Comments - Viper Heading to 24 Hours of Le Mans

Published: Feb 03, 2013
Description: Back in 1998 until 2000, the old Dodge Viper took part in the GTS class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. For three years straight, the track-going version of the all-American supercar dominated the French ...
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Aaron Crisp Feb 03, 2013
I think he means the models before this new generation. And I read about this a few days ago. I'm so excited! Viper will rein as king.
Justin Routh Feb 03, 2013
The SRT is the only one
Walker Carroll Feb 03, 2013
It's being sold in Europe, just not the SRT
Thibault Leroy Feb 03, 2013
I hope i can go watch the race. Soince the Viper wont be sold in Europe it will be one of my only chance to see one
Lou Guerrero Feb 03, 2013
I posted this on fb on Friday. Go get em SRT.
Ryan Lopez Feb 03, 2013
Antonio Falsetti Feb 03, 2013
Good luck Viper!
Paul Rodriguez Jr Feb 03, 2013
Dang this thing looks 15 feet wide!
Jackson Michael Feb 03, 2013
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 03, 2013
Team Falken is better
Tyler Wallace Feb 03, 2013
Now this outta be nice
Nick Schnee Feb 03, 2013
Well, I'd love to see this compete with the Porsches, 458s and 'vettes!
Description: SRT CEO Ralph Gilles proudly stated that "Historically the Viper GTS-R has enjoyed great success at Le Mans, so we couldn't be more excited and proud to accept the challenge to return to Fra...
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Lou Guerrero Feb 03, 2013
Haha I wish. I'm going to LeMans one day.
Aaron Crisp Feb 03, 2013
Priorities suck don't they? Guess you're only other logical option is to go to France and watch it there!
Lou Guerrero Feb 03, 2013
Actually no I won't. Stupid wedding.
Lou Guerrero Feb 03, 2013
I'll be at Sebring to watch the race.
Aaron Crisp Feb 03, 2013
I saw a pre production model yesterday, white with 2 black stripes. It looked so amazing and had such a strong road presence, picture doesn't give it enough justice! And I already loved it.
Nick Leaver Feb 03, 2013
Not so close
Justin Johnson Feb 03, 2013
Wild looking cars
Oleg Odessit Feb 04, 2013
That skirt and the hood must go on the next Viper
Justin Johnson Feb 03, 2013
These should have been the successors to the first generation. Not that ugly second gen. This looks like an evolution of the first car.
Tyler Wallace Feb 03, 2013