too
Greg Lewis Feb 04, 2013
Glad Anthony has a keen eye. Daytona. Taillights tell it all!
Farvez Farook Feb 04, 2013
there is a mclaren too......
Tim Preisinger Feb 04, 2013
I think he meant that "snap" was supposed to say "Enzo"
David Lee Feb 04, 2013
I think DrSickPickle is terminally retarded. I guarantee that auto correct didn't turn Enzo into FXX.
David Lee Feb 04, 2013
I need to see this "Alfar Romeo" in person. If its anything like an Alfa Romeo, it will be great.
James Campbell Feb 04, 2013
Alfar. Must be new
Sebastian Grey Feb 04, 2013
I think you mean "seemingly"
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Feb 04, 2013
I saw more cars in the 30 second clip than I did in the entire 5th movie. I'm excited!
Michael Riley Feb 04, 2013
In a picture on Faceboom released by them I saw a Pagani Zonda. Anyone else see that?
Anthony Petrarca Feb 04, 2013
It's a dodge charger Daytona not a superbird but almost the same thing and I'm pretty sure it's a replica too
Ashton Summers Feb 04, 2013
Alfar Romeo, must be an Iranian knock off brand.
DrSickPickle Feb 04, 2013
enzo* auto correct is so gay sometimes
DrSickPickle Feb 04, 2013
it's not even an snap its a replica fxx
Tim Preisinger Feb 04, 2013
The Enzo is obviously a replica... I'm more worried about the super bird...
Will Will Feb 04, 2013
If its a replica or a kit car i'm fine with that, so long as i see the ferrari taking part in the action and being the main character, and not being used merely as a transportation or glamour tool.
Sergio Chung Feb 04, 2013
That isnt a real Enzo... is a replica
Jakob-Kyle Gilbert Feb 04, 2013
a Ferrari in a car crash scene would be a kit car but only in a crash scene
Will Will Feb 04, 2013
I know i sound bad, but i want to see the enzo do some serious racing and land up in a crash or at least come out looking messed up. Enough of high-end supercars sitting around doing nothing while the cheap sports cars provide all the action.
Victor Pitts Feb 05, 2013
Jay York Feb 05, 2013
I like the sedan, the hatch is just a little more practical. I can live with a top speed of 155 instead of 158! Lol!
Jay York Feb 05, 2013
@Matt Hatch...
Matt Piccolo Feb 04, 2013
@ jay, no problem! U getting a sti hatch or sedan?
Nick Sti Feb 04, 2013
Ben, sorry... you mustn't know much about Subaru... But I agree, there are some tools that drive them, which saddens me. Gives other WRX drivers a bad image, but that can be said for Evo, M3, Mustang, etc.
Jay York Feb 04, 2013
@Matt, it sure is! Thanks bro! Picking my new hatch up Thursday & just a little pumped!
Tanton Stoneman Feb 04, 2013
Omg lettys alive!!
Ben Taylor Feb 04, 2013
I think these are for showoffs and chavs they're very tacky especially with golden wheel rims
Matt Piccolo Feb 04, 2013
@ jay, assuming ur talking abut carbuzz it self, go into the wrx and go To trims. The sti is listed there
Majd El-Barhoun Feb 04, 2013
Aaron Cordroch Feb 04, 2013
So I'm pretty sure this is the STI yeah?
Jay York Feb 04, 2013
Why has the STi been taken off of the car section on here? Wrx is still there.
Description: Although they don't appear in the trailer, it's been common knowledge for some time now that a Subaru BRZ and a heavily modified Nissan GT-R will feature in the flick. And if you're a f...
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James Donaldson Feb 05, 2013
Ferrari FXX. Worth watching
Jakob-Kyle Gilbert Feb 05, 2013
dodge charger daytona Fuck yeah
Zeke Alanis Feb 05, 2013
Joe Marasa Feb 05, 2013
Did I seriously see an Alfa!?!?!
Wyatt Gordon Feb 05, 2013
What about the Zonda?
Jon White Feb 05, 2013
They have a tank..
Raymond Reynoso Feb 05, 2013
Do you believe in ghosts? Lol so stupid
Greg Kenerly Feb 05, 2013
Kevin Carlin Feb 04, 2013
Haven't seen fast five yet so I'm gonna have to go get that. Hopefully this ones as good / better than Tokyo Drift
Chris Nicholas Feb 04, 2013
Love the fast and furious movies, but everyone after the first one is not about racing. There about stealing money and impossible gear changes. Just wish the would get back to basics.
Tony Noviello Feb 04, 2013
Midnight show = me there =)
Ryan Lopez Feb 04, 2013
I see british fire power
Davey Edwards Feb 04, 2013
The first one was great. And then they suck
Bill Estep Jr Feb 04, 2013
The charger was 70 not 69
Chris Mallinson Feb 04, 2013
Jensen interceptor III
Byakka Hirakawa Feb 04, 2013
I took down a plane once with a needle and thread
Moe Salim Feb 04, 2013
Seems legit
Paul Gladman Feb 04, 2013
looks good not better than Fast Five though
Oscar Chacon Feb 04, 2013
It's looks good but still can't beat the first part.
Nick Steiger Feb 04, 2013
Anything that brings a Super Bird into a gunfight is worth watching.
Ben August Feb 04, 2013
They should just merge it with Death Race, which is basically what this is.
Ben August Feb 04, 2013
This looked like pure crap.
Matt K Hawj Feb 04, 2013
Bring back the Honda Civics with their green neon lights, and that badass 69' Charger.
Patrick Schalk Feb 04, 2013
I liked Fast 5 and the 1st one. This one should be badass. I'm so glad they moved away from that ricer crap.
Ian Banneville Feb 04, 2013
More like "the Slow and the Slightly miffed"!
Ashton Summers Feb 04, 2013
Stunts and CGI look awesome. Can't wait.
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 04, 2013
We will see how this movie stacks up against fast 5...
Aaron Crisp Feb 04, 2013
@Jimmy Those ones were fine, but you're crazy to admit those ones are better than Fast 5.
Aaron Crisp Feb 04, 2013
Amazing to see how much they have changed since the first one, from tuning rice burning Civics to racing some of the most elite cars in the world. I love it!
Zaire Wilkins Feb 04, 2013
This is better than 5&4. Tokyo drift just confused me
David Jones-Richerson Feb 04, 2013
I live my life a quarter mile at a time. For those ten seconds or less... I'm free.
Jimmy Janik Feb 04, 2013
Looks like shit, the first 2 were the best. An tokyo drift
Greg Kenerly Feb 04, 2013
Brian Earl Spilner. Sounds like a serial killer name. Is that what you are?
Ryan Spencer Feb 04, 2013
So pumped. Letty's back!
Jacob Viiper McCord Feb 04, 2013
I. want. to. see. this.
Jordan Smith Feb 04, 2013
It looks so unrealistic. I love it.
Austin Bride Feb 04, 2013
The prodigy playing
Garrick Rainey Feb 04, 2013
I will be at the midnight premier of this for sure! Can't wait!!
Hmoud Alswailem Feb 04, 2013
James Salaba Feb 04, 2013
Can't wait for this!
Cindy Ngo Feb 07, 2013
Really Enzo
Jommel Marcella Feb 05, 2013
I guess Ferrari was like you can't use the real car.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 05, 2013
That looks fake
Jon White Feb 05, 2013
It's an Enzo. An FXX has two tiny ass headlights on each side. This is just made to look like an FXX.
Raymond Reynoso Feb 05, 2013
Plus the left front fender is smaller than the right lol
Raymond Reynoso Feb 05, 2013
It looks like an FXX because of the paint scheme but those are Enzo-esque headlights. Realistically Ferrari couldn't care less about this movie and would never allow an Enzo and definitely not an FXX to be in this movie. Just how they roll
Tyler Chmieleski Feb 05, 2013
Obviously fake because Ferrari won't even let the owners of this car use it for anything but track days and the actual car does not have a huge rear wing
Colby Church Feb 04, 2013
Okay people, calm down. It is an Enzo replica that is made to look like an FXX. That's what this. No more argument. It's kinda expensive to get an FXX or Enzo for a movie. Especially when they are going to be using it for chase scenes or whatever.
Ryan Lopez Feb 04, 2013
Ben whatever ur on I want cuz there's no way they will use an Enzo let alone a fxx
Ali Shehab Feb 04, 2013
That's an FXX all the way... Go look at pictures of both and you'll see. The headlights are just covered too if you look close enough you can see the screws.
Ben Taylor Feb 04, 2013
100% real enzo EXEPT the lights have been covered (looks like) and there is a RANDOM hole in the centre (but)(front) of the car Just compare photo of FXX and the **ENZO**
Luke Purdy Feb 04, 2013
Alex Wolfgang McIntyre Feb 04, 2013
If you look closely there is a giant wing on the back ha
Matthew Mckernan Feb 04, 2013
Yup, just checked Marco's FB page, it's a cheap and kinda ugly Enzo replica. Kinda disappointed when I saw the trailer for the first time; I got excited after briefly seeing this:( Hope they don't use this imposter in the film now
Matthew Mckernan Feb 04, 2013
I believe Sergio is right, it's probably a replica, once again by looking at the headlights, it's clearly not an FXX and they also look like a cheap rip off of an Enzo's headlights. I'm pretty sure it's a replica.
Ashen Fonseka Feb 04, 2013
U guys r stupid look at the headlights It's an enzo
Matt Page Feb 04, 2013
100% an Enzo
Jimmy Janik Feb 04, 2013
Definitely not an enzo...FXX
Stephen Cobbs Feb 04, 2013
Anyone that knows anything about cars knows its an Enzo. Probally not a real one but i wouldnt be surprised because they had a Koenigsegg CCXR in the last movie.
Sergio Chung Feb 04, 2013
Thats a replica, check Marchettino FB page
Austin Lerner Feb 04, 2013
That's a fxx, not an Enzo
Matthew Mckernan Feb 04, 2013
by the looks of the headlights, I believe it's a modified Enzo but I'm not 100% positive.
Zack Makall Feb 04, 2013
Nice fxx